MATSH: Our endless love (Episode 11)

One week later..
Last week they didn’t see each other. They lost something. They couldn’t eat. They couldn’t work.
Ishani was crying whole day without eating anything and without talking to anyone.
Ranveer comes late to office everyday. He didn’t attend any meeting from last week. He found emptiness in his life.
Suddenly he was irritated and broke all things in his room. Rithika and sharman came to his room. They got shocked. Ranveer’s hand injured and it was blieeding heavily.
Rithika: what happened Ranveer? Why are you doing like this?
Ranveer: I don’t know. But I miss something.
Rithika: not something. You miss ishani.
Ranveer: no.. not like that.
Rithika: then prove it.
Ranveer: how?

Rithika: promise me that you didn’t remember ishani this one week.
Ranveer: I can’t
Rithika: then accept it. You love ishani and you miss her. Ask your heart Rv.
Ranveer didn’t speak anything. Rithika and sharman left after doing first aid to him.
Ranveer (to himself): I don’t know whether I love her or not. He closed his eyes and ishani came in front of him with her beautiful smile.
Ranveer: yes I love her. I should tell it to her.
Ranveer called ishani. She didn’t pick up his calls. He wanted to meet her. He went to her house. He knocked the door of her house. One servant came out. She told that everyone had gone out except ishani. Ishani was in her room.

Ranveer went to ishani’s room and knocked the door. She opened the door with blur eyes. She saw Ranveer. They had a eyelock. She fainted. Ranveer hold her. He took her in his arms and placed her on bed. He called doctor. Doctor came and checked ishani.
Ranveer: how is ishani? Is everything okay?
Doctor: no problem. Nothing serious. she is so weak. She didn’t have anything. Please take care of your wife well.
Ranveer: okay doctor
Doctor left. Ranveer went to kitchen and made soup for her. He cut apples and took in a plate.he went to ishani’s room. Ishani woke up.she started to speak. But Ranveer put his finger on her lips.
Ranveer: don’t talk. First have it.
He feed her. After having her food, she started to speak.

Ishani: why are you doing all this?
Ranveer: you get well soon then I will tell you.
Ishani: no. Tell me why are you doing all this?
Ranveer: come with me.
Ranveer and ishani went to a place. place.Ranveer tie ishani’s eyes with a black cloth. He took her to one place. He opened her eyes. Ishani gets surprised.

precap: surprise

sorry guys I am late. I have some assignments so I can’t update regularly this week.

  1. Fenil

    Awesome chappy.
    I also love Ishveer.

  2. ??awwww… Nice episode… Waiting for next

  3. Interesting

  4. This was an amazing show which taught me a lot of things personally. I loved this show even today i watch 7 episodes in a day. Very nice FF.

  5. Awesome epi… Pls update the next soon. I miss ishveer so much

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