love birds (part-20)

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hai friends…thanks for reading my ff updates. thanks a lot for everyone.please do comments guys.negative or positive whatever I will accept.and I will give my best in this article.thanks for silent readers and who are all encouraging me through the comments.

this part is starting from bihaan and thapki.
thapki wears yellow saree given by bihaan.she comes from room. bihaan sees thapki.That yellow saree is so transparent.he stares at her.thapki asks to him,bihaan how I am looking??do you like this? bihaan stares at her.then thapki goes to him
she keeps her hand in his face.she says to him,bi…bi…bihaan what are you thinking?.I am asking to you only.te…te..tell me.he says to her,wow…you are looking so beautiful.I think god surely will took time for creating you.thapki says to him,wha… what are you saying.bihaan says to her,I mean you are beautiful na… so I told you like this.(he thinks wow…what a s*xy and hot)she sees him.she goes from there.bihaan suddenly holds her hands.thapki says to him,bi… bihaan leave me.I…I…

I have to go.I have so many works.bihaan pulls her back on him intentially.he hugs her tightly.thapki says to him,bi… bi..bihaan leave me.what are you doing.bihaan didnt leave her.he says to her,I am noticing you from yesterday.why are you getting shy at… no… I won’t leave you.whatever happend I won’t leave you today.thapki tries to go from there.bihaan touches her belly.she feels.she closes her eyes.(ranjhanaa plays….)bihaan goes closely to her.vasu calls thapki.thapki hears this.she replies to vasu,m…Maa..I will come within few minutes.
bihaan leaves thapki.he says to her,oh god..they spoiled my mood.thapki you have to come here soon.thapki laughs at him.she goes from him.bihaan looks at her.

thapki goes to vasu.vasu says to thapki,beta tomorrow is special day in this house.your uncle balwander birthday. so I am planning to give surprise for him.I need to do some arrangement. so you have help me.thapki gets happy.she says to vasu…I…i …I am so happy maa… I will do all arrangement. vasu says to that thapki,thanks beta.but you have to finish this within 12 o ck.thapki nodes at her.thapki goes to bihaan.she tells about the arrangements and plans.bihaan gets happy.he says to her,OK then I will do arrangements. thapki says to him,b…bu..but bihaan,maa said to me for arrangement. bihaan says to her,oh…excuse me..I am your I can do anything for you.its not big work.thapki smiles at him.

bihaan and thapki does house decoration. balwander sees asks to vasu,why are you doing decoration. vasu says to him,tomorrow is there special we are doing this.she lies to him.balwander believes her words.he goes from there.bihaan and thapki smiles each other.Sankara comes there.she sees lights decorating they are doing in house.Sankara asks about decoration to vasu.vasu explained everything to her.

vasu goes from there.thapki takes flowers in her hands.bihaan thinks no one is there in floor.he goes to thapki.he kisses her cheek.thapki says to him,bihaan if anyone sees this then….he says to her,no are my no one can not asks this to me.he takes flower.he slowly rubbs that flower in thapki neck.she feels different. bihaan continues it in neck to blouse dori and back.thapki smiles.then he places that flower in her forehead.slowly rubbs in eyes to lips.Sankara sees them.she gets more angry.thapki and bihaan looks at each other.(na na naa… music plays) bihaan takes that rose flower from her face.he holds thapki lips in his finger.he goes closely… then he realize someone is coming there.bihaan leaves thapki.thapki laughs at him.she goes.

sankara thinks to cut current wire.because when thapki touches this then she gets shock.Sankara imagines and smiles.Sankara goes to light decoration things.she cuts the wire.she goes from there.
bihaan calls thapki.he says to that thapki,ladder is not found I lift you. you fix this wire in main line.thapki nodes at him.bihaan lifts thapki.she fixes the wire in main line.but thapki didn’t get shock.Sankara watches this from far.she gets confused. Sankara comes there.

