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Recap: Sanchi’s marriage broke Kabir decided to go to xyz village to promote his new software

Keshav came to Mishra’s house to laugh at Suniel hearing the news
Keshav- ha ha ha
The villagers surrounded suniel’s house
Suniel- I know it’s him
Jaya – if this man badmouth about Sanchi what I will do I am really worried about her
Rithvik noticed Jaya’s worried face
Rithvik- who is dare to laugh at us ma tell me
Jaya kept mum
Rithvik- ma if you keep mum then how can I solve the problem what happened ma
Jaya- wo beta
Sunil- it’s all my fault I spoiled my daughter’s life. She wanted to work but due to my decision she agreed for this marriage what happened now I spoiled her life (tears escaped from suniel’s eyes)
Rithvik- what decision tell me ma why papa is crying
Keshav- I think someone is hiding they don’t have guts to face me (he shouted)
Rithvik- ma who is shouting outside let me see
Jaya- wait Rithvik
Rithvik came outside and noticed it’s keshavan
Rithvik held keshav’s collar how dare you why you are shouting out of our house don’t you forget this is village panchayat head’s house
Keshav pushed rithvik
Keshav- o I see you are that unlucky girl’s brother
Rithvik-How dare you badmouth about my sister
Keshav- ooo so sad you came now only na you don’t know the full story na ask your father he will say everything anyway I came hear to remind there is only 10days left
Rithvik- 10days for what
Keshav- ask your father and one think young blood so only you are jumping too much don’t go outside unnecessarily this is a bad village anytime anything can happen

The villagers started to badmouth about Sanchi
Rithvik- everyone don’t have any work if someone is in sorrow you people only know to badmouth about them and you guys have nothing else do and this is my request pls everyone go from here
Rithvik noticed that his pa is totally broken
He called one of his servant ram chacha take papa inside and give his medicines
He turned to Jaya ma pls tell me what happened
Jaya told what happened in his absence
Rithvik -sanchi agreed for this marriage with her whole ?
Jaya kept mum for a while and said Sanchi said yes
Rithvik- I got my answer I will speak to sanchi
Sanchi in the temple crying
Sanchi- I am not crying for this broken marriage but for my papa’s promise what he has done to you he always think for the villagers welfare she cried Bhagwan ji I am your best friend na pls show me a way
What I should do now to see my father as he was before
Apurva came near sanchi and kept her hand in her shoulder Sanchi hugged her and cried her heart out
Sanchi- you know na I agreed for this marriage only for papa’s promise you na he is my world and I can do anything for him but what happened no I am a unlucky girl’ everyone see like me in that way only if papa lose his panchayat head position then what I willl do
Rithvik- Sanchi

Sanchi- bhai I am k bhai she hid her tears
And turned to face Rithvik
Rithvik- don’t say a word I know everything mom told me
Sanchi- this is not papa’s fault
Rithvik- stop it Sanchi you are ready to sacrifice your whole life for this silly deduction where is the bold brave old Sanchi which I saw 2 years back I know you will do anything for our goodness but marriage is related to two person feeling s sometimes we should be selfish Sanchi
Sanchi- bhai I know that but pls understand pa has his full trust on me I will not do anything against him
Rithvik- but we can talk to him and even people we can make them understand last time what happened you know na 2 years back papa want’s to get you married to his friend’s son and they like you at that time you told you wanted to study and I supported you papa changed his decision and I have full faith in him he will change his decision this time also his first priority is you and not his position
Sanchi- I know bhai papa will surely change his decision I can work even after my marriage also that is not the thing the thing is the Keshav should not sit in papa’s place he is such a cruel man and this is not good for the villagers
Rithvik-I am proud of u Sanchi eventhough the villagers badmouth about you .you are always there to help them
Rithvik- hugged Sanchi
Sanchi- don’t you forget I am rithvik’s sister
Both laughed
Rithvik- this is my old sanchi come let’s check papa
Apurva- both of you forget me I will not talk to you guys
Sanchi and Rithvik doing situps sorry appu
Apurva laughed
Three of them went to home

Anwar- what Kabir how can we go tomorrow itself we have to inform ma and pa about this na
Kabir- ofcourse we will say
Anwar- when
Kabir- after reaching the village
Anwar- ma is going to kill me
Kabir- call Thomas and make the arrangement and tell him to set appointment to meet the panchayat head
Anwar- but Kabir ma
Kabir glared him
Anwar- kk
Kusum was seeing a picture and crying
Kailash consoled her
Kusum- I just acted like I hate her but I am a mother I always love her I just hated her for her doings and I hoped she will return to us after knowing the truth but what happened.2 years passed I couldn’t believe she is dead
Kailash- I am also a father I too luv my daughter but what we can do she took chose her own path the more affected is kabir we said easily move on but what he will do
Stop worrying and sleep

@ kabir’s room
He is packing all the stuff s
When packing he noticed a family pic anwar’s parents were hugging him and Kailash and Anwar posing as if theywere doing hand wrestling Kusum was giving ladoo to a girl
He touched the girl’s pic in the photo tears escaped from his eyes
Kabir- everyone said you died but I still have hope you will come and hug me and call me bhai I will wait for that day and my another ma and pa I will find the real culprit behind your death he kept that pic in his bag
Sanchi ,Rithvik,Apurva reached home
(Apurva mom is working in sanchi’s house as a cook Apurva died in a flood when Apurva was three years old)
Appurva wanted to become a swimming champion
She is already a district achiever
Apurva mother called her

