Laal Ishq 5th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vidya and Amar’s Unique Love Story

Laal Ishq 5th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya with her husband shifts to a new house. Her arrogant husband Chaitanya rudely calls her to enter. She thinks it is a new start for her in a new house, hopes Chaitanya loves her a lot here. Chaitanya pushes her in and walks out speaking to someone. Door gets closed. She sees blood in statue and a Vidya pleading to kill her, closes her ear in fear. She then sees kitchen door opening and walks in, sees tap water leaking and closes it. Her husband return and touches her shoulder. She gets afraid and says she is seeing weird things in this house as if someone wants to say something. Husband angrily asks if took her depression pills and twisting her hand says he worked hard for 1 year to get his house, she should concentrate just on her family. Vidya holds plate in pain, gets injured and her hand bleeds. She then sees kitchen sink water overflowing and then disappearing. She washes her hand and is shocked to see it intact. She takes cartoon boxes into store room. Door gets locked. she experiences someone strangulating her neck and thrusting her face into water bucket, then sees things getting normal and runs out. At dinner, Chaitanya asks if she spoke to doctor. Vidya says doctor told it is a new house, she will get adjusted to its environment soon if she befriends neighbors. Husband yells. She hears door knock and opens door, sees a young man standing Their eyes lock. She shies and unbraids her hair and asks who is he. He says he is a neighbor. She asks if he needs sugar or something else. He asks if she does not have anything else in her kitchen. Husband asks who is it at night. She says neighbor asking sugar, goes to kitchen and fill sugar in bowl, looks herself in steel plate and walks back to neighbor. Neighbor asks when did he ask sugar, anyways he will keep it, tastes and says it is sweet. She says it is sugar, hears her husband getting up and afraidly closes door. Husband yells to have dinner with neighbor. She opens door and does not find neighbor. She returns to kitchen and gets afraid seeing neighbor, asks what he needs. He says does not need sugar. She laughs. Husband walks in and asks why she was laughing, she is overacting so much, he knows she did not go to doctor, he will not tolerate it. Once he leaves, she peeps from window and finds gajra/flower. She picks it and walks to her room.

At night, she wakes up and hears water dipping and walks to kitchen, then sees TV on by itself and cigarette on ash tray and beheaded doll, blood coming out of doll, etc.. Her husband walks in scolds why she has switched on TV at midnight. She says she is seeing weird things here. He yells at her to take her depression pills and sleep. Next morning, Vidya jogs in park and neighbor barges in front of her. She gets afraid and scolds he enters everywhere. He says it is his area and showing a tall coconut tree says he had almost reached its peak when he fell and fractured his leg. She says she did not invite him. He says she opened door. She remembers store room incident and asks how does he know. He says she opened door yesterday and gave him sugar. She asks what is his name. He says Amar.

Vidya returns home and braids her hair mirror. She gets afraid seeing an old woman she saw in photo on wall standing behind her. She turns and does not find anyone. Her husband walks in and says he is going out. She says maid will come in sometime. She removes old photo from wall and is shocked to see bleeding eye on wall, hears sound. Bleeding eye disappears. Door bell rings. She opens door and sees maid. Maid introduces herself and say she is working here since childhood. Vidya asks if she knew earlier owners. Maid say yes and takes everyone’s names and says someone told they all went to US. Vidya lets her in. Woman sees photo and says this is old owner Aayi, family did not take pics at all. She says she will come for work from tomorrow and leaves. Vidya reminisces all the incidents again.

Vidya while traveling in auto calls doctor and informs she sees weird things in that house. Doctor says she does not want to accept new change and is not forgetting her past, she should forget her past and move on. Vidya goes and sits on park bench sadly, turns and sees Amar sitting. He starts conversation. She says she got pregnant once and cannot forget 18th July when doctor informed her about it, she went to inform Chaitanya’s office, but Chaitanya as usual was very angry and pushed her. She lost her child and requested doctor not to inform Chaitanya that he was a father for 2 months. Amar says even 28th July was very bad for him and something really bad happened to him that day. They mingle along well. Vidya feels happy whenever she is around him. Chaitanya sees her makeup and yells they are married since 6 years, but she did not get ready like this for him till now, for whom she is getting ready. Vidya gets afraid. He then forces her on their wedding anniversary. She resists and sees dead woman in front, shouts someone is there. Amar walks out and does not find anyone. He returns back. After sometimes, Vidya goes and sits out when Amar comes and asks why she tolerates so much. Vidya asks why he pesters her and walks in angrily. Chaitanya shouts where did she go at midnight. Vidya says she needs divorce from him. He is shocked.

Next morning, Vidya meets Amar as usual. Vidya says she sought divorce from Chaitanya. Amar says she did right, he wants to see her happy. She asks if they can start a new life. He says only she can see him and they cannot. She sadly returns home. At night, Vidya angrily does bharatanatyam dance with gunghroo on her legs. She hears door knock and is shocked to see photo woman in front of her who says she is Amar’s mother and Amar is disturbed because of her, let him sleep in peace. Vidya says they stay in opposite block right? Woman says she they say right under her house. Vidya walks back, then realizes she stays in ground floor and turns, does not find woman. She then digs ground and finds her sugar bowl which she gave to Amar, realizes Amar is dead. She meets Amar next day who says Chaitanya had killed him on 18th July and reminisces the incident. Vidya says that means he child and Amar died on same day, asks if they can meet again. He says in some other life, they will unite for sure and walks away.

Precap: Next week’s new story’s promo is shown.

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  1. Mona146

    thoda extra marrital affairs type ki feel aarahi thi is love story mein. not really cool

  2. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Amazing episode! Beautiful and unique love-story of Amar and Vidya. The best part of the show is it’s unique. It’s not typical horror show.

  3. What is the name of the actress vidya

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