Love story – Episode 9 (Kartik’s daydream…)

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Twinkle finsihes cleaning the kitchen and she goes to Aly..

Twinkle:i.. I finished cleaning the kitchen.

Aly:then go and bring me an apple juice soon..i will leave within 5 minutes so bring me fast.


Twinkle goes and starts making apple juice in a mixer angrily..

Twinkle in mind: for how long will i bear this torture?i hope Niel comes and saves me soon..

Twinkle finishes and she takes the juice to Aly..

Twinkle:here is the juice..i have finished making it.

Aly smirks seeing twinkle and..

Aly:keep it and i hope it doesn’t taste horrible..

Twinkle gets hurt and angry too..

Twinkle in mind: so much of attitude and arrogance..what a stupid human he is? He should have born as shatan instead of humans..

Twinkle:now what shall i do?

Aly gets angry..

Aly:keep quiet..till i finish drinking i wont tell anything. Don’t spoil my good mood by your silly questions.

Twinkle in mind:if there was acid in this house then i would have poured on his bad he is chii!.

Aly finishes drinking his juice and gives it to twinkle and..

Aly:clean this glass and then clean this whole house before i come okay? remeber one thing..i will come within two hours and you should clean this house before that okay?

Twinkle nods her head fearfully while Aly leaves from there and twinkle cries..

Twinkle in mind:i never worked like this anywhere and even servants haven’t worked in our house like this..what a bad fate i have..why god why?

Suddenly she hears a fighting sound and she runs immediately to the area where the sound is coming from and gets shocked seeing Aly fighting with some goons..

Twinkie in mind:ohh godd..what is happening here?

The goons starts beating Aly badly shocking twinkle..

Twinkle in mind:ohh noo..why these goons are beating this guy? Shall i help him or not..

Twinkle gets shocked seeing goons going to hit Aly and she immediately takes a iron log and runs and hits those goons..

Aly gets shocked seeing twinkle’s sudden move..

Aly in mind: why is she trying to help me though i troubled her?

Twinkle angrily hits everyone and every goons lie unconscious while Aly gets shocked and hold twinkle’s hand..

Aly: why did you beat them?

Twinkle:i saw they were trying to hurt you and that’s why i thought to help you.

Aly gets numb hearing this..

Aly in mind:she is so polite though i troubled her a lot. I thought every girls are betrayals but am i wrong?now she have landed in a problem and how will i save her?

Aly:why did you helped me?now you got into a big problem..

Twinkle gets confused..

Twinkle:why? They are goons only right then why will i get into a problem?

Aly sadly:no..they are some policemen’s brothers. I and these men’s were studying in same college and they always had a fight with me as i always ranked first and now too they are having same grudge against me.

Twinkle gets shocked..

Twinkle:it’s their fault only right then why should we be scared?

Aly: since their brother’s are policemen’s we should not go against them orelse they will make us arrested. Even those policemen’s too support this stupids only as they are these goons brothers. And that’s why i was standing silent though they were beating me..

Twinkle gets shocked and stumbles..

Twinkle what will we do?

Suddenly there comes those policemen’s shocking twinkle and Aly..

Aly:ohh noo..

Those policemen’s comes and looks at their brother lying unconscious and gets angry and they slap Aly..

Police samar:how dare you beat my brother?

Other police did wrong by beating our brother. We will arrest you now.

Samar: you always drag our brothers everywhere and you do injustice with them and you try to escape but this time we will not leave you..


Samar comes to lock up Aly but twinkle comes and Stops samar..

Twinkle:ji.. don’t arrest him please. He never did any was only me who have hurt your brother. So please arrest me..

Aly gets shocked and gets sad..

Aly in mind: she is so good..why did i do mistake by troubling her?now she have landed in problem because of me.

Police samar:are you sure that you are ready to come to jail?

Twinkle:yes..but leave him please.

Samar:ok..then shikhar arrest this girl.

Shikhar comes and arrests twinkle and he takes her while Aly becomes sad seeing twinkle taken by police..

