Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 5

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Chapter: 5

So, I hope that you are enjoying your holiday. Well I am having a splendid day as I am not having to do any office work today. So, this is priya signed in again with another chapter hope you like it.

In goa anika was doing something when she felt someone playing with her legs. She looked down and saw kavya playing with her legs. Kavya is a very bubbly baby just like anika, she was having the same complexion like shivay but she had mixed features of anika and shivay if we consider her face. She had pouty lips like anika chubbiness like her, she had the similar eyes like shivay but the difference was her blue eyes just mesmerised everyone. Her tiny hands black brown hair and what not but she was a lovely kid. Anika smiled and knelt down in front of her and said.
A: so, kavya baby got time to play with mumma. Haan.

Kavya laughed on what anika said and then started pulling anika’s hand and started making some weird sound as if she is telling something to her, anika smiled and taking her in arms started walking. Kavya got so angry on lifting her from the place where she was playing frowned and started beating anika with her small hands and was making an annoyed sound. Anika just let out a sigh and then placed her on a table and then sitting in front of her said.
A: happy now… look at you, baby you are all drenched in mud as if I had left you to play in mud. (looking at kavya’s legs and hands and pointing it) now don’t cry at night scribbling these areas. I won’t care even if you cry okay.
Kavya blinked and looked at anika’s annoyed face and then looked at the place where she was sitting and then the place where she sat before. She then looked at her hands which were having dirt. She smiled looking at anika and anika got surprised by the sudden smile from her daughter. Kavya blinked naughtily and then started rubbing her dirty hands on anika’s white shawl which was on her lap. And then after successful cleaning she again started making victory sounds and started jumping up and down sitting on her place. On the other hand, anika’s mouth curved into an ‘O’ and she just looked at her daughter and said in an annoyed tone.

A: what have you done you little creature. You spoiled my shawl.
Kavya just happily made sounds looking at her mumma getting annoyed. She then pulled anika close to her by pulling her hair and anika involuntarily bent down and kavya placed a cute kiss on her cheek making anika smile. She too kissed her back and said.
A: you know what kavya you are very similar to your dad. He was like this only whenever he used to do something which irritates me then he will do something naughty like you did now. And you make me remember him at times.
Kavya just blinked on listening what anika was saying. She was just trying to understand what her mumma had said and then meekly started making sounds and at times laughing. Anika was just smiling on this new life that she was having. Dev who had come there saw anika and kavya and said sitting down on the other chair bringing anika back to the present world.
De: hmm looks like kavya has annoyed her mumma. So, what did this punter do? Mama (uncle) should also know.
Kavya just smiled and threw her arms in front of him. He readily accepted and took her in arms and anika immediately reacted.
A: no… dev don’t…

But it was too late as he had taken her and the mud which was in kavya’s legs got pasted on dev’s white shirt. Anika just left the sentence where she stopped and dev just gave her an impossible look. While kavya just started laughing and clapping hands on the thing which she had done. Dev looking at her said.
De: haan… haan… now laugh. That is what is left. (hearing this she started making sounds. Dev looking at anika said) you could have at least acted fast. But no, your tube-light takes time to get on.
A: (irritated) arre did I ask you to pick her up. You do the mistake and then I am at fault.
De: how many times have I asked her not to leave her crawling here and there.
A: arre you are telling that I had purposely left her in the mud. For your information, I had left her in the playing corner only but she never sits on one place.
De: but you should have kept an eye on her.
A: excuse me. For your information mr. dev I am having loads of work to do and above that it’s your responsibility to look after her when I am busy with my work.
De: haan okay I agree it is my fault. Happy now. (looking at kavya) excuse me madam don’t you want to sleep today.
Kavya just looked at him and frowned at first for making her disturb when she was busy playing. Anika smiled at her antique. Kavya just then made some annoyed sound and then nodded her head in negative and then got busy with her playing. Dev just kissed her forehead and she just did action of rubbing it off. This made both anika and dev smile. Finally, anika asked.
A: so how was your work?
De: it was good. Well I need your help in preparing the files.
A: haan you are telling as if you are the one who is always preparing the documents.
De: (smiling and nodding in positive) you caught me. I don’t know how would I have run this resort if you were not there.
A: oh, plz dev don’t start again.
De: well leave that when is the next function.
A: day after tomorrow.

