Its all about DESTINY (Episode 5)

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Hlo everyone n
Thanku so much for your precious comments ??
The episode starts with a beautiful morning
Pandey family was doing breakfast
Thapki n bhabhis were serving food to everyone ….
They were talking about “padfera” ritual of thapki
Dadi – thapki beta I know u r forced to accept this marriage…. But can I do a small request ?
Thapki – please dadi….I’m forced to stay here but u all already stay in my heart….u have total right on me…plzz don’t embarrass me by asking for permission..
Dadi – u r such a gem!! God bless u. I was saying that u didn’t completed your padfera rasam yet….so will u plzz complete it today??
Thapki – yes dadi sure…
Vasu – great then..!! Bihaan u have the responsibility to take her to padfera rasam
Bihaan – OK maa..
In thahaan room
Bihaan comes n sees thapki
Thapki was wearing red sari with black border..
Bihaan was mesmerized…
Thapki – god where I kept my earrings ( she was searching it here n there )
Bihaan was just looking at her …. He was imagining that thapki is roaming in slow motion….
Thapki – bihaan…when u came? I didn’t saw u
(Bihaan comes to his sense)
Bihaan – I just came….r u searching something?
Thapki – yeah bihaan I can’t find my earrings….
Bihaan ( in a funny tone) – God!! Why these girls r so much complicated to understand !! I mean they’ll remember what u said before 4 years at 5:15am but they can’t find their earrings!!! Strange creatures!! ( bihaan laughs)
Thapki (was in mood of cute fight) – excuse me!! Boys r strange creatures not girls….they r such creatures who will use conditioner instead of shampoo n will complain “god why not froth coming out!!”…u boys r such an idiot!! Seriously!! (N she bursts out laughing)
(Bihaan sees her smilingly…..thapki was laughing continuously)
A voice came of vasu
Vasu – bihaan thapki r u ready beta??
Bihaan – yes maa we’re just coming
Bihaan – if u r done? Chuk chuk gadi stop laughing n come fast maa is calling…
Thapki(controlling her laugh) – yes bihaan let’s go…
In the hall
Thapki n bihaan touches elders feet
(While thapki was talking to vasu)
Dadi – bihaan… She’s going to her house for the first time after the marriage…. She might need your support so..
Bihaan – dadi maa …don’t worry I’ll be there for her
Vasu – OK bihaan thapki its time to leave
Thapki bihaan left
Thapki’s house
Everyone gets emotional seeing thapki..
Thapki hugs her maa papa n cries
Krishnakant asks bihaan to have seat
Bihaan sits
Thapki goes to Aditi’s room
She hugs Aditi n Aditi cries
Thapki consoles her
Thapki – Aditi Aditi …don’t cry…m here na…
Aditi – Di I’m missing u a lot….don’t u miss me?
Thapki – I always miss u all….but its only for 3 months….everything will be fine…just take care of maa papa n yourself…..n yes always be positive..
Aditi – u r so great Di…u r in such a situation… N still thinking for us!!! Tell me Di …how everyone behaves with u?? Is everyone like bihaan?? Or…
Thapki cuts….- aditi dear….everyone is nice there..
(Bihaan passes from the room) n he listens
Aditi – it’s not easy for u. I know Di…but u r still thinking about others!!! N how’s that bihaan ?? I mean does he behaves with u??
Thapki – yes aditi…I don’t know…I mean he’s caring n whenever I trust him….I really feel insecure….as that big cheat is just unforgettable incident of my life….
(Bihaan gets tears n goes )
After sometimes thapki n bihaan starts leaving
Thapki hugs everyone ….
N thahaan left from there…
On bike
Bihaan – r u OK??
Thapki – yes bihaan I’m fine…
Bihaan – I must say…your family loves u a lot!!
Thapki – yeah everyone deserves full love n support of their family….family is the most essential part of everyone’s life!!
(Bihaan suddenly remembers about vasu ….everything flashes in front of him….when she supported dhruv always… when she gave him the toys which dhruv doesn’t liked )
Bihaan to himself- u always given me the toy which dhruv either doesn’t liked or either it was not good for dhruv….u did this with me in this marriage too maa!! (He gets tears)
Thapki sees this in mirror.
Thapki (mind voice) – I think maa never accepted him as her son…I noticed it….but I’m not sure after all she’s so nice.
Bihaan phone rings..
Bihaan – whaaattt!!!!! Paan is kidnapped!!! I’m coming…I’m just coming…
Thapki – Paan Bhaiya kidnapped??!!!
Bihaan – thapki…I’m going there….u go home
Thapki – no bihaan I’ll also come
Thapki wins the argument… N goes with bihaan
Unknown place…
Thapki – bihaan…is it that place??
Bihaan- yes thapki…I hope my friend is fine!!
Some men came n ties cloth to thahaan eyes n points gun at them
Men – come with us
Thapki was too much scared… N started crying..
Bihaan – can’t u ever think that bihaan pandey could also suggest u right??
Thapki – bihaan ….it’s not time to fight…
Bihaan – ohh now u will teach me this too!! Not bad!!
Men(irritated tone) – Can’t u both keep quite?? U r fighting even in this situation!! I will shoot if both will not stop arguing…
They both shuts up
Man – OK now you’ve reached….u can see Paan now after I count 3…
Man – 1…..2……3
Thapki bihaan hurriedly open their eyes….
( the whole room is dark)
Bihaan – Paan ….Paan….where r u??.
(They heard the sound of locking of door )
They looked at each other…n ran towards the door…
Thapki – open the door plzz
Bihaan – who the hell did this??
A sound came….
This is for u both…
Bihaan gets it was paan’s voice..
Bihaan – Paan u??
Thapki gets shocked too
Paan – yes Bhai this is the marriage gift from me to u both….plzz accept it for me
(The lights slowly starts glowing…)
Firstly…. the light of swing glows
Thapki sees it n gets glad
She sits on swing n started swinging…
She was looking so happy…. So beautiful
Bihaan sees her ….again mesmerized!!
Thapki was enjoying swing n asks bihaan to join it..
Bihaan comes
Bihaan – thapki…do u really like these childish things?
Thapki – yes bihaan ….I luv them …wait a sec….its not childish!!
Secondly ……the light starts glowing of the dinner table…
(Every lights were dim )
Bihaan sees it…
Bihaan – thapki see that…
Thapki sees it…..
N slowly slowly all the lights started glowing….
There was various things like….a small fountain….food items …swing…dinner table…
Bihaan – Oohhh this Paan ….I’ll not leave him….
Thapki – can’t u enjoy the moment?? I mean Paan did this for us… N u r cursing him!! Not fair
Bihaan – OK chuk chuk gadi…come let’s have food…I’m very hungry….
They both go to table…
(They both were feeling awkward… as it was their first date )
Bihaan – the food is so yummy
Thapki – hmmm…
Bihaan – listen thapki I really don’t know how to handle a date….( bihaan looked so innocent while saying this )
Seeing this thapki started laughing…
Thapki – u r cute bihaan !! (She says while laughing)
Bihaan – there’s nothing like that …..
Thapki still laughs slightly…
Bihaan sees her…thapki also sees in his eyes
They both have an eyelock
The music starts….(hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte …..)
They both have an intense eyelock…
Thapki comes to senses n realises music is actually playing ….. She feels very pleasent …..bihaan sees her…..
N while ending their date….
Thapki again goes to swing ….
This time bihaan n thapki shares the swing…..n looked extremely happy with each other….they both laugh n enjoys…
Paan (mindvoice) – bihaan Bhai I want to see u happy…. N I feel that u r always happy with thapki bhabhi…..the destiny always played with u Bhai …but not this time….I’ll try my best to see u happy ….
#pecap – not yet decided
Thanku for reading guys
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  1. Alia919