Twinkle turns and looks Aly sadly while Aly too looks at her helpless..

They take twinkle away and those goons who were lying unconscious get up and laughs at Aly shocking Aly..

Aly shockingly:dint you guys really faint?

Goons:no..we were just acting to get you into jail. But unfortunately your gf went to sad.

Aly gets angry and holds his collar..

Aly:how dare you all?i will never spare you if your police brothers hurts twinkle.

Goons pushes his hands away and.. love her that much. Then try to save your love..hahahaha.

Everyone leaves making fun while Aly goes inside his house angrily..


Kartik drops Tina and he comes to his house drenched and seeing him drenched suwarna runs to him..

Suwarna:kartik beta..why did you got wet in rain?

Kartik:maa..leave it. I just enjoyed the rain..that’s all.

Suwarna gets confused..

Suwarna:but you don’t like to enjoy in rain normally then how come you suddenly changed?

Kartik thinks about Tina and..

Kartik murmers:sometimes some people change us..


Kartik comes out of trance and..

Kartik:nothing..i just felt to drench that’s why.

Kartik goes away from there while suwarna still stands numb..

Suwarna: what happened to him suddenly?

She ignores her thoughts and goes while kartik goes to his room and enters his bathroom and takes shower..

He closes his eyes while taking shower and suddenly he sees tina nearby romancing him..

Tina:kartik..lets take shower together..

Kartik smiles and caresses her face and kisses her forehead..

Kartik:when you are near me..i feel that i got my entire happiness.You are my heartbeat and you are my life. So be close to me always..

Tina notices his lips and understands it and smiles and makes her forehead join with kartik’s forehead and..

Tina: even my heart beats only for you..when you are there near me i feel that iam complete. So i will always be there near you and we will always be there for each other.

Kartik smiles and they both close their eyes and take shower..

Suddenly kartik opens his eyes and gets shocked..

Kartik:ohh godd…what kind of day dream is this? How can i..i..dream about romancing Tina?? nowadays my mind is losing sense..

Kartik finishes taking shower and he goes out and gets shocked seeing Ranveer sitting in his room sadly..

Kartik:arrey Ranveer..why are you sitting like a saddist?did your mom scold you?

Ranveer makes a puppy face and..

Ranveer:why will i get sad for my mom’s scold..iam not a baby.

Kartik:then what happened?did you had love proposal from some foreigners?

Ranveer: kaarttiikk stop joking. Iam serious..i am upset because i had love failure.

Kartik gets shocked..

Kartik: what? How did you fall for a girl soon?you told that you will follow my footsteps and marry my gf’s sister then what happened?

Ranveer sadly: i was believing like that only but suddenly i saw a girl in temple and my heart have fallen for her at once but my fate is bad as my destiny is not matched with her.

Kartik:why? Did she rejected you?

Ranveer:if she have rejected also i would have not been upset but she insulted me as characterless which i couldn’t bear..

Kartik gets shocked and angry..

Kartik angrily:how dare she? If i was there near you..then i would have broken her face.

Ranveer:leave it.. hereafter i won’t even fall in love. I will marry according to my parent’s wish atself.

Kartik:tell me who is that girl..i will confront her for her such cheap comment. If she dint like you then she should have rejected you but she have insulted you which i can’t bear. So tell me the girl or show me who is it..

Ranveer: no’s okay leave that girl. It’s my mistake to not understand her.

Kartik:are you sure ?

Ranveer:yes..i will move on by focusing only on my business.

Kartik:fine..but smile now orelse i wont leave that girl for insulting you.

Ranveer smiles and both of them hug..


7 PM:

After the office gets over everyone dispers from the office and Keerthi is seen sitting in the backbench of the office and she phones naksh..

Keerthi:hello naksh..

Naksh: hey..what a suprise! You had phoned me for first time..

Keerthi palely smiles and..

Keerthi:si..naksh iam still there in office only. Can you meet me at backside please..

Naksh gets shocked..

