Pari omkara singh oberoi’s diaries — mummy daddy (Part-2)

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Pari’s POV:
This is my mummy daddy. They are so sweet and cute together. Also they pamper me a lot. Mama-papa, please do not have another baby, please? Me, Alu didu, Munni didu and Viren bauya are perfect especially me because I am your sweet innocent angel right? Papa definitely thinks so.

Every night he comes to my nursery and lifts me out of my cot. He plays with me for a while and gives me sweet kisses on my cheeks but one thing confuses me is that why does he call me ‘rajkumari’ which means princess when my name means angel. He should at least call me ‘angel’ na.

Meri mama is the sweet one. She always makes everyone feel safe and happy. But she always tends to support Viren bauya when he and my other sisters fight. Wonder why? And why does she call me ‘choti devil’? what does devil mean? It would be nice to know what it means.
Also this confuses me, everytime when daddy is playing with me on the bed, mummy enters the room and he leaves me alone and started to rub his nose with mummy or pulls her close to her.

What is it called when two people stare at each other in the eyes? Because they do that staring thing a lot and I always have to cry to get their attention.
And why do they rub their noses with each other and why does daddy pull mummy close to him? All this attention and love is supposed to go to me and maybe a bit to my siblings but mainly sweet innocent Pari.
so guys, how was this?
if you have any questions, just ask pari and she will be happy enough to answer them.

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