Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad checking lights and says I will go and check meter. Dadi asks why did we come here. Saiyyam says what happened to lights. Suhani says we came here as tiger entered home twice, we were not safe there, but its darkness here also. Baby says what’s problem if its dark. Saiyyam gets angry. Yuvaan asks Saiyyam to ignore Baby’s words. Suhani asks Saiyyam to talk to Baby well. Suhani says animals can see even in darkness. Dadi says we will light fire. Suhani says I will go and collect wood. Dadi says you be here, I will go and collect wood. Baby says no, I will go along Dadi. Baby thinks they are scared, but tiger is not there, its inside house, I will go with Dadi and get praised.

She recalls Yuvaan’s words. He asks Baby to ignore Saiyyam if Suhani is happy. She says I m happy if you are happy, fine, have medicines. She gives him sleeping tablets again. Yuvaan smiles and takes medicines. He thanks her and goes to sleep. She asks Yuvaan to get up, open eyes, you have to scare Suhani today. He asks what. She says yes and smiles. She gets a tiger costume for him and asks him to wear it, become tiger and attack on Suhani, I will be with you. He says I m tired. She says its your own wish, you have to fulfill it today. He wears costume. She says costume has real nails, bite her well. FB ends. Baby asks Dadi to wait and goes to burn woods for safety. Dadi looks around.

Tiger sees Dadi and takes her away. Baby turns and says Dadi was here, where did she go. She sees blood marks on a cloth and gets shocked seeing the tiger marks. She says it means there is real tiger here.

Baby shouts to Yuvaan. Suhani asks Saiyyam to go and see Baby and Dadi. Baby comes running and cries. Suhani and everyone ask her what happened, where is Dadi. Yuvani says I will go and see. They all hear tiger roar. Sharad asks Saiyyam to shut the door. Baby cries and sits there. She tells about the tiger. Suhani and Sharad go out and see the burning wood.

Suhani says Dadi was attacked here. Sharad asks Suhani to come back, we can’t fight with tiger alone. She sees the blood on cloth. Yuvaan says I will go and see, Suhani did not come till now. Yuvani and Saiyyam ask him to be here, it makes more sense.

Suhani says this is Dadi’s saree cloth, it has blood on it. Sharad worries. Suhani and Sharad come back. Bhavna asks Suhani where is Dadi. Suhani says we did not get her, there were tiger claw marks and we got Dadi’s saree cloth, its blood stained. They get shocked. Bhavna says it means tiger has…. Yuvani asks Suhani how can she think Dadi died, everyone is thinking this. Yuvaan says yes, the cloth has blood. Saiyyam says maybe Dadi was saved. Baby asks why will be blood stain get on cloth then. Saiyyam says maybe Dadi got saved, how could you not hear anything when tiger dragged Dadi.

Baby says how dare you Saiyyam, I did not know when Dadi went missing. Yuvani asks them to stop it. Baby and Saiyyam argue. Suhani asks Saiyyam to be quiet. Yuvaan asks what shall we do now. Sharad gets a call and tells everyone that officer will take some time to come, their car stopped by a tree fallen on the way. Suhani says we can’t wait, Dadi can’t fight with tiger. Baby asks you think Dadi is alive. Yuvani says yes, don’t say anything, else I will not leave you. Baby asks her to talk well. Bhavna asks Baby to control her anger.

Dadi gets on a tree to save herself. She says how will I inform them, Baby won’t save me, just Suhani and Sharad can save me. Tiger waits for her under the tree. Dadi gets scared. She shouts for help. Someone knocks the door. They all get shocked. Baby says its tiger, save me. Sharad says I will open the door. Suhani asks them to take a stick for safety. She makes everyone back. They open the door and check. Yuvraaj walks in. They get shocked seeing him. Yuvraaj sees them with sticks. Suhani hugs Yuvraaj.

Yuvraaj asks what’s happening, why are you all here. Yuvaan says a tiger has come out of zoo, and came near our house, he attacked Dadi. Saiyyam says he attacked Maa too. Suhani sees Saiyyam. Saiyyam says I mean, tiger attacked Suhani and then took Dadi. Yuvraaj asks Suhani are you fine. Suhani says yes, but we have to save Dadi. Yuvraaj says I was getting bad vibes and came driving at night, I met forest officers on the way, their car got jammed by the fallen tree, they told me about the help call from our house. Sharad gives the blood stained cloth. Yuvraaj asks Suhani what do you think. Suhani says I think she is around. Dadi shouts for help. They all hear Dadi. Yuvani says it means she is alive, we have to save her. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to come. Suhani asks Bhavna to manage Yuvani and Baby. Bhavna asks her to be careful. The men and Suhani leave.

They see the fire. Suhani says animals are scared of fire, this will help us in finding Dadi. Dadi slips and falls down on a huge stone. Suhani and everyone try to find Dadi and call her out. They all find Dadi injured.

Pratima says Amma Mai was Dadi’s saas. Doctor says Dadi lost her memory because of the head injury.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Satie singh Jee

    Need to see more of KriYam moments KRIYAM rocks

  2. sarita sharma

    yes píyu after leap mujhe v yuvaani or saiyam hi acche lagte h.after kriyam love confession yuvaani ki story v start karenge

    1. tysm for ur feedback is really wanna write and have some many ideas just not able to do as they are not registering me tysm again

  3. I couldn’t see ssel yesterday. Does anybody know when the repeat will show?pls let me know.

    1. Jessica Agarwal

      Hi Samira don’t watch this episode it was a waste of time. I am from London and here they repeat the episode at 10:30 am in star plus. I hope that I helped you.

    2. Arshi123

      I far as I know,new repeat telecast timing is 3:30am and 7:30am.most probably…not sure.

  4. thanks jesica and arshi for helping me

  5. No KriYam Scenes? *pout

    Want KriYam.

    And KriYam won, yayyyyy?????


    Hi Arshi

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