bihaan says to sankara,are you in confusion? I ruined your plan..I know you are in confusion because thapki didn’t get shock.fb shows bihaan watches Sankara.he knows about her plan.fb ends.Sankara says to him,no bihaan…I am not…bihaan shouts Sankara.he says to her,shut up…don’t say anything.I am not ready to listen this…are you human being?he gets angry.he raises his hand against Sankara. suddenly dhruv comes there.he holds bihaan hands.Sankara gets shocked.dhruv scolds bihaan for Sankara.he says to bihaan,who are you to raise hand against my wife. there is limit.don’t cross this.thapki looks on. bihaan says to dhruv,yeah…I am saying this to your wife also.she thinks to kill my wife thapki.I won’t leave her if anything happens to my wife. dhruv asks sorry to bihaan he promises to bihaan.he says to bihaan,hereafter won’t happens like this.dhruv holds Sankara hands.he goes from there.

thapki cries.bihaan asks to her why are you crying thapki.she says to him,bi… bi.. bihaan I am a problem here.that’s why she was doing like this.bihaan holds her face.bihaan says to her,no…don’t say like are treasure for thus house.I love you very I don’t care about anyone.he hugs her.they hugs each other(ranjhanaa plays…)this scene ends.

thapki feels sleeping.she goes to room.bihaan comes there.he says to her,all arrangements are finished thapki.we have to give surprise for papa.thapki listen him.bihaan sees her eyes.he says to thapki,you are looking sleep well. she nodes at bihaan.she lying on bed.she closes her eyes.bihaan goes to balcony.he sees stars.cockroach comes to goes in thapki blouse.suddenly thapki gets scared.she screams.she jumps on bed.she runs around room.bihaan gets shocked.he runs to thapki.bihaan asks to her,thapki what happend for you??thapki jumbs and screams.she says to him,something goes in side of my blouse.its itching and biting.the saree removes from her waist while she jumbs and runs.bihaan says to her,be relax…don’t get scared.bihaan removes her blouse lace.he keeps his hand in blouse back.he found that is cockroach.he shows that to thapki.she gets more scared.she screams.thapki hugs bihaan.bihaan smiles at her.he throws coakroach.they hugs each other.later thapki recalls her saree fells down.then she seperates from bihaan.she gets shy.she turns and smiles.bihaan looks at her.

bihaan gives thapki’s all dresses to laundry intentially. thapki searches her dress in almari after bathing.bihaan gives his shirt to thapki for wearing her.

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  1. Alia919

    Marvelous episode.. s
    o cute and romantic thahaan sences…
    Cocroach what i say.. u make the scene… k
    eep writing waiting for next update…

  2. Oh my god … What an episode … I love your ff so much ?? Precap is ? … No words to describe ur creativity … And thanks for uploading daily . ??? Waiting … For next part

  3. Superb episode again Vinolin dear… upload the next episode asap

  4. Amazing episode. Waiting for next part

  5. what a nice epi….u nailed iit…..thnkx for it….oh the blouse scene was marvelous….m waiting for that day when thapki also be romantic wd bihan….as per bihan wish….hahaha..update soon….

  6. Precap ilove it

  7. Amazing vino… i luvd it…

  8. Jacqueline Nicole

    Mindblowing epi with cute thahan scenes..
    Loved it!! Keep shining and be happy. I hope ull write mre ff on thahaan same as ths one…. thums up fr tfys romantic wala epi !!

  9. Mamish ki deewami

    Hi vino. First of all sorry I didn’t comment yesterday. Both episodes r gajab dear waiting 4 next part and last part in which thapki jumping its so funny u ra good writer keep writing

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks to everyone. I am writing this for all your support only guys.thanks a lot.manish ki deewani pls don’t say sorry dear
      its OK.

  10. Thahaan scenes were really amazing. And thanks to cockroach.plz upload soon dear

  11. Precap….i love it vinolin

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