to my daughter — shivika — 7th letter

the 7th letter her mother wrote to her:

dear choti,

today I am going to tell you some big news. today I will know whether I am having a girl or boy so then I will at least be happy that either I am going to be blessed with a princess or prince. anyway today is your birthday! you know baby that 7 is mama’s lucky number. why is that? I’ll tell you.

when I was 7, I was blessed with a baby brother and that baby brother is no other than your sahil mamu. the day he was born was one of the best days of my life.

as a child, every Sunday, my papa would be off work and he would take me on day trips sometimes take me for ice cream or have a movie night.

and on the 7th July, when I was 17 I met your father, shivay singh oberoi. when I met your father, the sky changed colour, violins played in the background and my hair was flying the breeze only I could feel. I just wanted to shout that I was in love that very day. when you fall in love then you will feel the beautiful feeling. you know baby that your father is a good man with the best intentions. he is kind to me, patient and considerate. and so excited about meeting you.

finally on November 7th, I married your father. when I married your father, believe me it was the best day of my entire life and when you are born, it will also be the best day of my life.

anyway all I just want to say is that seven is a lucky number, so this year remember that you’re a very lucky kid, and don’t be afraid to take your chance! happy birthday mera baccha! mama loves you a lot.

hugs and kisses,

your mother anika


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