Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad checking lights and says I will go and check meter. Dadi asks why did we come here. Saiyyam says what happened to lights. Suhani says we came here as tiger entered home twice, we were not safe there, but its darkness here also. Baby says what’s problem if its dark. Saiyyam gets angry. Yuvaan asks Saiyyam to ignore Baby’s words. Suhani asks Saiyyam to talk to Baby well. Suhani says animals can see even in darkness. Dadi says we will light fire. Suhani says I will go and collect wood. Dadi says you be here, I will go and collect wood. Baby says no, I will go along Dadi. Baby thinks they are scared, but tiger is not there, its inside house, I will go with Dadi and get praised.

She recalls Yuvaan’s words. He asks Baby to ignore Saiyyam if Suhani is happy. She says I m happy if you are happy, fine, have medicines. She gives him sleeping tablets again. Yuvaan smiles and takes medicines. He thanks her and goes to sleep. She asks Yuvaan to get up, open eyes, you have to scare Suhani today. He asks what. She says yes and smiles. She gets a tiger costume for him and asks him to wear it, become tiger and attack on Suhani, I will be with you. He says I m tired. She says its your own wish, you have to fulfill it today. He wears costume. She says costume has real nails, bite her well. FB ends. Baby asks Dadi to wait and goes to burn woods for safety. Dadi looks around.

Tiger sees Dadi and takes her away. Baby turns and says Dadi was here, where did she go. She sees blood marks on a cloth and gets shocked seeing the tiger marks. She says it means there is real tiger here.

Baby shouts to Yuvaan. Suhani asks Saiyyam to go and see Baby and Dadi. Baby comes running and cries. Suhani and everyone ask her what happened, where is Dadi. Yuvani says I will go and see. They all hear tiger roar. Sharad asks Saiyyam to shut the door. Baby cries and sits there. She tells about the tiger. Suhani and Sharad go out and see the burning wood.

Suhani says Dadi was attacked here. Sharad asks Suhani to come back, we can’t fight with tiger alone. She sees the blood on cloth. Yuvaan says I will go and see, Suhani did not come till now. Yuvani and Saiyyam ask him to be here, it makes more sense.

Suhani says this is Dadi’s saree cloth, it has blood on it. Sharad worries. Suhani and Sharad come back. Bhavna asks Suhani where is Dadi. Suhani says we did not get her, there were tiger claw marks and we got Dadi’s saree cloth, its blood stained. They get shocked. Bhavna says it means tiger has…. Yuvani asks Suhani how can she think Dadi died, everyone is thinking this. Yuvaan says yes, the cloth has blood. Saiyyam says maybe Dadi was saved. Baby asks why will be blood stain get on cloth then. Saiyyam says maybe Dadi got saved, how could you not hear anything when tiger dragged Dadi.

Baby says how dare you Saiyyam, I did not know when Dadi went missing. Yuvani asks them to stop it. Baby and Saiyyam argue. Suhani asks Saiyyam to be quiet. Yuvaan asks what shall we do now. Sharad gets a call and tells everyone that officer will take some time to come, their car stopped by a tree fallen on the way. Suhani says we can’t wait, Dadi can’t fight with tiger. Baby asks you think Dadi is alive. Yuvani says yes, don’t say anything, else I will not leave you. Baby asks her to talk well. Bhavna asks Baby to control her anger.

Dadi gets on a tree to save herself. She says how will I inform them, Baby won’t save me, just Suhani and Sharad can save me. Tiger waits for her under the tree. Dadi gets scared. She shouts for help. Someone knocks the door. They all get shocked. Baby says its tiger, save me. Sharad says I will open the door. Suhani asks them to take a stick for safety. She makes everyone back. They open the door and check. Yuvraaj walks in. They get shocked seeing him. Yuvraaj sees them with sticks. Suhani hugs Yuvraaj.

Yuvraaj asks what’s happening, why are you all here. Yuvaan says a tiger has come out of zoo, and came near our house, he attacked Dadi. Saiyyam says he attacked Maa too. Suhani sees Saiyyam. Saiyyam says I mean, tiger attacked Suhani and then took Dadi. Yuvraaj asks Suhani are you fine. Suhani says yes, but we have to save Dadi. Yuvraaj says I was getting bad vibes and came driving at night, I met forest officers on the way, their car got jammed by the fallen tree, they told me about the help call from our house. Sharad gives the blood stained cloth. Yuvraaj asks Suhani what do you think. Suhani says I think she is around. Dadi shouts for help. They all hear Dadi. Yuvani says it means she is alive, we have to save her. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to come. Suhani asks Bhavna to manage Yuvani and Baby. Bhavna asks her to be careful. The men and Suhani leave.

