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CHAPTER 1 – Light in the emergence



Embarrassment engulfed me and I blew out a small chuckle scratching the back of my neck gawkily. I eyed the situation I was in and amusement couldn’t leave their faces and I rolled my eyes.

Mumbling ravishing words under my breath , I crossed my arms tapping my foot impatiently so they could end their merriment right now.

“Are you guys done?” I said in a flat tone and they nodded as Sahil pursed his lips in a thin line smiling nevertheless. I gave an unbelievable look to her and she stood there and busted out in a fit of laughter.

Well , happens when you are surrounded by two amazingly idiotic siblings in the world. I groaned heavily and plopped on the couch and sank back exhausted.

She laughed and ruffled my hair as I gasped with my annoyance totally at the pinnacle. “Saanvi di” I shrieked trying to settle my hair back but hell it would.

Saanvi Kaur , a perfectionist by name but a total disastrous person inside. I still can’t believe on how she actually survived her 26 years of life. For the world , she may be my elder sister.

But for me she’s my pluck , my vehemence and of course , her place in my life is irreplaceable. If I’m strong , just because she’s my backbone.

After mom and dad , Vogue Today , world’s leading fashion and clothing industry is headed by Saanvi di. And along with that she’s the one to handle both me and Sahil.

Sahil! Well well , by name a saccharine and innocent child. But in reality nothing but a nutcase. Considering the amount of what he calls “love letters” He gets daily.

I have started to worry about how many hearts are gonna be broken in the future. But in the words Saanvi di , he’s just a 10 year old playboy.

Well , yes he is a PLAYBOY!

My thoughts came to an end as Sahil tapped my shoulder giving me the other shoe. The amusement and all the laughter in the beginning was because ,

Firstly, I was wearing a combat boots on one foot with Sahil slippers on the other. Don’t even get me started on how did I even managed getting in his shoes.

Secondly, I poured soya sauce on my pancakes thinking of it as maple syrup. How intelligent of me.

Why all the fuss right?

What can you expect me to be on the first day of university?

My anxiety paced higher and I let out a huge sigh at last smiling. It’s not that I’m a shy person or I’m afraid of being left behind but university is somewhere where I do not want to be the limelight.

I am sure middle school and high school were a lot for me. The drama , the incidents and everything that did happen, I guess it was enough.

Maybe or maybe not. And in my case when something drastic happens and how it happens , more than anyone else I’m not aware of it.

“Anika , don’t think about the past” Saanvi di placed her hand on my knees and I gave her a small smile. She knows me so well sometimes more than I do.

“I won’t” I mumble back and she nodded with a smile. I took my bag and waited for the car to come.










I let out a heartedly laugh hearing the bickering of Om and Rudra and got in between them. Rudra glared at me and I raised my hands in defense.

“Woah! Relax. It’s not us who did this…” Om trailed gesturing his hand between me and him as he pointed out the mark on Rudra’s cheek.

“But you weren’t you the one to advice to me to propose her?” Rudra defended himself and Om looked on taken aback and coughed a bit roaming around the room.

“Really Om really?” I chuckled and he gave us a sheepish grin. “Now don’t go around mourning. It’s normal” I threw back glancing behind my shoulder as I grabbed my keys.

“Normal?! Are you kidding me?” Rudra kept on blabbering as me and Om ran out of the room sighing . “Oh! I have to complete a sculpture. See you in university”

Om hurried but I stopped him. “Wait! Aren’t you going with me now?” I asked and he shrugged , “My classes are the in the afternoon”

“Okay…” I trailed and waved at him running towards my car.

“Shivaay…” I could hear mom calling me and sighed heavily. “Mom I’m 23” I told her and she smiled before nodding. “I know that…here” She handed me my phone and I sighed.

“Thank you” I breathed out.

Well , the perks of being 23!


“Don’t make that sulking face” Daksh pleaded for the umpteenth time and I gave him a ‘Zip up’ look before entering the university.

“Literally anyone would even cross the exaggeration line to be with you but since high school you have changed a lot”

Daksh shot at me as my breath hitched in my throat and I glared at him. “As time passes by, people change” I responded honestly and he gave me an unbelievable chuckle before answering.

“Yup! You are always in the limelight but back then you had your arms wrapped around every single girl in school”

I sighed giving him a final stare as we were about to go towards the reception but I stopped deadly on my tracks as I heard the receptionist, “Anika Kaur”

I could feel the loud throb of my heart and my body stiffened just upon hearing the name. In a swift motion I turned around to look but found no one.

I looked everywhere but she wasn’t there. I felt a hand tap my shoulder and came across a quizzical Daksh. “You okay?”

“Did you hear the receptionist say Anika Kaur?” I asked in a single breath as his eyebrows jotted in confusion. “No” He responded back looking at me confused.

“Why? Everything alright?” He asked and I looked on before plastering a half smile. “Yeah. I’m fine. I think we should go” I nudge him and he nods totally and utterly confused at my behavior.

My eyes couldn’t let the search of her but sighed. It must have been my qualms nothing else. I took a deep breath but just one name pondered over my mind again and again.



The first chapter of devoted souls!

Did you like it , like it ?

Another unfathomable story is gonna be unfolded by me.

I would love to know your guys thoughts on my story and the character changes I have made.

And hope you all are satisfied…

Make sure to drop down your comments.

And thank you so much to those commented on the prologue. I’m really glad.


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  1. Priyanka_22

    Amazing misha
    Narration is really good
    And aftr Shivaay’s reaction to Anika’s name m excited to know der past
    Update soon

  2. Samm

    liked it? of course not!
    totally loved it!
    update soon 🙂

  3. Jazz1

    Really liked it specially the way u describe.

  4. Priyali

    Awesome.Misha dear…. narration is perfect…

  5. Kakku

    It was an amazing episode I really liked your style of narration, totally enjoyed reading it .It think u can bcome a good author . update next soon.

  6. Priyanka(Hyderabadi)

    Amazing Misha narration is awesome..
    and ya plz update next episode of two shades eagerly waiting dear..plzzz

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