KISMET – Chapter 4 (Thapki Pyar Ki)

Thapki: Chiara stop, where are you running my little princess.
Her bundle of joy has turned 2 and was giggling and playing catch with her mom. Chiara stammers like Thapki and has identical dimples like Bihaan, she was such an adorable doll. Yes, it has been almost 3 years since Thapki and Bihaan separation, Thapki dedicates her life and love for Chiara.

Vaani Oberoi promoted Thapki as the Managing Director for Oberoi Hotel Groups (OHG). Thapki lives in the guest house partitioned from Vaani’s Mansion and is affluent. Chiara attends the best school and Thapki has a live-in Nanny, Aisha.

In Agra, Bihaan toils around Raj Villas, overlooking all aspects of the hotel administrations and doesn’t hold any superiority as the owner.
He celebrates the 2nd year anniversary of Raj Villas with Thapki’s picture,
Bihaan: Thapki I have realized your dream, if not for your initiation I never have dreamt of running this business. You believed in me more than I do myself and I’ll do my best to make you proud. You are my greatest inspiration in my life and I dedicate this success to you my love.

Today is Bihaan and Thapki’s wedding anniversary;
Thapki is in the temple performing special prayers for her wedding anniversary and prayed for Bihaan’s wellbeing and happiness. She reaches home, Chiara is fast asleep in her room, Thapki gives her a gentle kiss on her forehead and walkover to the balcony. It was a moonless night, the stars were shimmering brightly, especially her Thapki star gifted by Bihaan.
Thapki: Bihaan, though you are married to Shankar and moved on in your life. My love for you never stops glowing likes this Thapki star. You see I’m still wearing the mangalsutra and sindoor in your name, as you are the only one who completes me.
She stands staring at Thapki star with tears swelling thinking of BIhaan.

Same evening, Bihaan siting at the banks of Yamuna River captivated by the beauty of Taj Mahal. He recalls completing Thapki’s incomplete Taj Mahal with tea lights.
Thapki: today is our wedding anniversary, my heart only ever had one thought, one want, one need, all my heart has ever wanted is you, why did you leave me? He griefs in isolation.

song plays in the background (which is apt to both in this situation)
Ye dil tanha kyun rahe (Why should this heart remain lonely)
Kyun hum tukdon mein jiyein (Why should we live in pieces)
Kyun rooh meri ye sahe (Why should my soul bear this)
Main adhooraa jee rahaa hoon (I’ve been living alone)
Har dam ye keh rahaa hoon (I’m saying this every moment)
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai (that I need you) (x2)

teri choodiyon ki wo khanak (that clinking of your bangles)
Yaadon ke kamre mein goonje hai (echoes in the room of memories)
Sun kar ise aata hai yaad (hearing this I am reminded)
Haathon mein mere zanjeerein hain (that there are chains around my hands)
Tu hi aa ke in ko nikaal zaraa (you only come and remove them)
Kar mujhe yahaan se rihaa (free me from here)
Main adhoora jee raha hoon (I am living incomplete)
Ye sadaayein de rahaa hoon (I am calling you)
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai (I need you) (x2)

Bihaan was delivering a bouquet to one of his guest in Raj Villas, when he heard a woman screaming. He rushed towards the scream, where he saw a drunk man forcing to kiss a lady near the elevator. She was struggling to push him away, Bihaan yanked him out from the frightened girl and slapped him hard. The man collapsed, the girl ran into Bihaan’s arms crying, Bihaan calmed her down and asked her which room she’s in. She says room 310, Bihaan walked her to the room and advised to lock the doors. Bihaan walked to the drunk man still lying near the elevator, pushed him inside the elevator and brought the man to his hotel reception. Called for a taxi and told the driver to bring the drunk man wherever he wants to go. Bihaan is very concern of his hotel reputation, he ensures all his guests are treated respectfully and stay safe within the hotel premises. He handles such unpleasant incidents discreetly.