Naksh:i thought you went home but still you are here?

Keerthi:yes.. please come backside soon. I want to tell you something important.

Naksh:ok..I’ll come.

Naksh goes backside and sees keerthi sitting in a bench and he goes and sits near her..

Naksh: what’s the important matter keerthi?

Keerthi: today i came to office mainly to talk about this matter only orelse i wouldn’t have come straining myself..

Naksh: what’s that matter?

Keerthi becomes emotional and..

Keerthi:i know aditya only tried to kill you..

Naksh gets shocked… you know?

Keerthi: actually i saw him pointing gun on you before he shooted and also today i got big evidence.

Naksh gets more shocked and..

Naksh:what evidence?

Keerthi:today tara wantedly removed my blouse wire to make us close..

Naksh gets shocked..

Naksh:how do you know?

Keerthi:i was having doubt on tara from the day she was dancing with aditya. So i was keenly noticing her and i heared her talk with aditya in phone today.

Naksh gets shocked again and he stumbles..

Naksh:what?what was she talking?

Keerthi:she have made us to get close wantedly and she took the photo and she have sended it to Aditya and i don’t know what aditya is going to do with that photo..

Keerthi cries while naksh sits shocked…later naksh looks Keerthi crying more and he hugs her to pacify..

Naksh: keerthi.. please don’t cry. I will somehow make aditya delete that photo.

Keerthi cryingly:iam not worrying about that because everyone believes me even if he shows that photo to everyone but iam upset because i never knew that Aditya is such a betrayal..i l..loved him unknowingly but he..

Naksh keeps his finger on her lips to make her stop crying and both looks each other and..

Naksh: Keerthi..even iam sorry for hiding it because i know already that Aditya is betraying you.

Keerthi gets shocked and looks naksh shockingly..

Keerthi:what? How do you know that..

Naksh tells everything how tara stole his company’s designs and gave it to Aditya and made his company first and he also tells everything about tara and Aditya’s relationship and finally naksh tells everything about his plan about getting properties from manish which shocks Keerthi more..


Due to sudden shock keerthi falls unconscious on naksh’s shoulder…

Naksh in mind:ohh noo..i think she fainted due to sudden shocks.i should take her home safely..

Naksh carries Keerthi in his arms..

He places her in his car and takes her to Goenka villa’s and he enters the house by carrying keerthi and suddenly he gets shocked seeing aditya smirking there and also he is shocked to see the whole goenka family except kartik and Ranveer staring him angrily…

Manish angrily: don’t dare to enter naksh.

Naksh gets shocked..

Aditya smiles seeing naksh helpless..


Next day..

Tina is seen walking on the road to go to college..

Tina in mind:iam so happy as i got some good and nice friend kartik. I really feel happy whenever he is near me..i will enjoy today also with him.

Suddenly Tina gets sad and..

Tina in mind: if Niel bhai was here then i would have shared my happiness..till now i dint get such a nice friend but today i got it and i want to introduce it to Niel bhai. So please come soon bhai..

Suddenly a young boy comes towards Tina and shakes her..

Young boy:sister..sister..

Tina looks at the boy and..

Tina:hey kid..what are you doing?

The boy doesn’t reply and he gives some letter to Tina and he runs away shocking Tina..

Tina in mind:what letter is this?why did this kid gave to me?

Tina opens the letter and gets shocked seeing it..

Tina gets shocked and stumbles and she gets remembered of Raghav and she fears..

Tina in mind:is…is it Raghav?if..if it is Raghav then what will i do? He..

She walks fearfully while some old man comes and gives her a letter shocking Tina again..

Tina in mind:again?

Again Tina opens the letter and gets shocked reading it..


Tina gets scared and she looks here and there and she cries..

Tina in mind: krishnaji.. please don’t make me meet Raghav again. I became deaf because of him only..and he is a psycho so please save me from him please.

Tina throws away the letter and she runs to the college fearfully..

A guy who was hiding behind a tree looks tina’s fear and smiles evilly..

