The cream yellow sky with silver lining of clouds which adds extra beauty to the nature . The waters were pure touching the milky skin of our protagonist , Sanskar.

He was much younger when compared to his looks but the wrinkles in his face expressed his pain.  The tears which were flowing continuously from his eyes conveyed his loneliness .

He saw  a wooden boat house “nearby and got into a flashback :

“Sanky please let me to open my eyes .!!!”

” Angel just for 5 mins ”

” Huh !!!”

” Now open ”

” Awwwwwwww !!!!!! How come a football player who doesn’t like the fragrance of girls planned a romantic date for me !!!!

“My pleasure angel . For u I can bring even the whole world ”

I love you sanskar screeched she like a kiddo kissing his cheek .

He was shocked by her sudden act and was watching her without blinking .

“Oh my baby is in shock !!!! Hmmmm let me treat him. I have a medicine for it , saying this she reached near him and pulled his collar and kissed him in his lips passionately. She was like a small kid who is desperate for it’s candy .

At first he couldn’t figure out anything but then later he pulled her by waist and made her slide on him . She encircled her hands around his neck . He was holding her waist and pressed and she shivered in reflex. Both were pouring out their feelings in that blissful kiss .

Both parted after 10 minutes to allow to pass oxygen between them .

“I ‘m the happiest person in the world , ragini “.

( Yeah the girl was ragini )

Ragu in mind : But it’s not for long sanky . I ‘m really sorry to hurt u.  U know what I ‘m selfish sanky . I couldn’t control my emotions and feeling of having u sorry .


Shreya : hey ragini , see i have both tickets for the football match ragu .

The girl talking to someone in the phone turned . She jumped in joy !!!!

Ragini : yipeeeee !!! For once I could watch a match without my dad and his securities .

Ragu is the daughter of a business tycoon shekar.

Come it’s late said shreya and went out.

During the match , she was bored !!! At once her time  stopped , she just saw her life !!!

A guy of height 6 “1 thin framed , fair complexioned guy .

Woah !!!!! s*xy !!!! Shouted ragini

Then she realised what she told .

Nooo I mean he looks good !!!

Without waiting for shreya ‘s reply she ran away from there .

The next day ragu with her friends went to beach .

Someone pushed her . She feared of falling and closed her eyes .

Here comes our hero and held her by waist in the nick of time preventing her from falling.

Then she realised that she didn’t fall and opened her eyes to see her love . A guy with grey eyes , good looks enough for any girl to fall for him .

“Never in my life I thought I would meet u after yesterday’s match . U are really hot !!! ”

“Excuse me miss .”

” Oh yeah I m sorry . She stood straight . I ‘m Ragini.

“I ‘m Sanskar ”

Sanskar is a guy who doesn’t fall easily for any girl.

Sanskar ‘s POV

“U are really beautiful , marvelous and gracious !!!! Ur cologne turns me on !!! U are driving me crazy ”

Ragini held his wrist , “heya yesterday I saw u and fell in love at first sight . Will u accept me ??”

“Sanskar was on cloud nine ”

” Yeah even I fell in love at first sight ”

Here started the love story of a Spartan kinda guy and complicated girl .

Their love story was going on a good pace , for the fatal day which was unexpected .

They both were in the car with Sanskar kissing her shoulder .

“Sanskar , I wanna tell u something. ”

“Yeah tell me baby , don’t disturb me !!!”

” I ‘m getting married sanky ”

” Wow even I ‘m not that fast ”

“Not with u ”

“Sanskar felt as though his world is collapsing. ”

“Aren’t you joking ragini ”

” No I ‘m not “.

“Why ??”

“Because I wanna marry a rich guy . I can’t marry u and make my life a hell .

“U are a b*t*h !!! Gold digger !!!”

“Dare u speak like that sanskar ”

“What u ‘ll do ???”

” Nothing ”

” Wait and watch , one day I ‘ll become rich and u ‘ll come at the back of me ragini !!!”

He stormed out from the car and ragini cried bitterly letting out her pain.

After 6 months Sanskar came in a Mercedes Benz car . He started his business and worked hard to earn money . He was coming back to his place after 6 months.

He saw ragini ‘s mom and dad and they  asked him to accompany with them . They went to graveyard and neared a tombstone which had a photograph of a beautiful girl .

Yeah she was his ragini !!! The first and last love ragini !!!

Her mom spoke

” Sanskar , she didn’t marry anyone . She wanted you to go far away from her , that’s why . She was diagnosed brain tumour , she didn’t want u to suffer because of her that’s why she acted like that.  Here is the letter which she wanted to give it to you .

Sanskar ‘s hand shivered while getting the letter .

” Sanky , please don’t cry while reading it . U know I Don’t know to tell those filmy dialogue . I really love u a lot. I was happy with the time I was with U . The heavenly kiss that changed me completely . U are my first love as well as last I guess.  I don’t want u to  undergo pain while seeing me . I don’t want u to see me as a bald ragini after the treatment and want u to have pity . I want you to remember as the chubby bubbly ragini who loves u the most. U need to become a good business man whom my dad likes and u should be his son . Will u be ???

U know what i ‘ll die once u leave me and now itself it’s suffocating , see it’s only an hour u left and I ‘m gonna die . That’s the true love sanky . I would be proud to tell that I loved u till my last breath !!!!


Bye bye !!!!

Leaving u forever !!!

Urs forever

Ragini .

Sanskar collapsed after reading this letter . He wiped his tears . “Ragini never wanted you to cry . So don’t cry sanky “said he as his voice chocked.

He never cried after that.

It’s one year since that incident and sanskar became a successful young business tycoon.

Though his appearance , his attitude increased


“Death changes everything !!! Time changes nothing . I wish u were here or I were there or we together ”

Sanky opened his eyes , wiped his tears and went to his house .

How was it ???

Did u guys liked it ???

Keep smiling , don’t miss those precious moments in your life .

Okay bubyee

Varshni .

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