True Love Never Fades (A Riansh SS) Chapter 2

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The episode starts where it ended. As soon as Riddhima steps out of the house, a courier boy comes to VR mansion and gives a letter to the Raisinghanias

The boy:Excuse me! There is a letter named in ur address

Vansh:Where is the letter from..and in whose name is it?

The boy:This letter is from City Hospital named for Mrs.Raisinghania..

Vansh:What!..Ok..give it to me
You can go..

Dadi:Arre Vansh..check what is written inside the letter!!..

Vansh opens the letter only to find a shock for himself

Chachi:Vansh…what happened..what is in that letter?

Vansh:It is written that Mrs.Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania is pregnant


Ishani:So what bhai…we don’t know that who is the father of this child…nd u only said na that she was in a relationship with Kabir then…

Kabir:What the hell!!…Why r u dragging me in this matter…Arre me nd Riddhima hv not even kissed till now so how come child will come??
And Vansh…now also u will not say anything??…I swear I hv not seen a man like u who is letting his wife get disrespected in front of everyone. I know that what I hv done wid Riddhima is wrong…I had used her for a mission..faked my love but never did something worse than that..but u for ur so called revenge not only faked ur love but also used her body?


Kabir:Why r u shouting…I hv not said anything wrong..
And the one who is telling this..Ishani… u r telling all these things?? Seriously?!
U r the one who got pregnant with one man that too before marriage nd is telling these cheap things abt Riddhima?..Disgusting!!

Dadi:Kabir beta y r u telling these things?

Kabir:Y shldn’t I say these things dadi? And I am not telling the wrong things..What’s a fact is a one can change it..
And Vansh u think that Riddhima betrayed u right?…the truth which which u know is the half truth..I know the rest of it but I’ll not tell it u know why?..because I want that u get insulted by ur little sister Sia..when she’ll come to know na that what u did…then u r gone Vansh

Vansh:I don’t hv the time to hear ur nonsense Kabir..

Sayin this he goes to his room nd slowly everybody else too depart to their room..

In Vansh’s room

As Vansh enters his room, Ahana comes behind him..

Vansh:Ahana!! What r u doin in my room??

Ahana:Come on Vansh afterall I am ur wife so according to that right I..

Vansh:FAKE!! U r my fake wife got it?
U r being paid for all this understood?
Now get out of my room


Vansh:GET OUTT!!!

As soon as Ahana goes out, Vansh goes in his closet, opens his wardrobe, partitions his clothes, takes out a key from a small box and opens a small wardrobe kind of thing which has all the belongings of Riddhima..
He takes out one of her clothes and her photo frame and slumps down on the ground..

Vansh:Why Riddhima…why did u betray me…I gave u so much love but still…today a courier boy came nd gave me a letter which told that u r pregnant but is it true? If it was true then it would have been the happiest day of my life but because of ur betrayal all things hv ruined…

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