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CHAPTER 2 – When memories strikes…




I smiled gracefully eyeing her and chuckled at what she had been doing her whole life. She struggled and I shook my head at her laziness. Gathering the books in her hands, she smiled but that faded away as those dropped again.

I stepped forward and helped her gather the books and she smiled rolling her eyes. “You should be in the guinness book. I have never came across a person as lazy as you” She laughed in return at my remark.

“Can anyone beat Ishana in being lazy?” I smiled shaking my head at her. “So are you getting good vibes?” Ishana being the typical best friend she would , asks smirking.

“Nope! Unlucky me. Couldn’t spot a good eye” I shot back and she giggled. “How did you knew what I actually meant by good vibes?”

“Ishana , that smirk of yours says it all” I passed her a wink and she nodded shrugging. “There’s this fuss about the someone since morning”

She trailed trying to think something as I eyed something. I dragged my feet to the music room as Ishana tagged along. I panted due to the long run and an involuntarily gasp left our my mouth.

“Woah!” Ishana examined the room. The room was bigger than any music room I ever had seen.

With hundreds of music instruments here and there. I grinned ear to ear and moved towards the piano smiling widely.

“Sing a song” Ishana urged but I gave her a worried look. “I can’t” I whisper back and she placed a hand on my shoulder smiling gracefully. “I won’t let you let down your amazingly incredible talent. Not this time”

I gulped nervously at her words and she ushered me to continue. Taking a deep breath, I asked her “What do you want me to sing?”

“Okay!” I chirped before the song struck my mind and I took a deep breath before the stroking my fingers on the piano.

I started singing Kill em with kindness.

The world can be a nasty place
You know it, I know it, yeah
We don’t have to fall from grace
Put down the weapons you fight with

Kill ’em with kindness
Kill ’em with kindness
Kill ’em, kill ’em, kill ’em with kindness
Kill ’em with kindness
Kill ’em with kindness
Go ‘head, go ‘head, go ‘head, go ‘head now

We’re running out of time
Chasing our lies
Everyday a small piece of you dies
Always somebody
You’re willing to fight, to be right



“Where’s the music room?” I mumbled eyeing the signs and names as Daksh typed on his phone. I hit the back of his neck and he gave me an annoyed look before crossing his arms.

“What?!” I asked already annoyed that I can’t find the music room. “Shivaay, there’s the music room” He pointed smirking and I rolled my eyes walking towards it.

“I’m really excited to hear you sing after a long time” Daksh responded as I chose to ignore him because I didn’t had any answer to his question and-

My thoughts were stopped so along with my heartbeat hearing that voice and song. I could feel Daksh’s eyes bore into me but my gaze was stuck at the door.

“Someone’s singing. And she has a beautiful voice” Daksh commented and was about to open the door but I stopped him. “What?” He asked confused.

“Don’t make a sound. Try enter without some sort of cracking or noise” I whispered and he shrugged before nodding. Gingerly, I opened the door hearing the voice I craved for years.

Your lies are bullets
Your mouth’s a gun
And no war in anger
Was ever won
Put out the fire before igniting
Next time you’re fighting

Kill ’em with kindness
Kill ’em with kindness
Kill ’em, kill ’em, kill ’em with kindness
Kill ’em with kindness
Kill ’em with kindness
Go ‘head, go ‘head, go ‘head, go ‘head now

Go ahead, go ahead now
Go ahead, go ahead now

Your lies are bullets
Your mouth’s a gun
No war and anger
Was ever won
Put out the fire before igniting
Next time you’re fighting

Kill ’em with kindness
Kill ’em with kindness
Kill ’em, kill ’em, kill ’em with kindness
Kill ’em with

A loud thud was what came next and I turned back to see Daksh struggling to get out of the large shelf of music instruments.

Obviously, she stopped singing and I was about to run from the room but she spoke, “Stop”

“Were you guys hiding and what-“ her sentence was left in mid as I turned to face her and her dark chocolate eyes filled with peeper and melancholy came across.

She trembled a bit hitting her knee on the sharp edge of the piano. “Careful” my voice went loud and she looked down.

“Let’s go” She grabbed Ishana’s hand who was as aghast as Anika.

“Anika wait..” I held her hand but the next thing I knew she bashed me out. She took a sharp intake of breath surprised by what she did.

Her face covered with apprehension and displease. “Shivaay…” She hesitated as her voice came out as a murmur. For a moment, all the browbeaten and subdued allotments came in view.

But she replaced it , covered it so quickly that I couldn’t figure them out. My heart ached seeing her like this. I cursed heavily earning an aggravating look from her.

She turned in a swift motion towards the door. What do I do?

“Don’t go” I stammered and she stopped right near the door. “We need to talk” my voice came out more firm this time.



Gone is the time when I promised myself I wouldn’t be affected by him. Either his presence or his words. Gone is time when I assured myself I wouldn’t come across him.

Whatever happens I won’t let him refresh those memories and incidents I had buried deep down in my heart. Although, this isn’t true. I’m being constantly reminded of those times.

Either someone tries or not.

I sighed because like every time he over powered me. “Ishana…” I called her and she nodded going out of the room along with Shivaay’s friend, Daksh.

Just as they went , he stepped forward but I rambled back. “Stay back” I hissed and he stopped deadly on his spot.

“I..I..just..” He stuttered and I gave him a glare. “You what?” I snapped and he sighed.

“Where we’re you?” He asked in a single breath and I looked on bewildered. “Nothing that concerns you” I spat and he gritted his teeths probably annoyed.

“I had been looking for you like a maniac since 4 years” He grumbled and I rolled my eyes letting out a faint laugh. “Note the sarcasm. 4 years” I scoffed at his words.

Yeah right!

“You didn’t let me explain anything” He cussed stepping forward and I tried to move but I was stuck in the middle between a shelf and a piano.


“I don’t need your explanations” I spat and with that he gripped on my forearm and I chuckled bitterly. “This doesn’t hurt anymore”

“You need to listen” He hissed tightening his grip and I closed my eyes fighting back the tears. “I don’t” I snapped back hotly.

“You never believed in the truth” He states his face inches away from mine. “You never made me believe” I replied.

“You won’t listen , right?” He asked impatiently and I shook my head. “I won’t”

“Fine” He said in between clamped teeth. “Let go of me” I mumbled ever so weakly and it didn’t took him a second to do so.

I breathed out and within a moment dashed out of the room letting the tears flow down this time.

Don’t Anika , just don’t.




Firstly, a massive THANK YOU to those who commented on the first chapter and prologue too.

Thanks a lot.

Secondly, how was the second chapter?

Make sure to drop your comments and obviously suggestions are open every time .

Tell me what you think about it.

And I would try to update soon…

Byeeee ????

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  1. Wow
    Honestly when i read your ch1 i was little confused but yu made it

  2. Priyanka_22

    It was amazing Misha 🙂
    I m juz eager to know der past
    Wt happned before 4 years
    Update soon

  3. Samm

    the song part was really touching. your use of adjectives is totally mind blowing. 🙂 i’m waiting for the suspense to unveil.

  4. ShubhangiRokxx

    mind blowing

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