Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha going to the temple. She takes sindoor to apply and recalls Ravish. She stops. The water pot rolls over and reaches Atharv. He picks the pot and comes to her. He asks what happened. She says nothing, maybe it got hit by mistake. He says its Monday and you will need tree leaves for puja, have this. He gives her the leaves. She thanks him. He goes. She holds her neck and realizes Ravish has removed her mangalsutra. She thinks will everything get set like before….. She worries. Atharv sees her.

Sujata sweeps the floor and asks whose slipper is this. Atharv sits thinking and in bad mood. He recalls Vividha. Sujata asks is this yours, Ravish got many things for you. He says no, its not mine. She says it maybe of Abdul uncle. She keeps it outside. Atharv says you maybe hurt, I will do this work, there is nothing imp to me than making your pain less. He helps her in work. She smiles. He says you have bear a lot of pain, but you got more stronger. She says like son, like mother, even you are bearing pain like me, I can see your inner worry on face, tell me, what is it. He says its about Vividha.

Vividha keeps clothes in cupboard. She sees Guddi’s clothes and belongings and thinks of her. She hugs Guddi’s clothes and cries. She hears Guddi calling her out and gets up. She cries on not seeing Guddi.

Sujata says I understand, but do you understand what Vividha went through, she has fought with many storms, she did many compromises, she loved you and her father made her marry Ravish, she thought she lost you, and then you came back in that state, would she not get shock, the Atharv who taught her living life, would it be easy for you to see you like a kid. She cries and says Guddi, whom she loved so much, Vividha lost her. She defends Vividha and says after all this, you feel Vividha should become bubbly and naughty again, she was like that before, but she can’t become like that again after facing all this, this situation would change anyone from within. He says no, I don’t expect her to become like before, I know situation changed all of us, but I felt she is fighting within, she stays lost, I just want her to find herself, I will help her in this.

Vividha says I wish you were here Guddi. Uma says I can’t believe she went, I feel she is around. Vividha asks Uma to stay here in this room, as she can’t stay alone. Uma says I will be with you, Vividha we think relations broke, but even after that, those feelings don’t go, we are together here, and there Ravish is alone at the border, with only his courage, he has bear a lot and sacrificed many things, when I think of him, I bless him. Vividha says I know. Uma says I spoke to Suman, I think you should talk to her once.

Atharv says I don’t know Vividha wants everything like before or not, person may not change, but if thinking changes, can it happen… Sujata says you think her thinking and feelings changed, for whom? Do you think Vividha loves Ravish? Did you ask her? He says no. She says good, else she would have broken down. Kailash looks at them and hears their conversation. Kailash goes.

Atharv says I m not doubting on Vividha, to be true, if she loves Ravish, I would not blame her, I would feel very bad, but I want her happiness, I want to know truth, what she wants.

Vividha takes phone. Atharv says I will do what gives her happiness. Sujata says Vividha needs your support, she wants to start new life with you, you have to think how to give her a new life. He smiles. Vividha calls Suman. She talks to Suman.

Vividha says I m missing Guddi a lot, forgive me, you had to face many problems because of you, you gave me love and respect, you had one wish that your son’s married life is full of happiness, I could not do that, I was helpless, forgive me. Atharv comes and hears Vividha. Vividha says I pray for Ravish’s happiness every moment. Atharv gets thinking.

Atharv says all elders decided marriage to happen soon, we will do all rituals, first engagement will happen and then marriage, engagement will happen next week. Vividha says I m sorry. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think vivi try to tell that after they will made ravish to marry a girl who loves him then we will marry so that she can come out of her guilty feeling. may be pic on instgm s their engagement .
    and a request guys pls dont say the word mahan ravish . atharv did everything for vivi is called love and for mother and um a is called love, also vivi did all for atharv is called love but ravish did a lot for atharv as a loving brother is called mahan. what is this ya….

  2. indera sanichara

    Hi viewers this show is getting bored. I think Artharv needs to make Vividha fall in love with him again that’s what JNDSD is all about. If writers show Kalish wins then the soap magic will be lost and why is Kalish living in Artharv house and no one sees him is he a ghost. Writers we need some romantic moments between our favourite stars Artharv and Vividha.

  3. story does not have to end like movie Hum dil de chuke sunam, the only reason Vividha said no was that she is still legally married to Ravish and the divorce still need to take place.

