Swaragini Raglak ff Benaam Rishta Woh Chapter 9

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Hey everyone.

I am really really sorry I couldn’t post my ff regularly due to my exams.

I will now try to be as regular as possible.

Thank you for all your comments and please keep commenting about the chapter and best dialogue.

Sorry, a very big sorry if I couldn’t reply to your comments.

Recap: Raglak’s Ghangaur, Ragini and Sahil’s marriage at Raheja Haveli

Now with chapter 9


Sahil was smirking looking at Laksh as he felt that he snatched Ragini from Laksh forever and ever. But little did he know that Ragini could never forget her first love, her true love, her Laksh.

Ragini was silent. She was fighting with her inner voice which was telling her to leave all this and run to Laksh. But she can’t do that due to her family’s happiness.

Laksh couldn’t say anything. He felt his life going away from him and he was so helpless that he couldn’t even stop her.

Maya : All of you please come to Raheja Haveli and bless my son and my bahu. They will be starting their new life very soon.

Everyone gave her a small smile assuring that they will be there.

Daadi: With blessings of Kaatur Shaam ji everything will go properly. Maya ji when should we leave to your Haveli.

Maya: We better leave after four days because the muhurat for engagement is after 10 days from today. And we should also complete the Tilak ceremony before it.

Daadi: But we need to send the wedding cards for all the relatives. How can it happen in such a less time?

Sahil(interrupting): Don’t worry Daadi ji. Everything will be managed by me. So you don’t take any tension.

Daadi: My Laado is very lucky to get you
in her life.

Saying this she eyes Laksh angrily.

Maya: Me and Sahil will leave now. Thank you.

Sahil and Maya greet everyone before going. Sahil sees Laksh standing with teary eyes. Sahil goes to Laksh and says

Sahil: Please do come for the wedding.

He leaves from there smirking. Maya also leaves from there.

Daadu: I think it’s quite late and we should also leave. All of you do come to the wedding.

Saying so Gadodia family also leaves to the Baadi. Laksh goes running into his room.

Ragini’ s laughter and her words starts echoing in the room. Laksh closes his ears with his hands and closes his eyes tightly.
Tears start falling down from his eyes. He opens his eyes to find Ragini standing in front of him. She wipes his tears lovingly. She cups his face and places a kiss on his forehead. He closes his eyes feeling her so near.

When he opens his eyes he doesn’t find Ragini anywhere . He realized that it was all a dream. A dream he badly wanted to become true.

Later at Night in Baadi

Ragini was sitting on the floor in a white patiala dress. She was holding something and sobbing continuously. It was Laksh’s wristband and his coat. ( I hope you guys remember the wristband which Laksh drops during their first meet and the coat he gives her when he sneaks into the Baadi)

Ragini: Even though I was away from you, even though I knew that you didn’t love me, I was able to live with your memories. But now when I know that you also love me, it’s becoming hard for me to stay away from you Laksh.

She remembers all their memories and falls asleep in the same position.

Meanwhile in Raheja Mansion

Sahil: Ma, make sure that my Sherwani for Sangeet is blue colored. And the Sherwani of my marriage must match with Ragini’s attire.

Maya(teasingly): Ok I was thinking of getting a pink color ghagra for Ragini to wear for the marriage. I will buy a pink sherwani for you.

Sahil: What pink? No no. Please ma.

Maya started laughing.

Maya: I never knew that you would be so restless to get married.

Sahil: Ma.. Good night.

He goes to his room and switches on a projector and switches off the lights. Ragini’s photos start coming on the screen. He goes towards the screen and says “You will be mine very soon Ragini, you will be Ragini Raheja.”

Maheshwari Mansion

Laksh’s room

Laksh: I can’t bear to see you with anyone else Ragini but I need to learn to see
you with Sahil and control my emotions at the same time. For that I need to get habituated with this. I need to see you getting married to someone else. Or else I will never ever be able to control my love for you.


A girl was running in a rose garden. She was wearing a red color gown. A boy was running behind her trying to catch her. He was wearing a black tuxedo. His eyes were blindfolded with a red cloth. He was running after her listening to her laughter.

Boy: Ragini where are you going? Stop running.

Girl: Come and catch me Laksh.

Laksh : Ragini Maine kaha ruko.

Ragini: Come and catch me.

Suddenly Ragini’s laughter slowed down and it couldn’t be heard making Laksh worried.

Laksh: Ragini what happened? Where are you? Say something for God’s sake.

He immediately opened the cloth and saw that Ragini was nowhere to be found. And the whole place was really dark.

Laksh broke down on his knees shouting ”


Laksh woke up from his sleep suddenly saying “Ragini mat jao.” He was badly sweating. He realized it was all a dream but it will soon be turned into a reality which he can’t change even if he wants to.

There was a knock on the door.

Laksh: Come in.

Sanskar came in.

Sanky: Lucky we need to leave in an hour. Are you sure you want to come?

Lucky: Yes Bhai. I need to do this so that I can make myself understand that Ragini will be Sahil’s wife and I won’t be having any right on her anymore.

Sanky: Ok then get ready. We have to leave. The bus might be here anytime.

Laksh: Bus?

Sanky: Yeah we, Gadodia’s and Raheja’s are going by a bus. Go get ready.

Laksh: Yeah ok.

Meanwhile in Baadi

Daadi: Did you pack everything Shomi? You can’t come back to take anything.

Shomi: Yes ma. Everything is packed.

Ragini comes out wearing a green color anarkali and hair done in a fish tail.

Daadi: Laado aa gayi tu. Chalo everything is ready, let’s leave.

A voice of a lady came suddenly.

Lady: You can’t go because Naanimaa of the bride has just come. And I won’t allow you to go without me.

Everyone saw towards the side where the
voice came from to see Dida.

Shomi went and hugged Dida. Ragini was standing there remembering Dida slapping her and how she was responsible for Dida falling into coma.

Dida: Ragu won’t you come and hug your

Ragini went running and hugged Dida.

Dida(in mind): Shomi told me whatever happened Ragu.When you and Laksh got married, I gave you a baddua saying that this marriage will never sustain. But now I will do everything to unite both of you.

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