A Travel of A to Z (Ishqbaaz)

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1.A Smile of Raga..
Hi Frndzz..As we seen in Intros(It came as Epi1 and 2),Om said “If U draw fully,I ll win the puzzle” (smile) to Soumya..Rumya said to Ishaana..Anika come to see Childrens..Shivaay strts his Big Journey from TajMahal..

A Glimpse…Again
Rudra runs towards a home..n throw a brush to Soumya..Soumya catch the brush towards a painting Board..The pink color in the brush spread in the painting n falls below..Om takes the brush n said”U lose..If U draw fully,I win”..On the Other side,Shivaay in TajMahal strts his big journey..Rumya said about Om’s saying to Ishaana(sitting on mountain,Drawing a Child’s face)..

Anika-A mixture of WhiteTSh,Pinkish Frock,YellowBangles..
Anika:”Cuties!!Shall we play a game?”..
The childrens laugh n smiles..
She takes a Glass Box from the bag..
In it,Full of Color papers..
Anika opens the Glass Box..The childrens see the papers n run towards the shops in Bazaar..
Anika smiles..
The people in Bazaar Smiles..n said “Who save the Bazaar Today?”..

In a Toy shop,
A girl:” Aara!!Surprise comes”(Big Eyes) n take the Gift (from Anika) ..
N turns to see Aara..
N shocked…”Aara!!Where r U?”..
The people in the shop search the near place..

Little Far from Bazaar..
In Road..
Aara(Feary Eyes) seeing sky..Her little fingers on her lips..n her eyes searching her friends..
She see a light..
A cycle(S..Its Shivaay!)sound comes..
(The music of (Moment-AndrewGarfield gives a crusade to A child)Silence” Trailer on BG)
In left shoulder,Shivaay had a light put on his bag..
Shivaay eyes going sharp while seeing Aara..n stops The cycle..
Shivaay rotate his heads on all sides..
Aara closed her eyes bcoz of light…
Shivaay:”Cutie..Who r U?”
Aara opens her eyes…
Shivaay(surprise):”Finally I see her”…(Mild light on road’s both sides)

Ishaana is sitting on the Surface near the Mountain..
Ishaana:”Is He said like that?”..
Rudra:”S..Ishie..We ll need to find before him..BT If we draw,How he ll win?”

Soumya:”Maybe He is telling lie”(big eyes)..
Rudra (see Soumya):”Thief only know about Thief”..
Soumya see Rudra(big eyes) n her hands make a Attack in Rudra’s shoulders…
“Don’t forget We met by him..”
Rudra whistles..n said”S..”
Ishaana (see the sky):”Let’s find out..” N draw the child’s face again..
On below of the mountain,
Om walks in a mixture of
RedTSh,Jean Trousers,Shoes..
His long hairs blow on air..
He stops his walking while seeing a tree…

N see the centre hole of the tree..
In it,An Owl is present..It see Om..
Om smiles n touch The Owl softly..Something like a wound slowly disappears…
Owl bow its head n a feather from it falls below near Om’s legs..In feather,Its blood is seen…which is coming from its wound..
Om whistles…

In top of the mountain,
Ishaana:”Rudra..U hear some sound near to us?”
Rudra:”I think itz my whistle tone..(turns n see Soumya)..No..Its frm him”…
Soumya see him n Ishaana n holds his hands..
Hi Frndzz..The 1st Epi for U..Hope U like tiz frndzz..Tanqq for readingg n kindly write ur thoughts…

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  1. Hey I am a silent reader. I liked it but it was confusing. Are you a tamlian?

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Shalini..S..I am!mm..I strt intros in supernatural.?Sure..I ll simplify the next..Tanqq!!

  2. nice one I’m excited coz supernatural…..i felt ur passion reflect ur update…. ur artist right….. so many difficult to get artist thoughts,nice job yaar

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Anah..S!!I m..!!BT nowadays sometimes only..Bcoz of work..Mm..Many friends always said that..Our friendzz surely like the next epis..bcoz Aara,the child in the story make that simple!!

  3. Kalai thediya kalainan ,
    kalainan thediya kalai ,
    irandukum vithyasam,

    1. HarSHaN

      Anah!!Superb!!miga Arumai!!

  4. did u get real meaning or just for reply shake

    1. HarSHaN

      S..Anah..I got….Kalai Oru Kalaignan aal mattum alla..Oru thani sindainaiyulum uruvaagum Kalaiyum Adan thedalum..Appodhe Kalaignan Kalai uru perum..It needs reviews for the change..
      BT One who search Art didn’t need any reviews..He/She make the change..n a defn of example..Though they r examples,It didnt change them..They r again turning into new xampl..by searching new dimension..BT their full act is not understandable by others n even him/herself too as a reviewer,He/She didn’t decide to stop that..There is a mild point lies secretly in between The Artist n ArtSearchers..Tat defn didn’t understood by Artists..
      I think U already know Picasso once said “If U try to express ur Act/View,U r an Great Artist even though U r child too”..
      Many dimensions xist for telling the difference..BT itz true..Not understandable by all..

  5. hey if u really get real meaning or just for reply shake

    1. HarSHaN

      S Anah..I got..

    2. HarSHaN

      Sorry for late reply Anah .I didn’t come to TU .at that time..Tatsy I got late..

  6. Awesome dear ?

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Dear..

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