Guy:iam back one can separate you and me.iam an obsessive lover of I’ll get you anyhow.


Surekha is praying in a cliff end temple..

Surekha: krishnaji.. please make everything fine. Iam searching for Ranveer’s bride and please help me to get a good bride. If you can please make me meet her soon as soon as possible.i want my ranveer’s marriage to be conducted please help me.

Heavy wind blows and the temple bell rings automatically suprising surekha..

Surekha suprisingly:did krishnaji answered my prayer?if it is so then I’ll be so happy..

A pandit comes there and..

Pandit:this is a good sign of lord. When the bell rings automatically then it means that lord have accepted your prayer.Β  Don’t worry.. your prayer will be answered soon.

Surekha smiles and takes aarti from pandit and..

Surekha: thank you Panditji for telling me this. Now i can live peacefully as i have confidence now that krishnaji will answer my prayer.

Pandit smiles and goes while surekha turns to leave from there while suddenly she gets shocked seeing some drunkards and she gets scared..

Surekha in mind:ohh noo..i have to leave from here safely orelse this drunkards can do anything.

Surekha tries to leave silently but those drunkards tries to misbehave with her..

Drunkards:hey beautiful aunty..where are you going? Come and enjoy with us..

Surekha feels bad and she tries to go away from there but one of those drunkards holds her hand..

One drunkard:aunty..i think you always work in your house and do duties towards your husband but come and chill with us for sometime so that you will be relaxed…

Surekha gets angry hearing this and shouts..

Surekha:you fools.. don’t you have shame?is this how you misbehave with a women?cheap rascals..


Sirat is seen walking fastly on the road with tensed..

Sirat in mind:i have to reach home mom told to get ready before groom’s family comes and so i should reach home fast before groom’s family comes.

Sirat looks at the time and gets shocked..

Sirat in mind:ohh noo..time is already 9:30 am and mom told that groom’s family will reach at 10:00 am so i should go fast and get ready..

Sirat starts to run very tensedly..


Surekha pulls her hand away from those drunkards and she turns to go but those drunkards holds her again..

Drunkards:if you go then we will get bored right aunty? So we won’t leave you..

Surekha pulls her hands again and runs from there but mistakingly she runs towards opposite side..

Surekha in mind:chii..these guys are so cheap. I never saw like these even in movies or serials.

The guys chase her..

Drunkards:hey lady stop.. orelse we will make you dance for this whole day.

Surekha runs and suddenly she gets shocked seeing the cliff end and she stops..

Surekha in mind:ohh what will i do? krishnaji please save me..

Drunkards comes before her and they laugh..

Drunkards:see..even god supported us.

They come closer to pull her while surekha stands scared..


Sirat runs fastly and she passes the same area where surekha and those drunkards are standing and sirat sees surekha in trouble and she stops there immediately shockingly..

Sirat in mind:ohh noo..some lady is in trouble. I have to save her somehow..

Sirat runs towards the drunkards and surekha and shouts..

Sirat shouts:hey foolish guys..just stop your idiot work.

Everyone gets shocked and they turns and sees sirat and surekha smiles while drunkards looks her..

Surekha in mind:thank you krishnaji for sending some helper.

Drunkards:hey young you also want to enjoy with us?

Sirat gets angry and..

Sirat:shut up.. don’t try to show your cheap works here understood? If you show then you all will go home with face damaged only..

Drunkards laughs..

Drunkards: really?you are so young but your anger is alone high like BP…

Sirat gets angry and she punches everyone’s face hard..

Sirat angrily:do you know who iam?iam babar sherni of this city…so better get lost before i break your noses.

Everyone gets scared and they run away while surekha gets happy and hugs sirat..

Surekha:thank you so much beta.

Sirat smiles and..

Sirat:it’s okay’s my duty to help others when they are in trouble.

Surekha gets impressed and..

Surekha:you are the one who won at yesterday boxing competition right?

Sirat:yes aunty..