They see the fire. Suhani says animals are scared of fire, this will help us in finding Dadi. Dadi slips and falls down on a huge stone. Suhani and everyone try to find Dadi and call her out. They all find Dadi injured.

Pratima says Amma Mai was Dadi’s saas. Doctor says Dadi lost her memory because of the head injury.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Rockstr

    Most bakwas episode in television history…i have never watched anything more senseless than that…nd no krishna….no kriyyam…2day epi was a total time waste

    1. Mystery

      Hey r they all insane….how they didn’t notice Krishna …..she was not in the house…n not even with them….

    2. Rockstr

      So i think srishti is on leave..cos ders her goa pic on fb..not sure though

  2. Discusting episode is ep mai krishna nahi hai aur in sab ko krishna ki fikr nahi hai what the idiotik ep where is krushna

  3. Totally time wasting.Krishna is nowhere to find.Kriyam is leading but we still dont get any kriyam moments.and here they are staring a fun track.

  4. Just one doubt. Suhani was raped when Krishna,Yuvan & Yuvani was 6 years. It means Krishna & Saiyyam will have 7 years diference. Right? Then how can Suhani make Saiyyam & Krishna marry? Its my small doubt only. Pls correct me If I m wrong.

    1. Devakibb

      Naa… U r not wrong.. It’s true that krishna is 7 years elder than Saiyyam.. Idk what writers were thinking while writing their marriage plot… But whatever it is.. I find Kriyam cute… ?

    2. It was actually 20 year leap…sincw yuvraaj was in jail for 20 years…they chamges it from 15 to 20 years in the show…??
      But krishna is probably 27 and sayyam is 20…haha

    3. Suhaaaaaaa oh no ni

      Haha, yaar we all had this doubt immediately on introduction of saiyyam.. Writers are so advanced, thank God, they didn’t bring some teenager for dadi as she is same even after yuvraaj married and now yuvaan and saiyyam got married.. Maybe even after saiyyam’s children marriage witch dadi will remain same. She will just hate suhani and whenever she or yuvraaj will be in problem she will beg suhani to save..

  5. yipeee… yuvraj is back.. their hug superb… bt where s krishna.. baby, u go to hell.. as per spoilers, dadi will lose memory n thnk every1 wrongly. stupid writers.. it wud hav been better if suhani lost her memory n every1 try to make her recover…yuvraj tellng yuvaan yuvani n saiym are their children n nice family moments can b shown…

    1. Hrn

      Now as per spoilers dadi will think baby is a servant and will shout at pratima for keeping a black servant…??? yeah!!! Baby deserves it

    2. Mystery

      Hahahaha….wow superb

    3. I knw right..i just hope she mistakes yuvan and krishna as couples..we could get to see a jealous sayyam then.. 😉

    4. Aarti32

      It’ll be great fun..I’ll luv to see Dadi scolding fat baby

    5. there is something i dont understand.when sayyam said his mom was also attacked by tiger why all looked at him??? that because he called suhani mom or anything else.i cant understand

  6. Ab kahin karishna ki to holidays start nahi hogai na.

    1. In this serial…. All the actors take leave….N enjoy….

  7. I love u rajshri rani keep rocking as suhani.

  8. First lead pair is suhani and yuvraj and second pair is karishna and saiyyam.

  9. Aarti32

    Guys, I missed d episode..So plzz tell me, shud I watch it on Hotstar..Was there any Kriyyam scene?? Actually I’m lazy enough to read update??

    1. Esther

      hehe…..Krishna nahi thi

    2. today we had no kriyam scene.i dont know whether we can see them properly in the we had only tiger track.but yuvraj is back.Krishna was nowhere to find but nobody cared abt it.actually today SSEL is boring.better not to waste your precious time to watch it

    3. Laavanya

      It’s better not to watch, today episode was boring 🙁

    4. Watch it on apentv

  10. Arshi123

    What a joke???
    Boring and illogical
    No kriyam ???

    Well,guys.some news to share with u all
    1)Menka is coming back
    2)Karan posted a group selfiie with all SSEL members but only Srishti was not in the pic
    3)Karan posted pictures with Sambhav,Don’t know is he coming back again?????

    1. Esther

      Menka is coming back !!! ….she is funny…bt no.of negative characters will increase

    2. Menka is coming…!!! Waaa…..Atleast she is better than this disgusting baby

    3. In which spoiler it is mentioned about menka coming back… I really miss her… Though she was negative… She was kind to her husband anuj… Not like rags n baby

    4. Arshi123

      It’s India forums news,not spoiler.I read it two days ago,I’ll share the link once I find it again.

    5. Laavanya

      No dear, Alekh sir had organised the get together, he also invited Debashree (menka). Srishti was present in the party, but she left early.

