Lucky (Om and Ishu) Episode 17

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Hello everyone 🙂 I missed you guys a lot! 🙂 before we jump to the episode, fair warning: this one is short too. Plus, this episode is dedicated to Diyaa, Shivika, Kehkasha, Renima, Suchitra, Shubhadra, and Mrunal. Read the author’s note at the end to know more 😉


“Ishu, you should show Rudra the balcony. It’s quite a view, you know!” Om said, easily shocking the other two. Rudra was quicker one to understand the implication and stood up immediately. I knew he would try to get it out of me later, but he was compliant of the arrangement for now. Ishu, however, was still lost somewhere. Om touched her hand, startling her awake from her daydream. “Hmm?” she looked at all of us quizzically. It took a few more words and pointed fingers to get her to understand, but she got there eventually. When they were gone, I raised my eyebrows at Om and waited for him to begin.
“It’s not a huge thing Shivaay”, he began. Before he could ask me to not worry about it, I asked him to tell me the complete truth. He sighed and said, “Mr. Oberoi wanted me to meet this girl for an alliance, or rather, a merger!” He sounded all worked up trying to make it sound convincing, but I noticed the way he tried really hard to make an eye contact with me.
“Lying doesn’t suit you my brother.” My casual remark hit home as he hung his head and continued in a low voice. “Mr. Oberoi is hiding something. That’s nothing unusual, of course. But he’s not the only one, Shivaay. You’re behaving weird too.” My jaw dropped to the ground with his observation. Before I said anything in my defense, he cut me off. “I know you won’t tell me, but it was becoming too much for me to bear. So, I wanted a break from all the… What happened?”
My eyes were stinging and I barely held in the waterworks. I took a few long seconds to swallow the lump in my throat, and then I said, “I’m so sorry Om. I know I promised you guys that I’ll share my problems with you always. But I really can’t this time.” I reached out and held his hand, falsely reassuring him that it was going to be alright. “I’m sorry I can’t make this easier for you. But I promise you, I’ll make everything okay as soon as I can.” He only nodded in reply and we sat there quietly for some time. I would give anything to know his thoughts at that moment. Was I being a terrible brother by not telling him everything? I know he’s old enough to understand and even help, but some part of me still wanted my brother to live the rest of his life in one piece, unaffected by any negative stuff in our surroundings. In our family, that was a kind of given!

All I knew was I couldn’t bear to watch him breaking down again and keeping this information from him seems to be the best way for now. It had to come out eventually, but not now. Maybe a full minute or two had passed when Om sighed again, nodded to himself and smiled at me.
We could hear Rudra chatting away as they were coming back. Surprisingly, Ishu wasn’t saying a word. They strolled into view and I could see Ishu drifting back into her own sweet world again. I stood up and Om followed. Rudra skipped to Om’s side and in his adorable way, he said, “O, I know you’ll be back soon. But I’ll miss you. So, let’s have an O Bro moment now. Okay?” He motioned me to join them and Om theatrically obliged. Like he had a choice! Or like he would have it any other way!
I stood beside Rudra and Om threw his arms over our shoulders, forming a circle. I relished the warm support of both my brothers and then, too soon, the moment was gone. I turned back to see Ishu’s face lit up in a small smile and a faraway look in her eyes. I cleared my throat and said, “I guess we’ll be leaving now. Om, you don’t have to worry about anything. And if you need anything, just call me. Okay?”
Om nodded again and Ishu plastered a smile on her face, probably trying to reassure me that she won’t eat him up or anything! We waved and left. At the door, I turned to see the two of them standing side by side, looking at each other in an unfathomable way that felt too personal and yet strangely familiar. It was my first time seeing Om like this, so close and comfortable that he would come to her straightaway. The least I could say was that Om got lucky in having a friend like her. As for Ishu, I had no idea where any form of closeness with any member of the Oberoi family could lead her.
After all, I was only human. I could only hope for the best.

SNEAK PEEK: Some much awaited cute and cozy moments between Om and Ishu.

