True love shatters…..but Journey to new phase of life begins (episode 5)

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The Episode starts satvika kills her father by stabbing sword in his stomach,all people are shocked by her action took against her own father.

Some time before(KUCH SAMAY KE PEHLE)

Judgement place
Shivaay and other family members recall the moments spent with anika by seeing satvika.But comes to reality that anika is no more they saw with their own eyes that clip jumping from the cliff.shivaay thinks that he feels anika’s presence because of her and may be she is anika not satvika.Many questions go through in the mind.sahil want to hug satvika but shivaay stops him saying that she is not anika.

Then judgement starts you all know the case which was judged by mrs.Parvelika singh rajput was reopened after 24 years because a lot of evidences found out about the case,but his father and mother interrupts her that case was already solved.She asks them to be silent but it was not actually solved it was twisted and turned.Now it is the time to reveal everything which was hidden in all these years.
satvika:Let us call vaishnavi’s daughter priya,she will reveals all the secrets hidden by both of you.

Again their mother and father interrupt her saying that she was mentally ill her statement is not valid.
satvika:Mr and Mrs Rajput I don’t want to hear anything from you.please be silent.Let me tell you about priya she was now perfectly fine due to treatment given by doctors.
Priya came forward and satvika asks what happened 24 years ago …You want to reveal the secret which was hidden by my mom and dad..please tell me without any hesitation and fear….I am giving promise that no can hurt you until I am there…………
Priya gained her courage to tell the truth ….

24 years ago….Past’s secret
Parvelikaji gave birth to twins and they name them as satvika and chandrika.But according to birth time, priest made a birth chart it reveals that one of the baby girl kill her father with her own satwant ji and parvelikaji decided to end the life of the baby girl her name was chandrika The baby girls had slight difference that is mark on the leg(chandrika’s leg). so he asked my father Jeetendra to kill chandrika but unfortunately this is all heard by me so I took chandrika and went to mumbai. My father who was loyal to your father came to kill me and chandrika but some beggar women snatched chandrika from me with her daughter to earn money and when I was trying to take chandrika from her she pushed me and stone hit my head. My father reached me and asked me about baby girl but I tell chandrika is no more since some masked people killed her in semiconscious state.Then I lost my memory and got mental illness.Then all people in the town blame me that I took chandrika for asking money from their parents.But I was mentally ill so they consider that god gave me punishment to be mentally ill whole life and lock me up in my own room.

Satvika:Mr.satwant singh rajput is it true…….she angrily glares at him.
Satwant:You are doing wrong by considering the madwomen words…don’t go through into her words…
Satvika:I have another evidence.Your loyal follower Mr.Jeetendra.
Everyone is shocked by seeing jeetendra alive because that day he was died in accident after knowing her daughter has got mental illness.
Jeetendra:He says each and every word of my daughter is true…This is recorded evidence of satwant giving me orders for killing chandrika….

She plays recording in radio…all heard conversation that satwant asking to kill chandrika….
Satvika:Is there anything to say Mr.satwant?
Satwant:This is fake evidence satvika and it was a plan to kill me by our enemy.
satvika:If you don’t have courage to accept truth don’t blame it on innocent people.I thought you as a real rajput who accepts truth in front of all instead of lie,but you are a coward …… singh rajput…..
Satwant:He angrily says “Yes,I tried to kill chandrika my own daughter because she is threat to my life”….

Parvelika says please stop it …..and tries to convince satvika that his father is telling this because you are provoking him to say it….
Satvika says mom…The truth came out still you are trying to conceal it..may be you all also played role in killing my sister….

Parvelika says I did this to save my husband and I have no choice satvika…
Wow! Great mom and dad………Until now I did not believe the proverb that “snake killing their own childrens for their food” but now I have to believe….Because my own parents has no mercy for a small baby….They decided that fortune teller is god….what he says will always be truth …
These mr.satwant want to kill the innocent small child…..
The punishment for this animal was death ….Guards kill them satvika says with heavy heart and tears with anger in eyes…..