    6. Aarti32

      Thank god tumne bata diya..Meko to tension ho gyi thi??

    7. Arshi123

      Yes, but I read in India forum that she will soon make re-entry.

    8. Arshi123

      And,of course.Thanks a lot for confirmation about Srish.I was also wondering what happened :-):-) 🙂

    9. I dont think menka is coming back…alekh,the actor playing sambhav had kept a reunion..nd she was just partying..i guess so…nd hope so too…

    10. Arshi123

      Thanks for replying, frndz.☺☺
      I can’t wait,Kriyam gonna win the poll.???
      We should celebrate????

    11. Laavanya

      Ur welcome 🙂

  11. Arshi123

    Only one HAPPY news, Kriyam is leading ???

    We will win ☺☺☺

    Kriyam is the best????

  12. yuvraaj is back .accha laga yuvraaj ko dekhkar.pure epi m kuch to accha dikha.may b shrasthi leave par ho isliye pure epi m ek v scéně nhi tha .maine instagram par dekha tha ssel ke group photo m shrasthi nhi h iska reason srasthi ne ghar jaldi jaana bataya .

    1. Really… Last night party pics r upload on instagram…. Rajshri, debashree, divjot r luking damn cute….. N haa u r rite… Shristi was der… But in pics the was not der… For this she stated nothing like that… She left early….

      But I guess the kriyam fans who were discussing about karan n shrishti fight… Is that true…??? But leave it…. we also got saraj n debraj pics…

    2. Esther

      wow ! Saraj ?? where did u see Saraj pics….I saw Debraj pics

    3. I mean to say full team pic….?in which we can find saraj in 1 frame

    4. Where was Yuvraj ki he’s back? Phir Sahil chhutti pe gayaa tha kya. Only poor Rajshri work nonstop. Cun understand anything reading update. Sher? Kya yaar, yeh log pagal ho gaye hai. Kriyam fans, I hope at least aap lok ki wish puri ho. Kyuki 2 saal mei hum bhi tarpe yuvani ke liye, aur gin chun ke scene mile, so lost interest in watching. But mujhe to yuvani best lagte the.

  13. Bakwas time waste episode krishna kha gai aur koi krishna ke bare main soch bhi nahi raha hain

  14. Totally I agree with you rockstr

  15. Laavanya

    Well these days, supernatural tracks r tending in India, so I got a crazy thought that might be Krishna turn into a tiger at night :p ;p
    Btw Happy Republic Days guys 🙂

    1. Aarti32

      Lolwaa..Krishna n tiger??

    2. Esther

      haha..possible he….writers are very creative u knw…
      N Happy Republic day 😀

  16. I’m from Australia and its nearly 11pm here and I stayed up just to read updates and I come to this, I should have slept and to top it all no Krishna and Saiyam, so upsetting today?

    1. Satie singh Jee

      I am from the Caribbean and m agreeing with u we need to see more of SaiYYam and Krishna moments verrrrrrry upsetting indeed

  17. Esther

    well…actly that was a stupid epi……..
    for a sec I thought that Dadi and Sayyam are planning this together to expose Baby(after seeing that Baby-Sayyam fight…)***stupid me***bt then they showed Dadi on the tree and my doubtgot cleared….I always wanted her to die,bt felt bad for her today***for the very first tym***…..N Dadi managed to climb the tree wearing that saree….hmm

    the funny part is ,Dadi hates Suhani and Sharad the most,,,,still,she trusts them the most….she was expecting them to come and save them

    1. Aarti32

      Mushkil k waqt meim sabko pata chal jata h ki kaun unki help krta h..Dadi k sath bhi wohi hua..But she’s dheet enough u know??

  18. These all doesn’t make any sense. Kriyam’s part is missing which I really don’t like

  19. Esther

    Yuvraj in Krishna out….Sahil returned after his break and now Srishti is on a break!!!…..they didn’t show anything lyk Krishna leaving BH,,so what explanation do they have for not showing Krishna in this scene….

    I’m happy that Yuvan is behaving maturely nowadays…hope his character won’t turn negative,,,,,he is trying to maintain a good relation with Sayyam,,,maybe for Suhani….

    1. Krishna aka Srishti is in Goa. She posted a pic of her on FB

    2. Arshi123

      Can u share the link?

    3. Aarti32

      CVS se hamari khushi dekhi nhi jati..Kabhi Krishna missing to kabhi Saiyyam..

  20. Esther

    Sayyam called Suhani maa….don’t knw why,bt I felt good seeing both Sayyam and Yuvan explaining to Yuvi abt what happened….I want them to be together lyk Sharad and Yuvi

    1. Hope so… They should show some positive

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