Fair warning: What follows is a long, tiresome, 404 words speech with no spoilers about the upcoming story! 😀
Sorry for being late guys, but it’s practically your fault. Most of you guys might not realize this, but you guys are the reason I write. I know everyone’s busy and most of my friends here are stuck with the boards, but it means a lot when you make time to at least comment a single word of your views or even send me a private message. When I first joined this site and wrote my first ff, I was hell nervous. But there were so many of you guys who motivated me and encouraged me to follow my passion for writing in this busy college life full of tests and courses and heaps of studying. When I finished ‘Precious’, most of you asked me to come back with a sequel. So, I thought I’ll be more confident with my next piece of work, but it was the exact opposite. I used to be a very quiet kind of person and I don’t express my thoughts often. Actually, I still am. But you people really changed that part of me to a great extent. That’s why it really matters to me when you put forth suggestions or appreciation.
Honestly, I was really not in the mood to continue, and I even forgot the storyline I had built up in my head. I had almost decided to focus solely on my work and studies and put this on hold for now. But I got a few messages recently. One was Kehkasha’s and the other was Renima. They really made me realize that there are people who are out there who, despite their busy schedules, are waiting for my ff. Also, special thanks to Kehkasha for writing that “even one comment” thing. Another one was Shubhadra. She asked me when I will be posting the next episode. After reading her text, I started writing this part. I also occasionally receive notifications from Mrunal who comments on my episodes, even if it’s a little late. And there’s Diyaa and Shivika who constantly remind me that just like they are an encouragement for me, I’m an encouragement for others including other beginners too. There are other people too, like Ankita, Janvi, Nia, Yashu and others. So, this long speech typed in the dead of the night was to thank all of you.
Love you all a lot, and thanks for all the encouragement and support and love. 🙂
Keep smiling and take care 🙂

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  1. Diyaa

    Short but interesting episode. I like ending episodes at a natural breakpoint before the next shift in story so that way this was good. That was about this episode. Thanks for mentioning me among your other regular readers. I’ll say it again as I have said before, the reason I started to write FF here was because I was inspired by your beautiful writing in Precious and by your appreciation of my writing style in my analysis of forced marriages in Indian TV shows. Even now your sensitive description of the perspectives of various characters is a treat and an inspiration. So I am so thankful that you continue to write. Eagerly waiting for the next update ☺

    1. Samm

      thanks diyaa 🙂 i’m so overwhelmed right now! 🙂

  2. Shubhadra

    I love it,Samm….The flow and the intensity with which you write is wonderful….The weekend is coming…I want a longer update,pls????

    1. Samm

      thanks shubhadra 🙂
      i’ll definitely post the next soon and make it longer too. 🙂

  3. Renimarenju

    Hey Samm…….beautiful episode…..yaar…….and……dear…first of all…..wish u a happy republic day……and thanks 4 presenting this episode in republic day……as finally i got off …… as part of republic day…….And the previous episode and this one…..though both of them are short…..i muct say….that……by these short episodes……i really get time to read it twice……i read it twice because i loved shivaay’s characterization in this part to the core…..especially his view about om……that “lies won’t suit you brother” ….best catchy part of this episode……..thanks 4 presenting it in a beautiful way…….am much attracted………am much excited…….. ……am much…addicted…….am…..impressed…….i don’t know what 2 say…..yaar…….u write so beautiful and the way u makes each and every character……so realistic ……that… just loving it……..And a special thanks 4 dedicating this episode to kehkasha, jhanvi, diyaa, suchitra, mrunal,shubhadra and me……..i am so happy that whatever miss chatter box…i mean kehkasha and me…….have told u…….u have considered it….and u are coming up with super super epaisodes……for entertaining readers……is really commendable…..And am glad that among those wonderful people in your heart u have given me also a space……which means a lot…….I mean like ur ff’s title……am also feeling lucky….thanks and keep the gud work…..and please don’t forget 2 send the links……..i will comment whenever i will get time… i don’t want 2 miss a creative work…….

    1. Samm

      thanks renima… it’s my pleasure 🙂

  4. Aww this is sooo sweet! Loved it Sam ?

    1. Samm

      thanks nia 🙂

  5. Nice superb and sorry actually my exams r going on so can’t comment dear but u keep writing I’ll comment after my exams get over ??? ???

    1. Samm

      thanks hajira 🙂 and all the best for you exams 🙂

  6. Manu24

    loved…loved…loved it…..samm

    1. Samm

      thanks thanks thanks manu 😀 😉 🙂

  7. Kavya347

    Hey Sam…i missed you a lot dear. And the episode was beautifully written and uniquely described as always. You never fail to impress with your amazing writing skills. Sorry, but due to school and studies i won’t always be able to comment. But still, always remember that there is a girl named Kavya who loves your every story A LOTTTTTT!!!!!☺ ( sorry, i lnow it’s a little filmy?)

