Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 4

Chapter: 4

Okay so there was a mistake in yesterday’s part about babies age. So, to clear it now she is 2 years old. Sorry, for the mistake, and I am very gladful to all of you for motivating me and am literally sorry as I couldn’t reply back to the comments you all have said in the last two parts. Am seriously busy with my wok so I don’t get time either. Anyways enough of my talking’s. This is priya again with another episode..

Dev was not satisfied with the answer. He just looked at her as if he is seeing her like this for the first time. He asked confused.
De: why do you hate them this much?
A: (smiling and getting up covering kavya. She came back to her seat) I never hated anyone dev. And why did you ask like this?
De: they never trusted you…
A: (cutting him) dev I guess the situation that made them believe that. But I know shivay might have believed me.
De: and why do you think that shivay might had believed you.
A: because we had started a new life promising that we would never distrust each other. So, I have a feeling that…
De: (cutting her in middle) he still trusts you, so can’t you just return for him.
A: (nodding in negative) not so soon. I will do that if the situation needs me to do that.
Dev knew that there was no point in fighting back so he just smiled and she continued with her work. Days passes and dadi was brought home but she was not happy to see that shivay and pinky were not talking to each other. While shivay knew that his bruises were getting fresh by his staying in OM. He finally decided that he is going to go back to London the next day. All, tried their best to convince him but he was adamant on his decision.

Finally, at night pinky came to his room. He was on call with some of the client when he saw her coming and just finished the call and faced her, he said.
S: so, as I promised I am going back. So, you must be happy finally.
P: look shivay, I never asked you a thing from the time you came back. Now at least let me talk to you on the day you are going back.
S: (mocking a smile) what a dialog? But there is nothing left for us to talk. So, you better stay out of my life.
P: shivay I know that what I had done was a big mistake. But now it has been 2 years why don’t you move on.
S: fine then I am ready to move on. But for that you will have to do what I ask you to do.
P: (in an agreeing tone) okay I am ready to do whatever you say. Just tell it and look how I get it for you.
S: (smiling) think twice before you promise me anything. Because I am pretty sure that you won’t be able to fulfil what I would be asking from you?
P: I have decided and my promise is final. You just ask.
S: (nodding in agreement) fine then you want me to get settled right then do one thing give me back the reason of my living (she looked at him confused and he just smiled and continued) I meant get me anika and then on I will listen to whatever you say.
P: (getting angry) shivay from the last 2 years you are constantly taking name of anika and you are getting away from us just for the sake of that road side…
S: (getting angry he cut he off in the middle.) don’t dare to talk anything sort of it about her. I had once committed the mistake of using the phrase in front of her but then I understood that the mistake was on my side.
P: arre what kind of magic has she done on you, you know that you had forcefully married her and then you had yourself signed the divorce paper then why are you caring for her. shivay she was a threat to the family at that time and she is becoming a hindrance in your life now.
S: (in disbelief) I don’t get it you are still talking like this. How many times should I make you understand that she has always safeguarded this family from every kind of problems, have you forgotten that she had played with her life just to save you.

There was some function in OM and people were arranging the hall. Anika had been told to look after the arrangement. She was very cautious at the time of arrangement of chandelier. She herself had been instructing the men how to arrange everything. Till this time shivay and anika had started a new life and they were very much in love with each other but had not confessed it yet. On the other hand, tia had entered the house claiming robin’s child to be shivay’s, and as he had no other way he had to accept it on pinky’s consent.
This had made anika sad at first but then shivay assured that he was just doing it to make pinky realize the truth. But nobody knew the real intention of tia. She had come to take revenge from Oberoy’s as they were responsible for her fathers’ death. She knew well that if she does something and frames anika in it then pinky will surely get anika out of the mansion and then she can do her work successfully. The time before the function begins tia as usual taunted anika saying.
Tia(T): look at you anika you are trying to take my place in the house. But poor you, nobody is ready to accept you sweet heart.
A: (smiling back) really tia. Tell me one thing are you sleeping during day or are you in some sort of dreamland.
T: (angry) excuse me what do you mean.
A: (patting her shoulder which tia shrugged away) arre… arre… relax tia it is not good to take strain in this stage.
T: (angry) you road side girl you are here as shivay’s wife because of me and now you are showing me attitude.
A: (smiling) even if I am a road side girl I am here because I am having every right over here. If you are forgetting sweetie I am the one with whom shivay got married and I am his legally wedded wife. So as the law and customs says a married girl must stay in her husbands’ house and look at you. you cheapdi you are trying to make your place by forcing someone else child on shivay.
T: how dare you talk to me like that?