  4. Eva1

    I think they have to give us longer episode at least once

  5. Good morning ? all Vitharvians.
    I know yesterday’s episode was quite disappointing. I think the directors are testing our patience that’s it.?

    Waiting for today’s episode.What will Vividha tell???

    1. Good afternoon @ nazneen

  6. gud mrg everybody.have a nice day.sry i did’t post any comment yesterday after 8.really sry.all vitharv fans vired by seeing d precap.i hope today epi give an another chance to fullfil all vitharv fans.

  7. @xyz chechi xactly i am from kattakada.did u know kattakada?i am a first y ear biochemistry student.

    1. @143kYa know kattakada

  8. Bull crap i think vividha is simply pain in the neck. Now after all atharv went through for that b**** she is not ready to marry him. Atharv it is a request n suggestion stop thinking about her plz find someone honest n who loves u not the one who has sympathy on u n who doesnot even know what she wants. I know ravish is noce but love is love. But vividha might love him now how annyoing. So for me RIP jana na dil se door. Not watching it anymore unless they unite vividha and atharv.

  9. Bull crap i think vividha is simply pain in the neck. Now after all atharv went through for that b**** she is not ready to marry him. Atharv it is a request n suggestion stop thinking about her plz find someone honest n who loves u not the one who has sympathy on u n who doesnot even know what she wants. I know ravish is noce but love is love. But vividha might love him now how annyoing. So for me RIP jana na dil se door. Not watching it anymore unless they unite vividha and atharv.

  10. hello all,just tell me1 thing ,here how many of u are ready to sacrifice ur wife after knowing her 1st luv and how many girls are ready to sacrifice marriage for their 1st luv,tell me frankly

    1. Dimpurose11234

      Im a girl. I will sacrifice my mrg for my love. Just becoz of Society fear we can’t live. Wt hell is this Society. They are talk about one to one week after that its become old news for them. Somebody feels bad somebody feels happy for ours.
      I saw one real life situation. That’s my close friend. Her daddy passed away. She has a daddy’s own office. She was
      loved by office employe. Her mom refused and done mrg with another one in absence of that boy.
      Afterthat she told all truths to her husband. He is good not mahan. He abused her bitten her. After that she never gave. She was applied to divorce. Her hus also agreed for divorce. She was finally free from that mrg. She and her love leaved this place and went to delhi.

    2. Dimpurose11234

      Im a girl. I will sacrifice my mrg for my love. Just becoz of Society fear we can’t live. Wt hell is this Society. They are talk about one to one week after that its become old news for them. Somebody feels bad somebody feels happy for ours.
      I saw one real life situation. That’s my close friend. Her daddy passed away. She has a daddy’s own office. She was
      loved by office employe. Her mom refused and done mrg with another one in absence of that boy.
      Afterthat she told all truths to her husband. He is good not mahan. He abused her bitten her. After that she also never given up. She was applied to divorce. Her hus also agreed for divorce. She was finally free from that mrg. She and her love leaved this place and went to delhi.
      That’s y this is not serial for me. My first and last this serial only.
      I was written here just becoz most of the girls live just fear of Society. That’s not right. Byee…

      1. Well said @Dimpurose

    3. @sam.
      Do u really want.. truth.
      Then u should give Answer 1st, and then ask remain all.
      your answer will shows…….Are u able to understand other Answer or not??

      And one more thing, all people mindset will not be same…some will agree it, some one don’t. so there is no need to do voting. just be like as u want…not like others want.

      if u get my words, its good…if u didn’t then no problem..

    4. @sam.I will sacrifice my marriage for my love. I will go at any extent to get him back.
      I does not fear about the society.If true love is there,there will be trust also.
      Society has no right to get in to any ones personal matters.Every women has right to take her own decisions.
      There is no law that if women marries the person she should only love that person lifelong.
      If she is not happy in that marriage she can move on.And also in forced marriage there will be no love.
      So I will definitely move on with my love.