Apurva- coming ma

She excused herself

Apurva mother showed her a letter

She opened it  she was selected for the state level swimming competition

She was so delighted but her face became dim

Apurva- but ma how I can go in this situation

Apurva’s ma- but beta

Apurva- sry ma year this and one important think Sanchi and bhai should not know about this

Rithvik- pa don’t worry two years back your best friend Kailash uncle family wanted to Marry his son with Sanchi we can call him and ask if he is still interested in it

Sunil- but I don’t know how he will react

Rithvik- give a try you told his son is a software engineer

Sunil- ok he took his phone and dailed his no

Kailash who was thinking about his daughter was disturbed by the phone ring

Kailash- hello Sunil how are you how is Jaya and your kids you called at this time anything serious

Sunil- Kailash you are my best friend and my only hope he narrated the whole incident and I called you to ask whether you are still interested to make your son my son in law

Kailash was shocked Kusum who was sleeping woke up

Sunil- Kailash

Kailash- don’t take me wrong I will discuss with my family and talk to in morning

Sunil- it’s ok Kailash I will wait for your answer I don’t worry if I win or lose in this challenge I want a good family for my daughter

Call ended

Kusum- what happened

Kailash narrated the whole incident

Kusum- we have to surely help him but Kabir will surely agree for this if we explain the situation but he needs break so I am willing not to force him for the marriage

Kailash- I am to thinking the same

Kusum- you forget one thing we have two sons we only think of Kabir but we are failed to think about Anwar he has fulfilled his duty as a son in the absence Kabir and if it is suniel’s daughter she should be a very nice girl I will talk to Anwar he will agree for the marriage

Kailash- you are right but I have a doubt whether he will agree or not

Kusum- don’t worry from childhood I know him he will agree and don’t forget he is also getting old and I hope in this marriage preparation Kabir become normal call Sunil bhai and say our decision

Kailash- what now

Kusum- good news should be shared now and then

Kailash called Sunil

Sunil – Kailash you told you will call in the morning

Kailash- yes I told but good news never sees any time he told about Anwar

Sunil- thank you Kailash i am grateful to you

Kailash- no need thank u and all now your daughter is my daughter and rest I will say tomorrow

Sunil shared this news with everyone all were happy

Rithvik phone rang

Rithvik- hello

Nurse-doctor 302 patient want’s to talk to you

Rithvik- ok

Girl- doctor I am seeing a man’s face I am having some memory flashes  I am in greate stress doctor I will feel relieve only if I see you

Rithvik- ok give the phone to nurse

The girl handed the phone to nurse

Rithvik- nurse do me a favour drop her in ABC place tomorrow morning I will come and pick up her

Nurse- but doctor she is a patient why are you taking a personal care of her for past 2 years

Rithvik- do as I say

He cut the call

All members in family were rejoiced

Random servant- ma if sanchi’s marriage is over then the next will be rithvik’s marriage only

Jaya- yes and wait till let Sanchi’s marriage I will search a beautiful bahu from this house

Rithvik heard the conversation

The girl who called  face flashed infront of his eyes

Rithvik- what’s happening to me why I am suddenly happy because of her arrival Rithvik we can think about it later let’s sleep


Kabir and Anwar quickly disappeared from their home and started to drive on xyz village

Kusum checked their rooms and was shocked to find their rooms were empty

Kusum- Kailash….


Apurva called Sanchi for a walk and she agreed

Both were walking on the village road

Kabir and Anwar car gets break down in half of the way in the village

Kabir- what to do know

Anwar- don’t worry Kabir I will go and call someone for help

Kabir- ok I will wait here

Anwar went in search of help

Some kids came and called Apurva to teach them swimming

Sanchi- go appu they are calling na

Apurva- but I wanted to talk to you

Sanchi- don’t worry I am fine and I am going to temple to thank bagawan ji

Apurva- k then I will meet you at temple

Apurva went to river shore

Anwar also reached river shore in search of help he is so thirsty so he thought to drink some water

Anwar went bend down and took hold of water in his palms and began to drink it

Apurva saw Anwar she thought who is this new guy let’s check

She came near Anwar and touched his shoulder

Apurva- who are you

Due to sudden jerk he fell into the river

Anwar- some one help me  pls help me

Apurva jumped into the river and saved Anwar and dragged him to the shore

Apurva-wake uppp

Kabir was thirsty he drank water from the bottle and throwed the bottle he notice that the bottle hit something and fell back to him and he noticed it is not a thing but it is a bull the bull started to rub it’s leg in the sand Kabir guessed what going to happen next he started to run the bull chased him

Kabir- someone pls help me

Sanchi heard someone shouting

She turned to the street in  which direction she heard the noise

She saw a man coming towards her

And behind him there was a bull

Kabir’s leg slipped and he fell in cow dung which is behind to Sanchi

Sanchi started to laugh

Kabir slowly lifted his head and noticed some one is laughing at him he could not see the face clearly

The bull stopped  seeing Sanchi

Sanchi patted the bull’s head and gave some fruits which she was taking for puja

Kabir was confused to see what was happening

Precap- the entry of patient 302 to mishra’s family


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