Next day morning, Bihaan was at the front reception when she walked towards him hesitantly. Bihaan looked up and recognized the girl whom he helped last night. He smiled at her asking if she’s feeling fine and does she need any help. She starts to tear and told how grateful she is for his help. She introduced herself as Maya and as a gratitude, asked Bihaan if he can join her for a coffee at the coffee house opposite the hotel. Bihaan hesitated and then said,
Bihaan: Sorry, I’m short staffed today and it’s a busy day, another time.
Continued with his work.

Maya being persistent, was monitoring Bihaan the whole day without his knowledge. After handing over his duties to the next staff on duty, Bihaan was about to step out of the hotel, when Maya called,
Maya: Bihaan, shall we go for coffee please you are done with your work right?
She pleaded, Bihaan didn’t want to be rude to his guest and agreed. They walked towards the coffee house.

They collected their beverages, sat near the window in the coffee house. Bihaan was in deep thoughts watching the passing traffic, Maya was looking intently at Bihaan, takes a sip of her latte, initiated the conversation,
Maya: I came to this city for an interview, the guy who misbehaved yesterday was the hiring manager. It was unexpected and in shock I screamed, she said and started to cry. Bihaan put his hand over hers to console her.
Maya: I really needed this job as I wanted to be independent and didn’t want to be a burden to my family, after yesterday’s incident I don’t think I will secure the job. I am lost and not sure what to do next.
Bihaan felt sorry and wanted to help her, he asked,
Bihaan: what your qualifications and work experiences
Maya: I’m a business graduate and have prior customer service experience
Bihaan’s hotel was short staffed presently and decides to offer a job considering she had relevant work experiences.
Bihaan: there’s a job opening in Raj Villas in Guest Services, if you are interested, I can recommend you for the role
Maya: Yes, Bihaan, that will be very helpful. Happily she accepted the offer instantly
Bihaan: Tomorrow the HR will call your room to complete the formalities with you. He congratulated Maya, and said thanks for the coffee I will take my leave. Do you want me to walk you to the hotel?
Maya: No it’s okay, I will leave later

Maya watches Bihaan walk out to his bike and riding off. She smiles and calls her friend and said, Plan Success, let’s celebrate where shall I meet you?

Flashback: Maya checks-in to Raj Villas as a guests. Maya is a pretty modern girl who is very social, most man admire and flirts with her and she loves the attention. When she met Bihaan at the hotel reception, gets attracted to him. She expected Bihaan to flirt with her soon like other men, but Bihaan didn’t react as she anticipated. He treated her like any other customer. Regardless how she decked up to impress Bihaan, he doesn’t give a second glance, Maya felt upset. Bihaan was making her very curious! She plans with her friend, Dave, to act drunk in front of Bihaan to initiate her move to gain his friendship.

In New Delhi Oberoi Hotel Groups (OHG), Thapki leads a new initiative to expand OHG partnership with many boutique hotels across India. Thapki assigns Kabir Katyal, the Director of Acquisition, to identify the potential hotels and submit a report in a month.

Kabir and team works on compiling the report as requested. His team gathers and submits customer feedbacks, financials and reports of the potential hotels to Thapki. Thapki reviews the report with Management and 20 hotels were shortlisted. Kabir and team sends an invite to all shortlisted hotel owners/representative to attend the conference in New Delhi, to discuss business partnership opportunity with OHG.

In Raj Villas, Gopal walks into Bihaan office,
Gopal: Bihaan we have received an invite to attend a business partnership conference with Oberoi Hotel Groups (OHG) in New Delhi. OHG is a well renowned company and being in partnership with them will help us to promote as well benefit our hotel financially. As your manager I recommend you to consider this partnership. I have checked your dates, you are available shall I confirm your participation and book flights.
Bihaan looks at the invitation, hesitated then said,
Bihaan: Gopal you attend this conference on my behalf. These meetings are usually conducted in English, and I’m still learning the language, do obtain more information on OHG partnership, I will take care of the hotel operations in your absence.
Gopal agrees and RSVP with OHG.