    5. Hello @sam what do u really want to know frm us? First of all all who are u to interfere our personal matters? ?.it s none of ur business. We are cmmntng about a serial jndsd.not about real life and also nt about ur life.kk.u have no need to know our personal decisions .so we will definitely express our feelings regarding to jndsd.
      And ur qn ,I strongly believe that if someone fall in true love then he/she must move with that reln if it is such a strong relation.if she has to sacrifice love then don’t ready for love someone. Sacrifice in love is cheating towards the lover so never marry another person by cheating one.if once fall in love with a soulmate then that rely is life long relan. If she wants to marry some one then marry her soulmate nt another person.if she can’t marry soulmate ,then never go to marrge in her life .
      Bcz without love mrrge is hell.
      So if u can love one person and marry some other person .then no prblm u do it.all the best.
      But don’t expect frm us.kk.

  11. Dears,all the vitharv family girls have Devil’s mind.That is why they are telling like that.

    So boys like Karanam,Naveen ,Sachin etc should make them understand.

    You all are going in wrong way.Don’t be characterless like Vividha.

    1. Oh really …
      We are all have devil’s mind do you have an angel mind..
      Mind your words..
      Shut your mouth..
      Who are you to decide our minds..
      Everyone has different way of thinking. ..
      Do you think only you are correct in the entire world…
      Plss at least learn how to respect others ..
      And have some minimum manners…

      1. I told na nikh. Because of people like dis, I am unable to trust new people over here.

      2. @suman
        yes you are right..
        we have to ignore this type of people..
        look at her comment how is she behaving..

      3. this type of people don’t know at least how to behave with others..
        did we oppose any ra….vidha fans??? no right..
        everyone has different opinions..
        who the hell is she to judge us..
        such a ………..

    2. By ur thinking there should be only arrange marriage in the society… or evryone should have do love after marriage ritual ..if we got enough love appreciation-respect from a man as ur boyfriend and forcefully u have to married another guy , she should forget about that person who always been there from the beginning who was along with u at any cost !!! forget about the discrimination of man-woman ,just think R u a human??

    3. [email protected] ji,
      Whats ur problem??
      u have said…about real life incident..that’s good and u have much capability to compromise..with ur husband than ur lover..so that’s Ok!!!!. everyone don’t have same feelings and mind like u.. so all are shared there views..
      then u also accept there views..y are u insulting there opinion..all don’t have same kind knowledge like..so leave there opinion on them..
      if people(girls) didn’t think like u..then they are charecterless and devil’s for you..so pity on you..all are accepted your views..but u are not that much capable to understand others views..

    4. Same to u anju.You have terrorists mind.Just go to hell blo*dy creature.

    5. Same to u Anju.You have terrorists mind.Go to hell blo*dy creature

    6. Sweetuishkara

      what do you mean by characterless vividha???did you listened to your heart once ??did you think about the guy whom you left due to parent’s pressure????what will you decide if you are struck between your love and forceful marriage ??ravish sacrificed himself for atharva because he love atharva more then vividha ,he wanted to give him his rights vividha has a guilt for whatever she had done with ravish for snatching away his happiness but she loves atharva ,ravish himself told a marriage without heart connection is just a formality ,he himself freed her from all the relations

    7. Who the hell are you?
      You are having a devil’s mind not we Vitharv girls ok.
      Mind your language ???

    8. @anju Oh truely we have devil’s mind!!!!.pls tell me when did u realise that?after reading our reply to u.very funny.
      Actually u bcm totally mad by ur love affair and life.thats y u compell us again and again to neglect true love and accept forced mrrge.actually feeling pity on u.and the big shame is u r from kerala.
      Already u got very apt replys frm all vitharvarians. Then why do u again want to hear the cmmnts which expresses ur cheating towards ur lover frm us?
      Shame on u .due to ur fault ur personal matters are discussing among with strange people. If u feel proud of it?
      What a pity?
      So I don’t want to give u any more cmmnts as I have some self respect.so as a keralian pls not be laughing stock among us.if u have no prblm but being malayalees we feel very shame on u.
      So pls keep ur angel mind on ur own side and don’t reveal ur ANGEL mind to us.u know as ur statement we have devil’s mind.so devils can do anything.so pls beware us and keep a 40 or 50 km distance frm us only fr ur betterment u ANGEL.
      Got ittttttt

      1. @xyz.Hahahaha superb comment you gave to her ???
        She is sharing her personal matters to unknown peoples.Very funny ?
        Keep your story to yourself only ?

