Channa mereya by priyali (part 8)

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Hi peeps. Priyali back with my ff. First of all, I’m soo sorry for the late update but I was sick and was having classes as well.. so my phone was taken away and I couldn’t type… I’m sorry. First things first, the poll results are shown down below.??
Channa mereya ( I also gave my vote for this name.)
Sahils entry will be after 2 episodes
I will stop at episode 30
We will be celebrating our dear anika’s birthday.
Couple no 1. Arnav and khushi
Couple no 2. Viren and jeevika
Couple no 3. Swasan(swara and sanskaar)
Couple no 4. Raglak( ragini and laksh)
Couple no 5. Mallika and siddarth ( surbhi Jyoti and shaleen)

So guys, these are the poll results. If u r not happy, Pls tell me in the comments. Now finally moving on to the episode.

Recap- Ishu is pregnant. Shivika are dancing together to celebrate when suddenly shivaay loses his balance and he and Anika both fall on the bed .

Present episode:
******Shivika’s room*****
Anika and shivaay are both on the bed. They share an eyelock. Suddenly, omru come into their room.( Rudra is carrying popcorn) “arrey o . Dekho aajkal khuleaam romance ho raha hai.”. Hearing Rudy’s voice Shivika come in their senses and get up. “Rudy ke bacche. I hate your timing. Yaar, humara itna romantic moment chal raha tha”. Shivaay says. Anika shoots him a fhat-the-wuck wala look. “ anyway omru, yahan kaise aana hua?” Anika asks them.
Hum movie dekhne vale the .. Golmaal.. omru replies. Oh OK …. We will join u in a bit. U guys go ahead first… shivaay says.
Omru shoot each other a oho vala look and leave. Shivaay folds his arms and turns the other side. ( pretending to be angry with Anika. (Because she didn’t support him)). Anika goes and rests her head on his shoulder and whispers in his ear “SORRY”. And she puts her hands through his. Shivaay melts seeing her smile and says “OK baba fine. But on one condition. Give me a kiss first.” Anika blushes and tries to run but shivaay holds her hand and pulls her back on him and she has no choice. She comes closer … closer ….closer…. But suddenly she kisses him on the cheek instead of the lips and frees herself from his grip and runs away. Shivaay touches his cheek (where she kisses him) and smiles. He also goes to the living room to watch the movie.

*****living room******
Ivanka,anshika , ishana , om , Rudra anika are already sitting on the floor. Anika is.sitting with ivanku and anshu. While om is sitting with Rudra and ishana. Shivaay goes and joins his daughters and wife. Ivanka goes to her Papa and sits beside him while anshu stays next to her mommy.
The movie starts and they start watching Golmaal 3. Halfway through the movie, Anika gets up to make coffee for herself. Shivaay also gets up and follows Anika. Anika starts making coffee by heating up water. Shivaay comes into the kitchen and sits on the counter. Anika is soo busy in making the coffee that she doesn’t notice him. When she looks up, she finds herself looking in her favourite pair of eyes- shivaay’s. She hands one cup of coffee to him and joins him on the counter. They both are sitting on the kitchen counter and talking. They both finish the coffee but decide not to go back to the movie. Instead, they both go to the poolside and they put their legs in the water and sit there. They continue to talk. Suddenly shivaay finds himself talking to himself bcoz there is no reply from Anika. He sees Anika asleep on his shoulder (holding his hand). He smiles and gets up. He picks Anika up in his arms and brings her to their room. He lays her down on the bed and sleeps too. They sleep in the same position as they did when they were sleeping behind the moon.

So that’s it for today guys… I hope it was a little longer than usual to make up for the late update. I hoped u all liked the Shivika moments.Also, I’ll try to update the next part asap.. but I can’t promise it will be tomorrow. Pls tell me about the poll results and if u r satisfied with them..

Also…a bit of an analysis on today’s epi…
I feel it was so good… the way they showed how shivaay and Anika were crying for each other…. But I still feel super mad at that BILLU… he doesn’t trust Anika at all yaar.. not fair… at least daksh will not be at shitia or rather Shivika marriage… Anika looked gorgeous in the lehnga right…. OK now my fingers are really tired of typing… love u guys… Trushna/tulasi di.. nainaa di… nans…Samm… sanaya di hriday…Shivika22kapoor.… all of you???

With lots of love,

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  1. Akshaya

    Nice episode Buddy

    1. Priyali

      Thank u akshaya di..

  2. Anujohnson

    Dont stop by 30 episodes….pls ……and pls have om’s b’day …pls…it is my wish…pls dont stop your story by 30..pls go more than that….i love your story that’s why…

    1. Priyali

      Anu dear I know u want om’s birthday…. how about this we celebrate both anika and om’s birthday? And dear i have to stop by 30 because next year is my board exam and i really wont have time… im sorry dear… but in between i will try to write os …

      1. Anujohnson

        Ya you make Om’s and anika’s b’day together….and no need to worry…..start learning for your exams…more than us you need to focus on your studies…and 2019 I will also write my 10th ICSE boards…and I am preparing from now!!!what to do….hope you get highest percentage…..and try to be first in whole India…I will surely pray for you!!!

  3. Jazz1

    U came after long time. Nice to see u back. For the ff I loved it. ???. Like ur poll results expect one plz don’t stop at 30 epiosdes. Plz plz plzzzz

    1. Priyali

      Jazz dear.. thank u so much for your valuable comment…
      but dear.. i really have no option… im sorry..

      1. Jazz1

        Ok it’s fine. No need to say sorry

  4. Shivika

    Nyc dear it was osum…..

    1. Priyali

      thank u dear.

  5. Samm

    hey priyali, such a cute episode 🙂 all the best for your exams and take care 🙂

  6. Priyali

    thank u so much samm.

  7. Priyali

    Thank u soo much anu dear… love u and best of luck for your exams too…

  8. Priyali

    Thank u anu dear… love u and best of luck for your exams too…

  9. Samaira20

    It was so awsum dear….loved shivika’s scene

  10. Shivika22kapoor

    The epi was beautiful especially when Ani and Shivaay sneek out of the movie and Ani sleeps on his shoulder and he carries her to room.
    All in all the entire epi was superb ???????✌✌✌???

  11. It’s so nice dear. Plz don’t stop. waiting for next.

  12. Nansshivika

    Really very sry for late commented.episode was sweet n short.shivika scenes are always sweet in ur lovely

  13. Priyali

    Thank u all. ???????

  14. Tulasi

    Hey priyali…sry for d late comment dear….i m not feelng well…..i luvd shivika moments to d core…..their sweet n mature relationship….❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤???????????

    1. Priyali

      Thank u tulasi di!!hope u are better now!

  15. Mrunal

    hey priyu…
    loved it dear…
    sorry for commenting late…
    but i am little confused did u say that the age of shivika’s daughter is 22 bcoz if it is 22 then ishu’s age must be around 40 at least then how come she is pregnant this much late…

    i don’t know i read it right or not but little confused plzzzz help me dear….

    and coming to the epi….
    it was superb i loved shivika romance…

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