Till you come back… (ISHQBAAZ) part 24

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Chapter: 24

Well I know that I am posting the chapter very lately. And all I can do is say sorry for that and without wasting any further time let us move on with the chapter. I hope that you like it. And I am very thankful to you all for commenting and giving me so much love. So, this is priya back again with another part.

Link to previous part: https://www.tellyupdates.com/till-come-back-ishqbaaz-part-23/

Shivay who was initially surprised overcame the shock and said in an angry tone.
S: this girl naa. She herself is mad and now she will also make me mad. I will not leave this girl.
M: (trying to calm him down) shivay calm down. You know that anika is like this so forgive her.
R: haan bhaiya… forgive bhabhi.
S: (mocking a smile and cupping rudy’s face) haan bhabhi ke chamche… you won’t find any fault in your bhabhi’s behaviour. But for your kind information I am not going to leave your bhabhi this time.
M: but shivay…
S: sorry malika but today I am not going to listen to whatever you are going to tell. Okay.
He was about to leave but rudy stopped him in the mid-way by standing in front of him. Shivay indicated him to move but rudy smiled sweetly and nodded in a negative and shivay to smiled mocking at him and very gladly held his shoulder and before rudy could figure out something shivay pushed him away and went in. all laughed at rudy’s condition and went to the ground where the function was organized. Anika was sitting on the seating all angry and shivay saw her sitting there and came and sat next to her.
Anika on seeing him sitting there looked at him angrily and said in an angry tone.
A: excuse me… I need some privacy can you go and sit somewhere else.
S: (in a calm tone) haan so who is disturbing you. No one is sitting on your head you are free to think what you want to think.
A: look I am saying again either you leave or I will leave.
S: (smiling) fine then as you wish.

Anika gave a frustrated look back and moved a bit away from the place she was sitting. Shivay too moved closer to her and sat there as if he didn’t do anything. Anika looked at him angrily and then again moved a bit away. Shivay too moved and anika said in an irritated tone.
A: you cheapde what are you doing haan. why are you copying me?
S: excuse me I am not that mad to copy from a mad person like you. and for your kind information better mind your own business.
A: ha… ha… ha… very funny. (while all this fighting they, both were fidgeting on their places) shivay are you mad or….
But before she could complete there was a loud thud and all shivay could do was laugh. The real thing was anika fell from the seating due to fidgeting on her seating. She winced in pain and looking at shivay laughing angrily got up and held shivay’s shirt’s collar which left shivay completely shocked. Anika said angrily.
A: mr. bagad billa what kind of husband you are. It was due to you that I fell and you here are finding fun from it. (since she had got up suddenly the sudden jerk caused pain to her that she winced in pain) ouch…
This made shivay alert that he immediately stood up making anika too stand up along with him. She again winced in pain and started beating shivay, he was already in pain as anika was in pain and he held her hand and made her sit on the bench back and said.
S: calm down anika and sit here and relax. I will bring the ointment.
A: amm shivay can you please lend me some water and then leave.
S: haan one second. (a waiter was passing by and he took off a glass and lend it to her) here have it and wait here I will get some help for you.
Anika nodded in agreement but little did both know that the glass was filled with bhang and anika gulped down the whole glass in one go. Anika felt nice drinking it that she took another glass and drank it. Shivay came there with some ointment and saw anika running around like a butterfly and he said to himself.
S: arre she was telling that she was in pain due to falling down and now she is dancing around as if nothing has happened to her. seriously she is mad and calls me mad. (thinking again) But what has happened to her that she is behaving weirdly like this.
He looked around and saw four glasses kept on the place where anika was sitting. He took one of the glass having a bit of the drink left and tasted it. He said to himself.
S: this drink taste weird. Bhang but I had asked omru not to order bhang in this party. Duffers can’t even listen to one thing which I tell.
De: (who came there looking at anika like this tapped shivay bringing him out of his thoughts and said merrily) looks like anika is very happy by coming over here that she is behaving like this. I have never seen her so happy shivay.

S: idiot she is not so happy she is down with nausea effect of bhang. That too not one but four complete glasses.
De: but shivay you said that bhang is not ordered then how come this…
S: my stupid brothers…
De: haan I understand. Anyways now what are you going to do with your drunken wife shivay.
S: (taking a deep breath and rubbing his forehead) well to be frank I don’t know… yaar mein tang aagaya hoon is ladki se.
And saying this he hugged him. Dev rubbed his back telling to calm down and they were talking with each other when anika came and stood behind shivay. she was analysing the way shivay stood and movement of his hands. Dev saw her standing behind shivay and smiling and giving some amused expression. He was smiling seeing her expression and shivay looking at him smiling said.
S: arre here I am talking to you something serious and what is so funny in it that you are smiling dev.
De: shivay just turn around you will get to know why I am smiling.
He turned behind and found anika standing there with an amused expression which at once became shocked seeing him facing her, shivay getting confused asked.
S: what… did you see some ghost.
A: (stammering) y… you… ramu kaka you he… here… arre y… you van… vanished t… few years a… ago and now you are here.
S: (confused) ramu kaka. Who is this now? Dev, is he someone related to your family.
A: (hearing the name dev) dev… (looking at him) arre mr. joke… joker h… how co… come y… you here haan… y… you mu… must be in circus naa.
S: joker. Anika, he is dev not a joker.
A: (angrily) you ramu kaka you once disappear from your work suddenly and then you appear here now you are interfering in my wok.
S: (getting fed up) oh, god she was already mad and now this bhang. (making her face him again) anika I am not ramu kaka I am sh…
A: (cutting him in between) arre haan how can I forget you are sanjay haina. (shivay gave a fed up look to anika while dev getting irritated asked)
De: sanjay, now who is this sanjay?
A: arre sanjay that one my boyfriend.
De: (shocked) what?