    9. AnjU every girl just like a boy has the equal right to choose who she wants to spend her life with. We cannot choose the family we are born into but can at least decide our spouse with whom we want to spend the remainder of our lives. Good or bad choice made remember only the people involved have to bear the burnt of it.

  12. I think..vivi vl say for directly doing the mrrg vdout sagai…Or do sagai vithin 2days….

  13. Dimpurose11234

    Gud mrng to all
    Again this is misleading precap becoz we have already seen vivi in lehanga’s.
    Wt a family sujata ji feels vivi as a daughter and understands her feelings. Atharv always thinks for vivi’s happiness. Vivi one side thinks for love and otherside gratitude of ravish and for her sister.
    All team members went for manali shooting.
    Have a nice day to all.

      1. Dimpurose11234

        Gud afternoon aailya??

  14. [email protected] very good morning…..to all Vitharv and Jndsd viewers…
    Have a nice day..

    yeah u r right.. director/writers r testing our patience.. and hold us not to judge anything till over-all story ends….
    But i loved d episode… Atharv and sujatha conversation…and so many emotions in vividha..are shown..for guddi..

    eagerly waiting for today’s episode..

  15. @sunanda…yeah i also think..vividha will say tomorrow or day after tomorrow……OR..that day itself….as per instagram pic’s it can happen…
    Anyways…lets wait and watch…

  16. @Nikh..yes..u r right… Atharv Sujath always…stands for vividha and for her happiness…wat else he need than her happiness…in situation..thats true love right..

    1. Yes..
      I think who blamed atharv as selfish all of their doubts clear now I think..
      He is crystal clear what ever it is..
      I like that in him..
      And 143 look at that anju’s comment she is saying we all have devil’s mind. ..

      1. Yeah..Nikh ..i have read that and given nice reply too…maybe she understand or don’t want to understand…leave them on there sake.. don’t bother..
        Daily new one comes new arguments starts….that is y i don’t even want read there comments…just ignore them.

      2. ya you are right..
        but some type of people really disgusting here..
        everyone has their opinion did we criticize anyone..
        did we say any bad words to anyone ..
        no right..
        at least they don’t have minimum common sense and they don’t have manners also..
        such a dumb people really..
        they don’t know how to respect others also..
        of course what can we do than ignoring such type of people..

  17. Dear All Malayalies (Atharv Fans) Njan ivide silent reader aanu. From Koch. JNDSD upcoming Twist onlinil vaayichu. Atharv Sujatha marichu. Vividha and Raveesh orumichu. Atharvine konnathu kondu ini ivide thudarunnilla. Onlinil portalil ee news kandathode ividam vidunnu. Paavam Atharv. Ellaavarun koodi aa paavathine konnu kalanjallo

    1. @shilpa dear athu old news annu to.That is 100% sure.Evideyam povanda avisheyam illya.Wait and watch .End game will be vitharv only.Sagadam avanda to.Vitharv union vendi Kathu irikanam.Patience venum kurich,pinne namuk vitharv union kannam

  18. Vitharv forever

  19. Happpyyyy fan

    Guys the precap is just misleading us.they dont want both ravidha or vitharv fans to be disappointed.so thats why they are doing this.to keep both fans happy.
    @suman u and all other vitharv fans shouldnt get discouraged and lose hope in the storyline.even im a vitharv fan and this is a serial and there will be twist and turns in it.but im sure vitharv will unite for sure cause if that doesnt happen then this story will not make any sense at all.so we should ignore all the haters and comment about vitharv proudly and keep doing so.

    Xyz.anam.nazneen.143.sunanda and all the other fans of vitharv keep commenting and enjoy the show as it is a great one.and dont worry we vitharv fans wont be disappointed in the future and i can guarantee that.

  20. hiii,,,dimpurose,,,,,but here ravish is a clean hearted man,,how can vividha leave him ,,,is ravish a puppet or what to dance according 2 vividha tunes when ever she want

  21. hiii,,,@dimpurose and @ aaliya,,,,but here ravish is a clean hearted man,,how can vividha leave him ,,,is ravish a puppet or what to dance according 2 vividha tunes when ever she want…

    1. @sam.
      Oh really!!!. if one who u married one is good means.. ur love will get less for ur lover…and can compromise leaving lover.. was it love??
      Omg., How great answer…it is??

      don’t get me Wrong..but i have to say this.. u left lover for ur good and great husband/wife… it mean’s love.
      suppose After that also if u find any good and great one in ur surrounding.. will u move on..with her/him???

      really your answer will make anyone to scare about love.