Surekha:ok tell me what’s your name because iam a big lover of boxing and from now i can see your matches…

Sirat:iam sirat Singhania.

Surekha smiles..

Surekha:i will wish you for victory in your every matches..all the best.

Sirat feels happy and she falls on surekha’s feet and..

Sirat: please bless me aunty for my success..

Surekha in mind: such a good and cultured girl…

Surekha blesses her and..

Surekha:ok I’ll leave now.. and thank you so much for your help.

Sirat:it’s okay aunty..

Surekha leaves while sirat sees the time and gets tensed..

Sirat in mind:ohh noo.. the time is 9:50. I should go fast now..

Sirat tries to run but suddenly her leg gets twisted and she falls from the cliff and she holds the hill stones for supporting..

Sirat gets scared and remembers naira’s death and cries..


Everyone are tensed at Singhania house…

Akshara:more 10 minutes only there but sirat haven’t reached yet..if the groom’s family comes then what will we do?

Kuhu: don’t worry aunty..sirat would have went to meet kartik jeeju secretly and that’s why she is taking time.

Mishti pinches kuhu and..

Mishti: everyone are talking seriously here and you are making fun.. kindly keep your mouth shut for a while kuhu..

Kuhu stares Mishti angrily and..

Kuhu:fine miss. Mini Hitler.

Mishti: what?

Kuhu: nothing..

Bhabhimaa:arrey what is happening here?one side naksh is dull and other side sirat haven’t came yet…

Akshara:sirat told that she will reach by 9:15 am but i don’t know why is she taking this much time..i hope goenka’s comes late.

Suddenly the phone rings and akshara goes and attends it..

Akshara:hello suwarnaji..

Suwarna tells something and they cut the cal and akshara comes tensedly..

Akshara:maa.. goenka’s are not coming.

Everyone gets shocked..

Bhabhimaa: what?why?

Akshara:there is some problem between our duggu and goenka’s it seems.. and that’s why our duggu is sad from yesterday night and i don’t know what is the problem.

Bhabhimaa:ohh noo.. come let us ask duggu about it.

Akshara:no need maa. Now suwarnaji called me to meet her separately in temple to talk about this we will discuss this matter to duggu once i come home.

Bhabhimaa: okay..i hope our alliance doesn’t get affected.

Akshara:i too hope so.

Akshara goes to temple while everyone sits tensedly..

Mishti:i know naksh bhai is hiding something..

Kuhu:yes.. when he returned from office yesterday he was very sad and his face looked as if he cried for 100 years..

Mishti:i don’t know what is the problem but i hopeΒ  It gets fine soon..

Bhabhimaa:yes..let us go and pray now.

Bhabhimaa, Mishti, kuhu and karishma goes and prays before the god..

Bhabhimaa: krishnaji.. please make everything fine. And don’t break this alliance and please make everything fine between naksh and goenka’s.

Suddenly mishti’s phone rings and she goes and attends it..

Mishti:hello…who is this?

The caller tells something and..

Mishti:ok..I’ll surely come.

Mishti cuts the call and..

Mishti:maa..they have called for an interview in away I’ll go and attend it and come.

Karishma: sure beta..all the best.

Bhabhimaa blesses Mishti and..

Bhabhimaa:iam sure you will get this job Mishti.. wish you all the best. Do well..

Kuhu turns her face away and..

Kuhu:wish you all the best for your poor performance. Come home with the best rejecton..

Mishti stares her angrily while karishma gives her a knock on head and..

Karishma:kuhu.. Stop talking badly. I don’t why my both daughters always irritates each other.

Mishti: leave it maa.. now i will go. Please pray that i should pass in this interview.

Karishma:sure beta.

Mishti goes to the office and waits for her turn for interview and suddenly her name is called and she goes inside the cabin and gets shocked seeing CEO..


precap: kartik scolds Tina. Abir irritates Mishti. Sirat leaves the hand. Keerthi leaves Goenka house. Raghav appears before Tina…

everyone will be thinking what happened between naksh and goenka’s..and it will be shown on fb.

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