Hearing the name boyfriend shivay just stood there still and his face became expressionless. In the mean-time song started playing in the background and anika rushed away to dance. Dev tried stopping her but she just left off. Shivay looked at dev and said in an aghast tone.
S: arre yaar is she lord Krishna or what that she is roaming around having in-numerous amount affairs along with her.
De: it’s okay shivay your wife is totally mad.
S: now don’t know how many more boyfriends she will make. So, you enjoy dev I will go and get her (tapping dev’s hand he ran behind anika) anika…
Finally, he came to the place where anika was and found her dancing merrily all like a kid along with malika and ishana. Dadi was happy to see her whole family together. Shivay stood there watching his wife dance and also laughed seeing her falling off in between the dance. Ishana on finding shivay there came to him and said while shivay was lost in his thoughts.
I: she is very beautiful Haina.
S: (lost in thoughts) haan she is very beautiful.
I: (smiling on his response she thought to pull his leg more) haan correct. Well she very gracefully right.
S: (still in his own world) haan like a doll.
I: (amused by his response) acha… bhaiya you look very cute in this confessing mode.
S: (coming out of thoughts on hearing this. He to prove himself innocent said) what do you mean? Well did I say something right now.
I: (smiling) haan… haan now try escaping. Well if you want to listen then then okay you didn’t tell anything but just praised your wife a little bit. That’s it.
S: well ishana why are always behind me trying to pull my leg.
I: arre jethji it is really sweet to see you in such a condition. You know what it is very easy to hypnotise you when you are lost in my sweet jethaniji’s tevar.
S: (sternly) ishana… stop…
Ishana raised her hand in defeat and showed zipping up her mouth sign. She then pulled all the family into the dance. Finally, after the function all had assembled in their room. Since anika was not in her senses shivay had asked om and ishana to take kavya with them. Shivay was sitting on the sofa hiding his face in his palm. While anika was running all around the room dancing, and singing. Anika looking at shivay came and sat next to him and said.
A: what happened ramu ka… kaka… wh… why are y… you sitting like this?
S: (looking at her with a fed-up face) anika I am telling you again I am shivay not ramu kaka.
A: okay… okay fine… but shivay why am I feeling like I am flying in air.
S: I don’t know…

A: (making a crying face) tell na shi… what’s your na… name… (thinking for some-time moment) arre haan I go… got it… haan raj….
S: (in an irritated tone) shivay okay my name is shivay.
A: haan but what kind of name is this… you must have kept your name as ramu… raj…
S: (getting down on knees and pleading by joining hands.) meri ma I am begging you please leave me alone. (in mind) arre once you come back to your senses anika I will not leave you. I will take revenge of each and every headache you have given me today.
A: (in a relaxed tone and pushing shivay away she stood up) okay…
Shivay just looked at her and brought her the lime juice that he had brought for anika and lended it to her. anika first looked at him crookedly and then asked in an investigating tone.
A: why am I feeling that you are trying to kill me ramu kaka…
S: anika why on earth do you feel that I am ramu kaka or whatever it is.
A: arre when you talk na you make actions and even your hands never stays at place so you look the same like ramu kaka. (pulling his cheek) so ramu kaka what is in this glass?
S: (giving her the glass and holding her) anika look you are a very good girl Haina… (anika like an innocent child nodded her head in agreement) so my anika will drink this juice in one go okay… (anika looked at him and then the juice and drank it in one go) very good.
But before shivay could say anything anika felt dizziness and fell on him. Shivay made her lie on the bed and sat there patting her hair. He sighed and said in a low tone which don’t disturb her.
S: anika you have made my life complete by coming back and have started getting on my nerves like you used to do earlier also. Now all I want is no more further problem and you remain happy. Anyways don’t think that I will leave you for harassing me today. Till then have a good rest and wake up with the hangover okay.
He smiled and kissed he temple and rested his back on the bed. While kavya was busy disturbing om and ishu with her antique. She would at times roll around on the bed or get up from lying position. She had completely messed up om’s room. And om and ishu had a very tough time in handle this little bundle of disaster.

That’s it for today. I hope you like it and am sorry as I am delaying my posting a lot these days. My own little kavya is growing up inside me so, my family is a bit concerned about me and they don’t allow me to take stress by sitting in front of lappy for long time. So, I can only type the chapter little by little in a day. I hope some of you might have understood my condition now and will forgive me in delaying the posting. Anyways done with my blabbering and thank you for reading till now.

If you want me to do any change in the story line then you can tell that openly. So, this is priya signing off… bye and take care of yourself.

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