    2. ravish is a great person everyone accepted that..
      but the matter is not about ravish’s personality.. if she accepted ravish b’coz he is a good guy it is not love it means she is an opportunist ..
      and if ravish is a bad guy then vivida leaving ravish is it ok for you??
      it is not related ravish.. it is related to her feelings..
      and another thing if she romances with ravish then imagining atharv is it loyal??
      if any girl who loves a person then marry another person she always remember her ex love is it justice to her husband??
      she always imagine her boyfriend in her husband place..
      is it honesty ??
      no right..
      she have to accept ravish b’coz he is a good guy it is not correct in my point of view..
      if i hurt you i’m sorry..
      it is just my opinion..

    3. @sam.Started again asking same questions. Really fed up with u and your fans.You better check previous comment sections and u will get answers for that.

      1. Dear aailya, arinjo a anju Ninte clsslullndarunne dirty girl anu.one f the twin sisters.aval annu akshaya enna perilanu cmmnt chythathu. Innu anju enne perum ayi vannittund Ketto. Avalkku annu kittyathnnm pora ennu thonunnu. Athanu nanamillthe vendm vannatu. Nanam kettaval.ithu aailya ude avasram anu . nalla marupadi kodukannm ketto.athu pole avalude real face ellvreym arykukym cheyyanm.
        Ippo thanne avalkku nammal nalla reply koduthittundu. Njn nerathe avlde cmmnt vaychllarnu. But njn nallathu koduthittundu avalkku.
        Asrikaram. ???? .pinne avlde real name entha?mattavlum ethenglm fake name l evide kanum.athkondu malayli ennu paranju varunnavre angine kannum pootti vishwasikknda Ketto.
        Kk gud eveng.

      2. Aranju xyz chechi,Sure chechi nalla reply kodukam.Ashwini or Akalya.Chelpum Randu perum mari mari comment cheiyum ayirikum.Sheri chechi believe cheyunillya.
        Good eve chechi

    4. Dimpurose11234

      I didn’t say ravish is not good. Ravish is mahan. But vivi doesn’t love ravish. If vivi loves ravish that is another matter. Plz understand vivi loves Atharv only.

  22. Anju u feeling very good I agree with u.but some ppl didn’t no what’s true or false. Director ji also support atarv fans.again and again dragging nonsense. Director plz decide vitarins or ravida.director plz give good meg to youth and society. Plz unite ravida. Atarav fans want only romance plz try to understand. But finally fans very suffering because director show sometimes ravida and sometimes atarv scenes. Director plz unite ravida.

    1. Sweetuishkara

      what is so good in marriage culture tell me if husband beats you is it ok for you????if husband have already fallen for someone else and doesn’t love you did you treat yourself as a responsibility ???what if you are just his responsibility??? he doesn’t love you and just treat you as a wife whom he married but he loved someone else ????what will you do in that condition would you compel your husband to love you????ravish is a nice guy and he deserves a girl who loves him rather then being with a girl who already said that she loves atharva ?you are talking about society ,where did society went when a girl was molested or tormented by their inlaws for dowry ,don’t give example of society ,just think what is good for you rather then what is good for society ,we are not born here to please the so called society ,lord shiva doesn’t believe in any rules of the society ,he breached the rules because he believed that what is the use of rules which caused misery to others

      1. @sweetuishkara
        plss yaar..
        don’t waste your time with this type of people..
        they can not understand till the last episode also.. just leave them..
        and they don’t know atleast how to respect others also..
        just leave them and ignore them..
        who can’t understand explanations are nothing to them..
        so they can think what ever they want we have our own way of thinking …

  23. i agree u r words Sam but one thing u remember without love how she will continue with ravish this is not fair for both of them I wish ravish will get a new girl for his life this serial only for vitharvians

  24. @mahesh,,then vivdha must have told ravish about the entire truth at first itself after marriage,,y she delayed so many days,,just to save atharv,,is this not selfishness,,,but now ravish is in luv with vividha,,one thing,,,our willingness shud not become others weakness,,,vividha is ravish weakness,,,dats y he is doing what ever she want even it is hurting 2 da core

  25. @alaliyas your right

  26. Hello &Good afternoon ? to all Vitharv fans.

    @Anam.I will never comment again in ishqbaaz?? ? ?