Maya works in Hotel for a year, Bihaan maintains a colleague relationship and doesn’t socialize in any after hour’s dinners or parties. Maya plans with colleagues to celebrate her birthday in a pub. Maya forces Bihaan to attend her birthday party but Bihaan refuses her flatly indicating work commitment.
Maya: No Bihaan, you cannot refuse me on my birthday, most of our colleagues and my friends will there to celebrate this day with me. You have been a pillar in my life and I really want to celebrate my birthday with the ones who cares and loves for me
Bihaan: Okay I will join the party but will not stay long

Maya rushes home wears a metallic sliver mini short dress with high heels for her birthday party pub. She admires herself in the mirror and then says,
Maya: Bihaan you can’t resist me today
She meets her friends at the pub entrance, and reminds them,
Maya: don’t forget your cameras, I want you guys to snap as much intimate pictures of me and Bihaan at the party. Her friends’ cheered GAMEON Maya, Lets Party!

Pub was engulfed in loud music and party food was served, Bihaan was mingling with his office colleagues. Maya enters the pub and walks to her colleagues and started to hug and thanked each and every one. Bihaan was about to walk away, when she grabbed Bihaan and gave him a tight hug, and whispered
Maya: Thank you for being here for me you made this day extra special
Bihaan was stunned, loosened her grip and walked away to get a drink.
Maya’s friend takes pictures of the hug and showed thumbs up.
Maya: (smiling) you can’t run away from me Bihaan

Bihaan avoids Maya sensing she was trying to get intimate, he blends in with his colleagues. Maya friends brought her birthday cake, Maya makes a wish and cuts the cake, she starts feeding everyone including Bihaan. He didn’t want to be rude nibbles a small piece. Maya and her friends consume liquor and goes to the dancefloor. Maya was showing her s*xy dance moves looking at Bihaan, he ignored her. Maya saw Bihaan leaving the party, she runs toward Bihaan pretends to stumble. Bihaan grabs Maya’s waist to stop her from falling, she deliberately brushed her lips on Bihaan’s cheeks. They were staring at each other in a hugging position then Bihaan relaxed his grip and tells her to take care and leaves the pub.

After the party, Maya’s friends pass the camera and shared all the pictures of her and Bihaan. Maya lies on her bed admiring the intimate picture with Bihaan, she felt excited and happy as the evening turned out as planned.
Maya: This is just a beginning Bihaan, I will make you fall head over heels in love with me. She slept blissfully with hope.

Bihaan reached home feeling troubled about Maya’s behavior at the party, Talks to Thapki’s picture,
Bihaan: Maya is a young friendly and naïve girl. She’s not aware of our love which is entwined in us. Our love will never be shared with another as we hold it close to our souls. I am just a lifeless body, my life, passion and love are all within you. Our bond is beyond lust, we are united as one. Our feelings and emotions are safe with each other. I know you are very much alive somewhere, Time and Kismet is our enemy now. But I’m confident you will be in my arms, and I am waiting to breathe again for you, I wish for the day soon, Thapki. His tears flows into the quiet night.

Precap: Maya proposes to Bihaan. Ashok suggest 2nd marriage to Thapki.

  1. Finally it’s here. I’ve read it last night in IF.
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    1. RatanaMala

      Hi Lee_na, The best part of Thahaan is their unconditional love for each other, regardless the evilness surrounding them. Yes, i have portrayed Bihaan as an independent guy who strives to prove himself for his Thapki. Thanks for your comments. tc

      PS: I try to post the next chapter on the same day as IF.

  2. Friend…its going on a complicated way.please Unite Thahaan soon.hope for the best…good luck.

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    1. RatanaMala

      HI Shilbil, I have portrayed Bihaan as independent guy, which deserves to be. Your wish will be granted in the next chapter, Chiara and Bihaan bonding than Thahaan meet (are you reading my mind 😉 ) Thanks for your comments. tc

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