In the mean while kavya looked at her mumma and mama who were busy talking about work and not paying any attention to her. She just squealed bringing all the attention on her. Anika came and almost knelt down in front of her checking if something hurt her or not while dev was looking confused at kavya. She was first blinking at him then she looked at anika and then started laughing. Anika just banged her head and looked at her mad daughter while dev just laughed at both mother and daughter combo. Anika just looked at him and then asked in an annoyed tone standing up.
A: what’s so funny dev?
De: nothing… I was just wondering the lady Hitler who makes everyone in this resort run on her commands is becoming a slave for a girl of just 2 years.
A: (with a made-up smile) was it a joke (dev just nodded in agreement making a puppy face) but I am sorry to say there is nothing like laughing in it.
De: arre why are you getting mad on me madam? I wasn’t the one who squealed okay. And I wasn’t the one who had acted like the one you had done moments before.
A: (mocking him) really dev. Then why don’t you do one thing just finish off the presentation in which you wanted my help (dev looked expectantly at her, while anika’s expression changed into stern gaze) all by yourself.
De: (getting surprised by the response) anika this is not fair. Why are you punishing me for what kavya has done?
A: (smiling) because you deserve it. And you must have at least thought that before making fun of me. (taking kavya from him. Kavya just looked at her annoyed and anika said) haan… haan now show me your tadi that was the only thing left. Before you I had to face your dad’s tadi and now as you are completing his place you too start showing. (kavya just struggled to get away from her but anika was stronger than her.)
De: anika why are you annoying her see she is trying to get down just leave her naa…
A: (looking at him) I am sorry kavya’s mama she had enough mischief today. (then looking at kavya) and you madam you are becoming too stubborn these days. (kavya just looked at her frowning) Now your mumma is also like you in this matter so now it’s time for you to sleep. So, say good night to your mama.
Dev just looked at anika then at kavya who was at first getting annoyed and then on seeing him she just pouted and made a crying face. But he knew that he cannot stand anika so he just smiled at kavya and then said good night to her, and anika left from there.

Days passed on like this and shivay, sahil and malika had returned to London. Once in every two days omru used to all him and the rudeness which shivay showed to the workers was getting less. One day after making sahil sleep shivay just sat down in the balcony and then looking at the stars and then got lost in thoughts. He just asked looking at one of the star which was shining brightly.
S: why this happens with me? I never loved anyone like I have done to you, not even omru. Yes, I accept that they were my life but you were my soul. I know the circumstance in which I married you was not correct but I guess it had to happen as now I am suffering for all those mistakes and pains which I had done to you… (smiling) as you are not by my side. You know what anika I never respected your presence besides me just because I knew that you would be there in front of me even if I say or do something bad to you, you know all my life om and rudy and even dadi told me that if I will fall in love I will just love the person like anything and that moment I will realise who this real shivay is. They were correct I realised who I am but the one who made me realize is not by my side today.

The day of accident which completely changed shivay’s life. In the morning like usual after having breakfast shivay left for office and then all the ladies decided to go to temple. Tia had successfully managed to brain wash pinky’s mind and fill her mind with the negatives of anika. Like always tia entered the study room where anika was busy helping sahil. Anika on seeing he just got up and stood facing her. Sahil sensed something wrong is going to happen but he knew that anika would manage. Tia smiling at anika asked.
T: so, anika I guess you are enjoying your stay in OM… like a queen.
A: arre wah… what happened to you tia you are asking my whereabouts?
T: no, it’s nothing like that I was just saying.
A: eh, cheapdi I know that you are not that sweet to me so why can’t you just come to the topic.
T: hmm great. I like the change in you anika now you are talking like a sensible woman.
A: (smiling and folding hands to chest) why not tia? After all I have to face cheapdi’s like you so I have to talk like a sensible lady then. And then if you are forgetting I am shivay’s wife and you know him he changes the person who remains close to him into a sensible person.
T: anyways I came to remind you something that you…
A: (cutting her off in between) that I am getting officially divorced in a week right.
T: still then also you are not able to keep your ego of being shivay’s wife aside.
A: (smiling) you are such a fool tia. Were you like this from birth or just are you pretending to make yourself a fool by coming in front of me.
T: (angrily) what do you mean?
A: arre tia why you keep forgetting you never win a fight against me and then end up getting insulted by me. Then like a kid go to pinky aunty and then do complain against me. Why don’t you grow up sweet heart? Why can’t you just finish off your talk with someone else.
T: how dare you anika talk to me like this? I will show you who I am in real.
A: (getting angry) Ms. Tia Kapoor do whatever you want to do. Just make sure that you don’t end up falling on your own nose. Well I just need to give you a great information.
T: really and what’s it?
A: the game which you have started by playing with the emotions of the people here is going to end soon.
T: really anika did you find some proof or like always are you planning to give a long speech that the child in my womb is not shivay’s but someone else. And then on the question that who is that someone from the others you will tell that you don’t know that person like always. Oh, common anika grow up baby. This melodrama has been done a lot of times so just try doing something else.
A: (smiling) haan tia I know that. But now I am satisfied on realizing that you are really cheap from your heart. (tia gave her a death glare which anika returned with a smile) and for your information I have gained complete proof this time and I will surely make you out of shivay’s life and above all this family.
T: (acting to be surprised) seriously anika you are talking as if you have got huge lead.
A: (holding her by her arms and squeezing it very tightly. Tia just winced in pain) what happened baby you are getting hurt. Well no problem it happens. (tightening her grip more) you know what tia I have come to know that the child who is growing up and whom you are blaming to be shivay’s kid is robin’s.