    1. Samm

      thanks a lot kavya 🙂 i love you too… all the best for your studies 🙂

  8. JanviSingh

    Hey dear…. I have never been this emotional before on any speech…
    U r a great inspiration for me sis… I’m super bad at expressing bcoz of the thought of getting misunderstood…. Bt this is a place where people won’t call u negative if u write any sad story…. N I can understand Ur situation after posting my first SS’s sneak peak… As a writer we wait for those comment to know that what others feel about our story… Those comments are like a push for us tht someone is there to read Ur story n u should continue… Bt sis there are some who are addicted to Ur story n they wait for ur update… Including me…. Please Dobara ff end krne ki bat mat karna wrna m ro dungi…Sachhhhiiii….???????

    1. Samm

      thanks a lot janvi 🙂 i’m so touched 🙂

  9. Kehkasha

    LUCKY yeah samm that’s the word for both of us…..for me coz I got a friend like u……and for u coz u r really an inspiration for everyone…….including me…..and I have mentioned this many times……that I am in love with ur writing skills…….these days I am getting time only at night so I read and comment then only…….but I am really happy that u consider me as one of ur close friend……that’s really great for me….

    And about the update then……i loved it………and more than that……i lived it……ur way of description is amazing…..keep going…..and never stop coz noone is seeing u or praising u…….but keep going as one day u may reach a point…….where everyone may……..wait to have a glance of u……

    And never ever dare to forget me…..

    1. Samm

      thanks kehkasha 🙂 it means a lot to me 🙂
      and of course i can never forget you.

  10. Superb.. loved it..

    1. Samm

      thanks ankita 🙂

  11. Yashu

    Sorry Samm for reading dis Update so late…too good man…loving it…waiting 4 nxt….

  12. Mrunal

    first of all i got so excited by reading what was in store for me in author’s note…
    thanks a lot dear for giving me place in ur special list…
    and for understanding also..
    and i can surely tell u that whatever it’ll be I’ll always share my review on ur work….
    and don’t u even dare to stop writing bcoz i can’t afford loosing a great writer just bcoz of some silly no of comments..
    as i said no of comments don’t matter..
    the comments u get that matters
    think about that readers who take that honors to appreciate ur work..
    of course it’s fantastic that’s may lead them to comment…
    so don’t ever think that u r not good in writing/people r not happy with it kind of thoughts…
    i have done this mistake in my ff’s case..u may know it.. but after that what response i got on that episode was like unbelievable for me…
    though I’m very positive still i felt low but the point to be noted not bcoz of no of comments.. bcoz of their words..

    so in ur case i always observed one thing that whoever comment on ur ff always looks satisfied/pleased/happy with it.. I’m late latif hence i always got to read other readers comments also hence i observed this..

    so now the point of giving this long speech was to make u understand that no of comments should not matter to u in anyways..
    did u got that..
    if yes then it’s good but if no..
    then keep in mind that if u stopped writing bcoz of some silly reason then I’ll become angry young lady which i usually don’t become so easily..
    it’s really rare but trust me it’s worst..
    so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz stop feeling low…
    i know kuhu( kehkasha ) would have make u understood in good way but still i gave this boaring bhashan I mean speech to leave no chance for u to back off…

    coming back to episode…
    i always admired the way u show perspective of any character…
    and in this epi u nailed it with shivaay’s..
    I’m glad that it’s not spoiled…
    they understood each others point…
    shivaay understood the om’s need of staying away for some time & om understood shivaay’s point of hiding things from him..
    and I’m glad that there was blissful obro moment.. thanks to our rudy…
    i can understand ishu’s state..
    but still she coped up with it…
    it was short but fabulous…??

    I’m really sorry if my words hurt u in anyway.. i just want u to know whatever it is I’ll always be there to read ur ff /to support U in any case..
    so plzzzz don’t halt anywhere follow ur passion in every possible way…
    I’ll be always with u in that journey…
    may be by ur side or may be ur behind.. (at behind bcoz I’m late latif??)..

    so enough of my talks… & once again sorry if my words hurt u… but plzz try to see my emotions not words…

    and the thing i hate most in this world is loosing a friend.. and i really don’t want to happen this….

    U r really PRECIOUS to me..
    & I’m LUCKY to have U…

    love u a lot dear….?

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