to my daughter — shivika — 8th letter

anika’s 8th letter to her daughter:

dear baby girl,

finally I know if you are a boy or girl but now I have to pick a name for you. as I am writing this, you are happily kicking me inside my baby bump. hmm, looks like you will be papa’s little princess.

I wonder if you have kanji eyes like your father? I always loved your father’s eyes. stormy blue eyes or as you could say beautiful cat eyes with secrets in them. everytime I look into your father’s eyes, then I fall in love all over again with him. now that I think about it, I have fallen for him many times when I look in his eyes that it is hard to keep count how many times I have fallen in love again.

I also wonder if you have taken a like for business. you know baby some days I wonder if your papa is married to business and not me.

well enough about me blabbering about your hero, I need to wish you. I am so silly. I nearly forgot to give you a special birthday message.

I find it quite hard to believe that you are eight now. you are growing too fast. slow down a bit.

I want you to have fun but also the wisdom so that you can think things true, happy birthday!

and I am in heaven, showering my blessings on you. also today you got a gift. in your jhanvi dadi’s cupboard, second drawer, there is a small pink giftbox. I hope you like this gift.

mama loves you a lot.

hugs and kisses

your mother anika.


naira kept the letter down and ran to jhanvi and tej’s room. she saw jhanvi texting someone.

naira: bade dadi.

jhanvi: and here is the birthday girl.

she gets off her phone, bends down and kisses naira’s cheek.

jhanvi: what did mama say?

naira: she blabbered about daddy and then wished me. she also said there is a gift for me. one in a pink box.

jhanvi: I will go and get that right now.

she opens her cupboard and gets the pink giftbox out. she gives it to naira who opens it slowly and then she slowly took her gift out of its box:

Image result for beautiful charm necklaces

and with it came a little note:

‘you will always be my queen

your mama, anika’

naira kept the necklace close to her heart and closed her eyes letting a few tears out.

naira: I miss you mama. I miss you a lot.

she kisses the necklace making jhanvi teary.

as shivay was about to enter the room with a gift, he saw naira hugging the necklace. he too got teary.

shivay: what was the point in leaving anika? your daughter wants to meet you badly.


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