  27. Dimpurose11234

    Good news for vitharv fans. New segment will start from feb. I saw one pic in insta. The llnk was not sharing i don’t know y.

  28. That stupid Anju is none other than Akshaya.That day that stupid commented you all remember.Her dp icon is same as that of Akshaya’s.

    1. U r absoltly right nazneensyed. That anju is actually that parasite akshaya. I had a doubt from her first cmmnts. But I was nt sure .now I checked her dp icon and confirmed.she came again with old vine in new bottle. Stupid.
      I think she is nt satisfied by our old cmmnts.no prblm we got one more chance to making her jocker infrnt of all vitharvarians. Already she heard from our mouth so much.so she want something more.so she came with imprudence. And her actual name is nt akshaya .she is clss mte f our dear aailya.

      1. @xyz chechi,ivare kond maduthu chechi.Virthiketta Gadhukal.Ethra kittiyalum padikunillya.Suspension ayuith kond classil varar illya.Athu samadhanachu irrikikumbol sadhanagal ivadium vannu.
        Oru samadhanam tharunillya.

    2. @Nazneen,Thank you dear for finding it out.
      Her name is not Akshaya or Anju.She is either Ashwini or Akalya.Then it is also some other’s email I’d.

      What to do they are very shameless twins.They got suspension still also no change.

  29. u r taking personal please understand it’s fictional drama OK ravish loves vividah why he removed mangalsutra and one thing he is one side love person one side love can’t succeed only vitharav can reunion afterwards this serial will be crap

  30. [email protected],,,u didn’t get me,,,it is very easy 2 hurt or leave bad person,,,,but 2 leave person who is very Gud at heart just for our sake,,, how can v????den vividha shud told abt atharv at first only to ravish..

    1. omg sam..
      at that time vivida don’t know ravish..
      and how can anyone dare to tell her husband about her love story..
      and she tried so much to tell but she can’t as she was afraid..
      of course i’m not saying vivda is right..
      what vivida done is wrong but if she accepted ravish now is it correct ???
      and tell me what about atharv??

    2. @sam.., u also didn’t get me yarrrr…. if married one was good hearted and great human.. mean’s.,, the love which happened with lover get less?? is that true love u call??

  31. GUts vote for shivani surve @ fuzionproductions.com polls.
    poll till 24 hrs only.
    vote as much as u can

    1. S I am voting

    2. Yeah….i also done voting..
      Who is that actress Niti Taylor(from which show)??

      1. she was acted in kaisi yeh yariyan..
        and now she is acting in ghulaam..
        she is also so bubbly and beautiful…

  32. NOt Guts its GUys

  33. That stupid Anju thought that we Vitharvians are fool and can’t identify her.She thought herself as mahaan & clever I think?.
    But that fool didn’t change her e- mail id so I was having doubt on her.

    @Aailya.Yes dear they are shameless and they have left everything ?

    1. Arey yar..don’t even take there names.. wild Animals don’t need names.., :p :p :p :p :p

  34. vividha it is not good to keep eying all good Boys. u will get one at a time.

  35. am not saying that vividha shud love and live vth ravish uncomfortably,,,am saying how can she leave him at the instant atharv got fine,,,,after knowing all diss even atharv did not react at all by the side of ravish,,,coming 2 da matter of divorce,,, will any one give divorce to couple because wife is in luv vth aother man and more over couple shud be together for at least 6 months 2 get divorce,at least atharv shud have taken vividha after divorce drama had finished

  36. atharv and vividha didn’t bother or seek ravish happiness,,if they do,,,den they will wait until ravish became ordinary man and after knowing ravish decision about moving on life ,whether he can marry another girl r not,after knowing and settling all dis,den vitharv must have been moved on in life by marrying….

  37. sam what u want to saying if u say only ravish unite I think u are not watched the starting episode and you started watching this serial after ravish entry thats why u blindly support ravish please watch first phase you will get some clarity

  38. indera sanichara

    Anju go to hell, Vividha is not like you. Her soul is pure and loving, unlike your thinking.

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