A: with all the rights, which I possess on shivay I am daring to talk like this to you. (folding her hands) amm are you done or are you still wishing to make more insult of yours.
T: (getting really angry) what do you think haan this universe will not forget you. you will really suffer for whatever you have told to me right now.
A: (getting irritated) eh you lizard always chanting the name of universe. Don’t talk this universe and stuff in front of me.
T: I will show this to shivay baby that how you talk with me.
A: (getting angry) shivay baby. Tia I swear if you will call shivay like that again then make sure that you will not have you tongue to raise again. And what are you talking about my suffering arre get some common sense tia everyone here has accepted me as their bahu and if the topic comes of mine and shivay’s divorce, that you made us do forcefully but there is still time for it to get sanctioned so till than I am still the DIL of this house.
T: (smiling) poor you anika you are forgetting pinky mom consider me as her bahu not you so how can you be the DIL of this house?
A: I knew that you are shameless but I had never expected you to be shameless till this extent. Tia if you are considering that you are having support of pinky aunty then you are forgetting you only have that support with you, and haan to let you know no body in this house like you. So, unfortunate for you I am having more support than you.
T: (getting pissed off from the insults) well tonight I will show you who I am and what can I do to make you leave this house.
A: (smiling and patting her hand) do whatever you want? But just make sure that you don’t fail in your plans.
Saying so she left. In the evening the function was going on in full swing and shivay was busy pestering anika and she as usual was running away from him. She was very conscious about the chandelier and was at times looking at it and in between she felt that it was swinging but then removed the thought from her mind. Tia was smiling and thought.
T: poor you anika today might be the last day for you in this house. (looking at chandelier) once this chandelier falls on pinky mom then I am sure shivay will throw you out from the mansion for hurting his mom. That is the reason only why I have purposely made pinky mom stand beneath it. So, enjoy this party to the fullest as it is going to be the final party for you.
Tia had cut the rope of the chandelier but to her surprise it was not falling so she went to check what was the matter. Anika who saw her leaving followed her, tia on reaching the place was surprised to find one of the worker tying the chandelier again and she asked.
T: hey what are you doing?
W: amm mam this rope got lose and was going to fall off so I was just tying it.
T: (cursing him in mind. She smiled and said) haan very good since you have tied it now leave.
W: amm no mam anika mam has asked me to stay here so I can keep a check on it.
T: (pissed off) what anika mam anika mam haan I said na just leave. Go get me fresh juice I am thirsty.
W: (getting scared) but mam…

T: okay fine I will take care of the rope now go get me some juice.
Anika who was watching this felt that tia was upto something and saw the worker leaving. She saw tia smiling and then removing some kind of knife from her hair clip and cutting off the rope. Anika wanted to stop her but she then saw pinky standing right beneath it and rushed from the place to the party area. She was trying to call pinky but she was not listening due to crowd. Tia had not noticed anika and she was simply cutting. Finally, on her success tia smiled and looked at pinky standing down and the chandelier falling. But to her surprise anika emerged from nowhere and pushed pinky away resulting the chandelier fall on her leg causing deep cuts. The whole crowd got silenced and tia just frowned on the failure of her plan. Pinky looked back and was shocked to see the chandelier and then she looked at anika.
While anika just looked at tia who gave her deadly glances back and just left from there. Shakti helped pinky and shivay went and kneeled in front of her and asked.
S: (concerned) anika are you ok?
A: (trying to take her leg. She nodded) yes, I am fine. Shivay can you just help me get this leg out.
That was the moment shivay noticed her leg and on finding it having cuts due to the pointed thing in chandelier. He felt numb but then with the help of omru he helped her out and was doing the medication by taking her in room when pinky entered all angry along with tia and said.
P: what’s your problem anika?
A: (getting confused. Shivay just looked at pinky) I am sorry I didn’t get what you meant aunty.
P: you had been given the responsibility to look after the arrangement then why didn’t you take care of it haan, is this a way to tie up this chandelier.
A: I had taken very good care of it aunty but…
P: (she was cut off by pinky) but what haan… luckily it was me who was under it what would have happened if tia was there beneath it. It was some good aura only that I had asked her to go to room and take rest.
A: aunty you are not knowing what had really happened? (giving a dead glance to tia) plz believe me I had tied it well.
P: haan I know that you don’t like tia to stay here and give birth to my grandchild. And you are also shameless even after signing the divorce notice you are still here sticking to this house like a gum.