But the guard says we cannot kill them and dropped the swords.I know you are loyal to them,If you don’t do I have to do it by myself.
Satvika picked the sword and killed the satwant by stabbing in his stomach and all people are shocked including his father and mother by her action took against her own father.
She says to his father and all people that she is chandrika not satvika by revealing mark on her leg… priest said that I will kill you now it happened because of your sin…..
Everyone chants chandrika…… saying her punishment is correct…

Chandrika punishes her mother saying that “You must be locked in the dark room where even single ray of light doesn’t fall.This is your punishment for your whole life.”and asks the guards to throw in dark room.

The guards forcibly take her to room and she asks forgiveness for chandrika…….
Her father is still alive but she asks guards to place him in coffin and place him where he want to keep his dead body(favourite place of father to be burried)….when he is dead.
They take satwant and do as chandrika says to them.
Suvimal asks chandrika where is satvika?

Chandrika answers him that satvika is no more because satwant killed her instead of her.She(sagarika) protected me for the cost of her life.
Suvimal breaks down into tears and says you did good for giving satwant punishment and appreciates her.

Priest and People bless chandrika for long life for her daring decision to not leave the path of truth even though you must go against their own parents.[Because she did not fear to take toughest decision in her life…..]
Shivaay and other family members who was witnessed the stabbing of her own father and punishing her own mother…. are shocked that any person cannot behave like this ruthlessly with their own parents.she can’t be our anika.They did not hear truth since they got call from the CID to get the information about anika’s murder …..They call the police to arrest satvika…
First time,The police came in Jodhpur that to arrest princess….
The people blocked the way of police to reach the princess….and says who called you here…. murder took place so we came to arrest satvika they says.

People angrily glares at them to leave and deny the incident takes place …and support her……Here there will be no witness against her…
satvika/chandrika asks them to stop…came forward and says to police “THIS IS MY PLACE MY RULE I CAN DO ANYTHING.NO BODY GO AGAINST ME .IF YOU WANT TO SAVE YOUR RESPECT LEAVE RIGHT NOW”.
Police go back from there by her warning they also knows what will happen to them if they don’t leave from there. So they sorry and leaves from there.

People says they will kill the person who called police here chandrika asks them to leave this matter…because no one this place can call the police so it must be outsider so they will be punished by priest chidambaram ji.she leaves to palace.
Oberois think that people here are mad….by obeying her doings without saying against her…
Chidambaram ji stops them and warns not to interfere in rajgarh matters….this is first mistake of you all so I forgive you….you came here to visit temple please do that and go from here….You are our guests so we are requesting you not to involve in our matters and take your own decisions.
Shivaay says sorry and leaves to palace….

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur,Rajasthan
Shivomru was sad to see anika resemble girl who was very rude to her own parents,They decided to teach a lesson to her…..
Sorry guys on saturday and sunday there will be no episodes…….I will see you all on monday…
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A Person comes to the palace ,switch off the lights from the fuse box and goes to chandrika’s room…he was followed by shivomru but he did not see them…He says to chandrika that I thought you sit in the corner of the room because you are afraid of darkness …..chandrika says to him that I am not scared of darkness now I have no fears in life because I learn to fight with everything which tried to scare me until now ……..This words was heard by oberois and surprised because anika was also scared of darkness…

  1. So is Anika the other child Satvika?

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    but please reveal Anika’s whereabouts soon

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  3. Superb episode…

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  4. I think chandrika is anika n the other who was dead falling from cliff was satvika….chandrika is anika n she is shivay’s wife….maybe due to some reason she hides her identity….it’s just my guess….writer knows everything…

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      I will reveal it soon..have some patience….Mounshumy………..

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  7. since Shivaay feels anikas presence ….I think its Anika…But I don’t think Anika can be that cruel so…Waiting for the next to know who she really is..Satvika/Chandrika…?

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      Some times we have to take decisions according to situations….allu dear.. hope you understand Clearly who she is satvika/chandrika from the upcoming episodes……

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    Dear Jhansi
    The Episode Is Awesome?Anika Hi Chandrika Hai.Agar Hai Tho Anika Se Chandrika Kaise Bani Dekhne Main Interst Hoga.Story Going Intersting????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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