    Amazing dear…
    Their nook jhook marvellous…
    Date plan was so cute and lovely…
    Waiting for next update…

    1. Vinni7

      Thanku so much for liking ??

  2. Wow ? Thahaan date was lovely … ???❤ Their cute tashan scenes were the highlight ???

    1. Vinni7

      Thanku naitan ….?

  3. Thenkani.M

    The paan bhai character described so well…tq for the great ff which have a great title…i knw destiny wilake thahaan to b unite as they are made for each other…tq so much once agaib n keep writing tq for mase ny day…gbu sis??

  4. Thenkani.M

    Im so sorry vinni sis my keyboard is hang so much tats y so many mistakes??

    1. Vinni7

      Thanku so much…..I’m glad you’re liking it!! ? n that’s fine I understood u dear…???? keep smiling

  5. Wow nice episode

    1. Vinni7

      Thanx Anchal ?

  6. Its really nice and cute episode.Waiting for new Part

    1. Vinni7

      Thanku rifa…..I’ll try to update soon?

  7. Navami

    Really cute epi drr i like it…nice ..keep it up yaarrr

    1. Vinni7

      Thanku navami ??

  8. Manish ki deewani

    Ninni dear awsm episode dear first their cute fight( nok jok) even I’m laughing when I read it and thahaan date lovely they r sooooooo cute and u r superb dear u write it well waiting 4 next part

    1. Vinni7

      I’m happy u liked it!! Thanku so much . I’ll try to update soon ?

  9. Navami

    Hi vinni it was a good epi i loved it drr

    1. Vinni7

      Thanku again??

  10. Jacqueline Nicole

    Hi vinni darl… u again rocked it !! Sooo cute epi .. thahaan scenes r also superb! Keep writing… thank u fr made my day

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks dear…. thanku very much for appreciating me..?? stay blessed..❤❤

  11. Awesome episode Vinni… waiting for next part..

    1. Vinni7

      Thanku Priya ?

  12. very nice dear….i loved it….the paan chracter is awsome….i wish paan also come in tpk and resolve all problmx….

    1. Vinni7

      Thanku so much ….n actually I wish the same ?

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