nairan ~~my best freind becomes my man “fate said” – Intro

So hiii guys I don’t know Wat happend to my other account it was called vidya so I had to make a new one because it won’t work so I’m going to make so I’m going start hopefully it goes all well


@solanki parivaar

Sharda :widowed mother of 3 children
She loves her children adorely she brought them up with good nature thankfully Vishal owns a hospital called solanki family and co and meghna is married to kunal and they both are engineer and Naina is nearly finishing her biggest exam. She wishes her family to have their own rights.

Vishal: Vishal is the owner of solanki family and co he loves his family alot he would do anything for them he loves his to younger sisters and spoils naina alot

Meghna:she is married to kunal chauhaan and is an engineer and dears her family. She would sacrafise her anything for her family safety.

Naina: they youngest of the solanki family the apple of there eyes she loves her family and still goes school and nearly finishing has a big exam and her best freind is karan they were childhood freinds but now best freinds.

@chauhaan parivaar

Nk: the most selfish guy in the world would do anything for money would leave hus family for money he does not have respect for hus wife or anything but only one who he loves us kunal his eldest son

Nirmala: mother of two children
She loves her sons dearly but she us them shy mothers but she only cares about everyone she light up the house with peace and grace.

Sandhya:Nirmala sister she lowkey likes NK and wants revenge for Nirmala taking her love

Kunal:Nirmala and NK older son his daddy boy and meghna wife he is the most dashing person and the funniest. He loves his Lil bro as that’s his only bro.

Karan: is still studying at school and aswell as has exams coming up he is naina best freinds but little does naina knows he is naina admirer karan loves naina alot but naina does not know..

So I’ve done the casting hopefully it good so here we start..??☺

Naina is coming back from school she feels lyk someone is following her wen she turns around no one’s there and turns her head around she walk then karan runs behind her back and scares her and Naina screams so loud and karan: heyy itz mee naina.
Naina:karan ki batchi wth I would’ve died
Karan:gets his finger and put it on her lips and say don’t say that I’m here with you dw
Naina:karan I hate you watch wen I do it back to you.
Karan: I’m soo sorry naina I promise I won’t do it to you with a little laugh
Naina: you find it funny huh watch and she punches him on the face.
Karan:oww why did u do that (that’s was sucha nice punch?) now do you forgive me he gives a puppy eye.
Naina:mmmm I will see let me think about it erm haha baba I forgive you
Karan:yess and hugs and Naina
Naina:hugs him back
Karan: so how’s ur revisions going
Naina:itz going really well can’t wait for the the exams tomorrow itz going to be soo good we both will top it right
Karan:ha ya we both will
Naina:but I can’t wait till the exams r over then our end of year party gonna happend and we will finish school forever
Karan:Haa erm naina I was thinking would you lyk to be my partner to the party
Naina:ha karan tum mere best freind hai na
They both go

#stress time
Naina and karan have their exams (I don’t want to make it too boring but yh ill just wait after the exams and oh yh they will find out there results on the day) so the exams r finished karan and Naina have the convo
Karan:at last can’t wait till I finish I bet I’ll be the topper
Naina: Haa I can’t wait but I’m gonna be topper let’s see
They see the teacher pin down the results on the wall and they both rush ..
Karan: ughhh I came second .
Naina: I came first like always so whose the topper now karan
Karan:haha topper just lyk your sister you follow ur sister foot steps anyways cause u topped your exams I’m going to treat you
Naina: after all whose behen am I yh u better get my chocolates you know I live them.
Karan goes and treats her and get her her chocolate naina has it and Naina tell karan to wait ther she’s going to get something on her way these drunk ppl come around her

Drunk man 1: hey beautiful .
Drunk man2: come here r u Lonly
Drunk man 4: I’ll comfort you he goes to naina .

To be continue…

I feel lyk I’m dragging alot I’m sorry for my mistakes and if I’m dragging plz tell and tell me if it is intresting because I’m new to thins and soon will get better but yh I’m sorry for being broing and plzz do comment and tell me some suggestions so I can put it on my ff thankyou and have a good day


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      Heyy thankyou shree I don’t know really but hopefully it goes great was think bout some things but forgot to write it on my ff and will carry on soon

  2. This was soooo good! Please write the next the chapter ASAP.

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  3. I love the introduction it was really sweet… So please continue it nd post ASAP… ? ? ? keep writing.

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