Kaisa yeh ishq hai (Ragsan ff) Pt 10 by Aliya

Let’s begin….

Ragini couldn’t concentrate on her work..
Ragini:even i am willing not to cry why still!!

She cried standing outside the hospital..

Later she went in and sat as there were no patients and just then she got a call
She sees the caller id is rishi..
She was confused as why he is calling this night

She picks:ha bhaiyya..
Rishi:Ragu.. Your MD entrance results would be announced probably 5Am in morning
Ragini:ok bhaiyya i would check it
Rishi found something fishy:Ragu are you fine..
Ragini controlling her tears:yes bhaiyya.. There’s a patient i would call you back tomorrow
She disconnects and cries

Ragini:when i have failed in life’s exam…..

Adi who saw her was hurt.. The bond he has with her was different he loved her more than his own sister.. But he isn’t understanding where did krish went?

Here Sanskar looks at swara’s photos
Sanskar angrily pushes the photo frame which is placed on the near by table

Sanskar:it’s all because of you…. It’s all because of you

He listened someone’s laugh

He sees swara standing there.. she was laughing at him

Swara:now you started blame game sanskar? It’s not me.. It’s you and only you for this condition.. I was always a closed chapter to you sanskar but you yourself wanted to read it again.. So you are the reason for your own misery.. Such a fool you are.. For past you destroyed your present!
She laughs

She vanished in the thin air

Sanskar:sach kaha tumne… He breaks a vase..

Sanskar:i don’t know what i want.. I don’t know why it happened because i was only the reason!

Here krish was walking on the road:how much i loved you swara… No matter how much.. I would have forgaved you for whatever you did to me but this time my Ragu is hurt because of you.. I would never ever forgive you for this… Never ever…..

Here Swara was shocked seeing the photos:what is happening?? The thing which i left back is turning up again… Why?

Next day

It was 9 in the morning

Ragini gets the call from rishi

Rishi:did you check the results?
Ragini had forgot about it :bhaiyya woh…
Rishi:you didn’t right!!

Ragini was silent
Rishi:congratulations you have topped the university

Rishi:now tell me what happened? Did say sanskar something to you? Are you ok?
Ragini:i am fine bhaiyya just a headache
Rishi:this is not the truth… I am not forcing you.. But whenever you feel your this old friend is always with you.. Ok..

Ragini:bye.. Bhaiyya
She disconnects the call

Ragini just sat in the canteen and sees her watch.. Time was 9:30

Here Sanskar is waiting for Ragini.. And he understood she won’t be coming until he goes..

He goes to the office

And Ragini comes home…

She gets the call from her brother siddharth

Ragini smiled a bit:bhaiyyu..

Sushant grabs phone from sid :congratulations… And this time you would give us part.. Wait i would ask sanskar.. His wife has topped her exams

Ragini:bhaiyya no….
Sushant :what happened?
Ragini lied:woh.. Woh actually i want to surprise him and sanskar is busy nowadays
Sushant :but still… We wou..

Sid grabs the phone:and you know a good new.. Bhaiyya ki love story complete
Ragini excited what:kriti ne haa keh di?
Sid:finally my line is clear now
Ragini laughs
Sid:and for me you have to search…

Sid:wait mom wants to talk

Janki:baba first of all congratulations
Janki:and where is sanskar?
Ragini controlling herself
Janki:when will you come.. I am willing to see you.. And also bring sanskar with you too..

Ragini:soon mumma.. But now.. Ok.. Mumma i am sleepy after the duty.. I will call you later
Janki:ok.. But have food on time

Ragini cries she sees sanskars room which is closed and then she moves to her room and cries

And at night..

Ragini presses lift when it opens and she sees sanskar

He comes out:Ragini… I want..

Ragini goes inside the lift and the lift door closes

She goes out and sees vighnesh waiting for her

Ragini sits in car and goes!

2 days passed..

Sanskar waits for Ragini

Ragini was about to open the door

When sanskar opens it

Sanskar looks at her

She was about to go when sanskar stands on her way.. She was about to go in another side when he stood on her way again
Ragini turns to go


Ragini was about to go directly from there when she sees her brother’s siddharth and Sushant standing there with lots of gifts!

Ragini was shocked and didn’t expected them in this time atleast!

To be continued..

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