aap ho na ..mere saath (episode 18)

Sandhya eating pani puri..she offered some to him..but he refused

Sandhya: vaise Sooraj ji..tell me something..how do u know this?

Sooraj: what?

Sandhya: ye..i like this very much pani poori..

Sooraj: world know this every indian girls most favourite..

Sandhya: oh really..then how about u?

Sooraj: i don’t like this..when i saw this..i remember my mom.
She love this..

Sandhya: oh..u missing ur Mom right? Then why did u came here?

Sooraj didn’t answer anything..

Sandhya: i mean u already said that..even in ur village ..ur family running one school..then y u working here?

Sooraj: kuch neih..just like that..

Sandhya: just like that..don’t think i am ok with this answer..i know that u r not ready to share the matter..that’s ok its ur personal..anyway thanks for this..good nit

They both went for their bed to sleep..

Left side Sooraj.

Right side Sandhya.

1.00 am

Sandhya woke up..it was raining outside.

She went to hall..open the window..

Sandhya reminds her parents.

In her childhood..when there is rain..she was really scared to sleep alone..her Maa nd Papa will come to her room..

Nd they will sleep together..they will make Sandhya to sleep..by saying some kind of story or anything..

Tears dropped from her eyes..
Sandhya(thinks): Maa…Papa..i miss u…i am missing my childhood days..eventhough i am independent here..i am not happy like i was in my childhood ..becoz u were there..why did u left me..why don’t u took me with u?

Sandhya cried loudly..she never cried in front of anyone..

She know in this rain sound..no one will find her tears..

Sandhya(thinks): i am just relieved by escaping from them..not happy..i love u Mom ..i love u Dad..

Sandhya wipe her tears..nd went to kitchen to drink water..

Sooraj suddenly hide near the door..then he went to bed pretended like sleepig

He saw her crying, her pain..

Sooraj: she hides all her pain..nd smiling outside..but she was brave to handle every situation

He never knows when did he slept..he slept by thinking of her..

Next day Morning..Sooraj phone kept ringing again nd again..

Sooraj not in the house..he went to school..he forgets his mobile..

Sandhya took leave for office..

She decided not to attend..but it ringing again nd again..

Sandhya: maybe some important…

She attended ..she saw it flashed Maa

Mom: Sooraj..what u doin? Say me the truth? U saw that girl na? Astrologer said that u have seen the girl..is that true?

Sandhya: which girl?

Mom: who is this ?

To be continue…

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    Hehe….Bhabho and Sandhya interesting.

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