Tree Heaven ( episode 6 )

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And the story starts:
It was morning and ishani was still was sleeping ritika was already washed up and was wearing her clothes she was brushing her hair..Ishani wake up after ritika dropped the brush by accident after she woke up everything was silent she just went to bathroom and closed the door ….

After she came out of bathroom she started wearing her clothes she wear her black skirt and her pink blouse ritika was wearing a black dress after ritika went to downstairs to breakfast ishani brushed her hair and tied it and then went downstairs shikhar was downstairs already (hes 9th grade ) everybody was eating in table falguni saw ishani and said to her to sit in chair ishani said to her that shes not hungry and she just went to school while she was going to school it started raining and shikhar was coming too from back and he started running too when he passed ishani he got her bag because ishanis bag was heavy ishani said “Hey” but shikhar acted like he didnt heard her so he just kept running and ishani was running from back to get her bag back after they were already close to school shikhar stopped and gave ishanis bag back….

ishani said hey dont do this again i know ur my brother but it doesnt mean u can do anything …Ishani saw ranveer waiting someone near the school door and run there and said to him oh ranveer what ur doing here ranveer was smiling big and said actually iam going to be in this school for a while till mom is not going to finish her job here ishani said cool so it means we can see each other in school time ranveer smiled and said of course shikhar was listeninig to their conversation and just left ranveer said is it ur brother ? ishani said uhh yes I know hes weird but hes nice ranveer said ok i hope i will get to know him ok see u lunch time.. (ranveer 8th grade and ritika and ishani are 7th grade) ishani says oh ok and smiles ishani goes inside the school ….

Everyone in school was there the ritika came everyone in class was opening their bag and from ishanis back someone said Hi ishani turned back and sid Oh hi girl said whats ur name?ishani said uhh ishani whats urs she said Naina (haha) ishani said oh then nice to meet u ! Ishani and naina keep talking and ritika was looking at them ……..
After 3 or 4 periods it was lunch time while ishani and naina was coming to table with their lunch ritika cam from back and pushed ishani …ishani fell down and food was in her clothes ritika said Opps iam sorry ishani it was accident …ishani get up and looked at her eyes and said Really ? your really sorry for me.. why dont u help me clean the floor …ritika said oh actaully i have things to do so iam sorry and then while she was leaving ishani pushed her food too … the ishani said why dont we clean together?…ritika said Are u ok?I said it was by accident! ishani said I dont think it was accident …All students in lunch were looking at them ….then from back someone said Stop all of this! and it was shikhar ritika was saying but… shikhar stoped her and said I Said theres no but …then everything went on its places…

Ishani saw ranveer and ranveer starting at ishani he couldnt understand what was happening ..then ishani just went to upstairs to her classroom ..ranveer said ishani ..he was calling her but ishani didnt listen him just went upstairs…..ritika was smiling …and it was evil smile …
Ritika smiled to Naina and Naina smiled back to Ritika ………
Here our story ends …
Guys Hope u will like it..
Comment below what u think..
I know its not long but next time i will try to make it longer! 🙂

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  1. Nandana

    Nice episode I really liked it and its long too dear and update the next soon and wishing to see more ishveer scenes and have a doubt is shikhar or sharman is ishani’s step bro ?

    1. Nonosh2525

      Of course shikhar theres no sharman in this episode…
      If u want i will add him somehow..
      Thanks and keep reading
      If u have more question ask me???

      1. Nandana

        Oh no need of adding him I just asked because in the 4 the episode or in any other episode u wrote as sharman . Fagining saying to ishani to call ritika sharman in the way for dinner. I think u wrote it like that so only I asked . And dear I am thinking to ask this question to u from the beginning that r u the writer of the ff love or die based on matsh ?

  2. Hey bring a leap and just show ISHVEER romance since this ff is abt them right?
    But must say ur An awesome writer??

    1. Nonosh2525

      Thank u very much dont worry isheveer romance will be there soon!!!
      Maybe after two episodes??

  3. Hi Nonosh the episode was sooo nice waiting for the next episode ?

    1. Nonosh2525

      Thank u!!!
      The next episode will be published soon!!!???

  4. Rookey rookers

    Had soon nice dear. Update fast….

  5. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Hi nonosh nice epi and ishani did a good job teaching lesson to rithika but what happened btw ishveer now,why ishani is ignoring rv? And i have a doubt pls clear it, u said first that sharman is ishanis step brother know? Waiting for next

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