Chaana meraya tu he mere (kriyam) Part 3

The episode starts with suhani weeping in her room.

Yuvraaj comes and asks why are you crying are you okay did someone say something to you tell me na baba.First stop crying take a deep breath and tell me.
Suhani says Krishna still thinks I killed her baby and the both of them are acting really mean to me they just won’t understand that I did not kill their baby but actually it was that witch baby who mixed,the papaya in her food I didn’t know so I took it.
Yuvraaj says we will explain to her now give. E a big smile
Suhani smiles and yuvraaj strokes her cheek.they romance and out of the blue Krishna opens the door and says this is why you can do OLNY suhani birla , daddu I need to speak to you now can you come out .
Krishna tells yuvraaj that she wants him to tell suhani to stay away from her because she fears that she will destroy her baby again

Yuvraaj says Krishna don’t you get something. I have told you numerous times that she didn’t kill Tour baby but that witch baby did.
Krishna says but she gave me that salad which had papaya in it and she said she made it with her hands so where did baby come into the scene leave it daddy I love you OLNY because you are my real daddy and that suhani will never become my mom.
Krishna goes to her room and tells SAYYAIM what shall we name our baby if it is a girl.
SAYYAIM says kriyama and if it is a boy krishim ok
Krishna says perfecto
SAYYAIM laughs and says my wife has become wise.
They talk and baby says to YUVAAN I just hate Krishna she is just a b*t*h YUVAAN says shut up she is would to be wife ok

Baby says how she hasn’t even broke her realtionship with SAYYAIM yet ok.Yuvaan says whatever do what you need to do and ya kill that baby cause I don’t want that baby to come in this world ok
Baby says I know what to do don’t tell me
Baby walks in her usual sly style.
Suhani looks on from behind and thinks this girl is up to something .
Krishna goes to the toilet and is about to slip but SAYYAIM comes and holds her. And ae dil hai mushkil plays in the background.
SAYYAIM tells her to take care of herself and if he didnt come something terrible would have happened
Krishna says sorry I will take rest I am not feeling well.
He takes her in her hands and lays her on the bed he goes to kitchen and gets her some juice on the way he hears suhani talking about catching baby red handed . SAYYAIM worries

Precap: baby spreads water on the floor Krishna walks toward it.suhani says KRISHNA STOP.

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