Tia got a 1000v shock on hearing it. She looked at anika amused while sahil just looked at anika in disbelief. Anika looked at tia with feelings mixed with anger and pain. Tia getting out of her grip says stammering.
T: wh… what… rub… rub… rubbish? Ha… have u…. you lo… lost it ani…. Anika? he is my brother damn it.
A: (smiling) arre are you feeling cold tia. Should I lend you a shawl? Why are you stammering?
T: (angrily) you have completely lost it. You know what you are just assuming.
A: (firmly and holding tia’s shoulder) I used to just assume things earlier. But what to do this time for your bad luck I am not at all assuming baby. I have got the proof. The real proof.
T: (pushing anika back) what proof… what proof haan? I know this is shivay baby’s child the DNA test has also proved it now what proof have you got?
A: exactly DNA test reports. But I am so sad to tell you that these are not the ones which you tried to make by compelling the doctors. These are the real reports which you had hidden from the whole family. I am so sorry to say tia you yourself gave me this breaking news by your stupid move which you had done.
T: what do you mean?
A: tia you forgot that you tried bribing the doctor by forcing him to give the wrong report, and what did you use in convincing the doctor. Money right. Then how can you forget that I can bribe the doctor to reveal the true report by paying him more money than you did. So, basically, I might be a member in this house for a week only but so pity on you, you are just a member in this house for few hours from now as I am going to reveal this in front pinky aunty before this day ends.
T: (smiling) fine then let’s see who wins this time. But must accept anika you did a great job. Now as you are knowing there is no point in hiding things so let’s just sort it out. (sighing in relief) uff… finally a great burden has gone out from me. Yes, I accept that this is robin’s child and he is my husband and I am doing all this just to get shivay baby’s property, he is the reason because my husband’s business is at loss and this family is the reason because of which my dad died. Now do whatever you want to do? As I am not going to let you ruin my plan.
Saying so she left the room leaving a shocked anika back. Sahil who had been there was recording the whole thing and then said coming to anika.
Sa: didi don’t worry everything will get fine?
A: I know sahil the way I know tia I know that she is not going to stop she will surely do something which can harm someone in this family.
Sa: oh, fo didi you are taking this strain without any reason just go and tell the truth to pinky aunty I know she will believe you this time. After all you are having proofs too.
A: haan sahil let that cheapdi do whatever she wants, I just want this family to stay happy.
Sa: so, are we really going to leave this house didi?
A: (cupping his face) sahil this house was never ours and will never become ours. These people are high standard people and one or the other day my marriage with shivay had to end. So, I guess it is going to end like this. (wiping her tears) anyways come let us finish your project.

In the evening the ladies came to the temple where tia was very tensed and it was clearly seen on her face. Anika was also praying that everything just goes well and the family remains safe. After visiting inside all gathered near the pool when tia thought to hurt herself and blame anika to be the reason. Anika was standing on the last step near the water edge and was on call when tia came and stood beside her. she just smiled at anika and anika just ignored her. then to anika’s surprise tia held her hand and she just looked at her surprised and asked.
A: what are you doing leave my hand tia.
T: amm how can I anika after all now we are enemies and now as I have to save myself I have to do something which can make you guilty in front of pinky aunty.
A: (looking back and seeing the pool and looking back at the way tia placed her hand she asked shocked) tia what are you planning to do?
T: nothing just I will act to fall down in pool but the way pinky aunty sees this (anika looked at pinky who was watching these two from behind right from the top stairs) she will just feel that you have pushed me.
A: (shocked) are you in your senses tia by doing this you will harm the baby. This pool is having depth damn it. (trying to make her come along with her) just move from here.
T: (resisting and then smiling) oh, common anika after all I have to safeguard me right so let’s just do this.
A: (confused) have you gone mad. (trying to free herself) just leave me.
T: (resisting from leaving anika) not so soon anika the game has now started. Now you just wait and watch.
Anika in the mean-time tried freeing her hand but tia gave her a winning smile and hit anika’s leg in such a way that she just pushes tia in water and the person who were seeing this just felt that anika had really pushed tia. Anika stood rooted to her spot and didn’t know what to react and pinky just fainted on her place. Shivay and omru who had come there on dadi’s call were too shocked to see this. Anika just turned back and all she could see was shivay standing there with a shocked expression.

To be continued….

So, done with this part. I know that the part was stupid and total nonsense I don’t know what was I thinking while writing it. Anyways if possible I will try to finish the accident part soon. If you feel that it is stupid then plz do pardon me and if you need to change it then do mention I will look after it. And plz do comment either if t good or bad. Once again sorry for boring you. this is priya signing off.

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