S: (angry) enough mom. Now what you told is enough. Arre she saved you getting from getting under the chandelier and without thanking her you are going on scolding her. and she has suffered injuries in saving you from this accident. Plz I don’t want any kind of scene to be created mom.
T: but shivay baby pinky mom is correct. What if I was there beneath it then?
S: (getting angry) tia I am talking to my mom and plz don’t interfere in our personal talks. (tia looked at shivay and then at anika. anika gave her a warning look while tia just cursed her for ruining her plan. Shivay looking at pinky) mom now if you are done with your lectures then I would be glad that you leave this place and take tia with you.
P: haan now obviously, how can I forget you will only take side of this road side girl.
S: mom plz…
A: (getting up from bed and then holding shivay’s hand) no shivay it’s alright I will leave.
Before he could say anything anika managed to walk off from the room. Flashback ends and pinky says defending herself.
P: haan so there is nothing great that she had done. What she had done will what anyone could have done if they find anyone stuck in that state. And why are you worried for her haan. remember shivay that you have divorced her and you have all the rights to get married again.
S: mom I thought that after my leaving you will get some brains but guess what I was wrong. And you are still stuck there where I had left 2 years back. Just for your information I am still married and that person is none other than anika.
P: arre are you out of your nuts shivay? you yourself had given the divorce to that girl.
S: first and foremost, her name is ANIKA… and second thing the papers were fake and I had not signed the papers in real. But don’t worry I have now decided I will prove you wrong in your thoughts about your so-called understanding bahu tia and then I will give you the pain which you have given me. Till then just take care of yourself.
He saw malika coming there hearing that. She just looked at him and he just gave her a whatever look and then looking at pinky left the room. Malika followed him and stopped him when he reached the lawn.

M: shivay… (he was not listening) shivay… listen… (he was not stopping finally coming and standing in front of him) stop.
S: (stopping and getting angry) are you happy now. This was the reason why I had decided to stay there.
M: I am sorry I didn’t know that she will react something like this. I just thought that…
S: (cutting her off) you thought really malika you never think before making any kind of decision.
Omru and ishana coming there as they had just come from outside. They saw shivay and malika in such condition. Om asked.
O: shivay is everything alright. Why are you shouting at malika?
R: haan didi what happened?
M: (confessing) amm pinky aunty just lashed out at shivay and they were having some sort of arguments and then I came here and he was leaving in anger so I was just stopping him.
S: I had told you a hundred times that I will not come here because of this only. I was just fine there even though my bruises were not healing it had not become fresh like the one which has happened now.
O: (calming him down) shivay relax why are you shouting at her.
S: fine then I will lash out at you. will that be okay.
R: haan since you have not talked to us nicely and have decided that you would be leaving then its fine do that only we will at least get to see our brother in that.
I: bhaiya plz calm down. I know that I don’t have right to interfere but plz for all of us calm down. If dadi will hear it she will again get weak.
Shivay just turned back and looked into the pitch-dark night. Ishana comforted malika while omru sighed and om asked.
O: are you alright malika. (she nodded in positive he came to shivay and said.) shivay I know that what choti ma said must have hurted you. I am sorry on her side just relax.
S: (hugging him) this is the reason om I am staying away plz try to understand me. Anyways (leaving him) don’t worry if you all need something I am just a call away.
R: so, it’s your final decision that you are leaving.

I: rudra don’t force him to stay back. Else today the situation got controlled but if this happens regularly then for sure it will never get under control.
S: (smiling at her) well om now I can say that you have got a perfect partner.
I: (smiling) thankyou bhaiya but I have to also take the responsibility after all this is my family too.
S: you know what ishana you by your talking’s seems very much similar to anika.
I: bhaiya when a girl comes to her new family she always has to adjust with her surroundings and I think me and anika didi might have learned to talk like this after coming here.
O: hello what do you mean haan? has someone stopped you from behaving like you wish. This is not central prison alright.
I: (keeping her hand on waist) really om can you just tell me if I can behave with you the same way I used to do when we had first met.
O: (getting shocked) no… no this one is fine.
R: oh, ho o getting shocked haan tell na bhabhi what you used to do with him before marriage that he is getting frightened like this.
O: (defending him) why do you want to know it? It’s just silly matter.
S: (looking at om) I don’t think so because look at you, I mean it’s so cold and om (placing his hand on his shoulder) you are sweating.
O: (ignoring him) not really, it’s…
I: (confessing) I used to put all the clay on his face if in case he used to make me angry and then above that I would destroy any one of his sculpture. That’s it.
M: (all got surprised hearing that and om just looked here and there. She spoke confused) but om as far as I know you clay thing is fine but if anyone does anything with your statue then… (om looked at her giving her a death glance while the rest started laughing)
O: (getting irritated) enough guys it happens. And malika you have not got hitched yet once you become na then I will give you the proper answer for this.
I: (coming in front of him and in an angry tone) what will you do haan? dare you try doing anything with her then don’t forget that there won’t be anyone to support you from then on.
O: (sealing him mouth) as you say mam…
Rest 3: oh, ho mam and all. Nice one om.
Shivay excused that he needed to do a call and went in the rest were happy that at least they could get shivay calm down.

So, done with this part. Just hope that you liked it. And to repeat the same thing if any changes required in story line then do mention and also do keep commenting. If possible I will post the next chapter today itself. And HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY to all of you, and have a nice holiday. and to al my readers who are requesting me to unite shivika I guess i will make them meet soon but it will take few more chapters. So, till then plz do bear with this track. This is priya/Yaashi signing off. Take care….

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