ABHIGYA- Wonder Woman episode 1

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Hi guys this is Monesha. I am back with wonder woman. Let’s get into the story,

In college,
One boy was walking. Someone came behind him and beats him. Boys says purab. Purab says how can you find abhi. Abhi smiles. Purab shouts nikhil, vijay come here he found it is me. Nikhil and vijay came. Abhi laughed and asked i think you trio become mad. These two days you all playing like school children. Vijay says shut up abhi. Abhi says ok ok now where is girls. We are here sound came from left side. Nikhil says hi tanu, bulbul, Alia. Alia says first shut up nikhil. Don’t talk with me you told you will give treat but where is that? Nikhil says Come on alia, do you think i will not give you treat. Everything is ready. Bulbul in excitement asked really? What treat. Nikhil says all are going out for two weeks. Tanu asked two weeks? Abhi says yes tanu we all are going to one place. Bulbul asked really? It was fantastic. But when? Purab says today. Tanu says that was great. Purab says actually its time for our examination. Let’s go. Abhi says purab was right we can go. All the one went. Soon they all finished exams. Seven of them came out. Purab says ok guys go and get ready fast we will come soon. All says ok. All the one came to their house and informed their parents. With Abhi, he packed everything which he needed. Dado came to abhi and asked any help. Abhi says no dadi. Dadi smiles. Abhi asked where is mom and dad. Dadi says in their room. Abhi went to their room and says bye mom and dad. Ram and priya wished him. Abhi took his car and went to purab house. Then they both went to pick up alia, tanu, nikhil, vijay and bulbul.

Time passed, they finally reached the place. Tanu asked is this a place? Abhi says no tanu now only we are going to start our journey. Bulbul ask but where? Purab says that is surprise. Alia says it is like hell not like surprise please tell us purab. Vijay says no means no. Its already time we have to be in boat. Come on. Boys all the one start to walk after parking car. Girls started to follow without any choice. They all got in boat. Wow this was awesome said all the girls. We know all the boys said. Bulbul asked ok who is going to drive. Abhi says of course us. Girl in shock shouts what? Purab says come one it is small boat it is not a ship. Tanu says but.. Nikhil interrupt by saying you no need to fear we know. Alia says anyways be careful. They all started to move. Time passed. Night was managed by purab and abhi. next morning everyone got up. Purab and abhi went to sleep. Nikhil and vijay manged. Alia, tanu, bulbul tried to make breakfast.

Meanwhile in isolated island,
One girl wears sleeveless tops and shots. She wears her sword holster in her back. She inserted her swords into holster. Then she kept one leg on table. She wears leg gun holster in her thighs and kept her gun in leg gun holster. She done same with another leg too.then she wears her gloves in her hand. Then she wear rifles holster back with sword holster. She kept her rifle in it holster. She puts ponytail and wears her boots. She turns and her face revealed. Yes it is pragya. She clapped her hand. Few girls came. This time we should defeat everyone pragya said. Everyone nodes. Pragya says well let’s move. Every girls started to move in different direction. Pragya hears one sound. She took her both gun from both leg holster in her hand. She started to move in forest. Someone behind her tried to shoot her bit she moved and shoots her. She fall down with half life. Pragya came to her and stepped on her pala with jer boots. Girl groaned in pain. Pragya says now say me where is that five stones. Girl says i don’t know. Pragya got angry and shoots her. Suddenly many bullets passed. She hides behind tree. Then she started to shoot everyone. Soon they won. She kept her gun in her leg holster. She went near tree and kept her one hand in tree when everyone checking all the body. She holds her finger and beats in tree. I should find out that.

With Abhi and his friends,
All the one were enjoying but suddenly the waves become high. Tanu asked what happened suddenly? Purab says we don’t know. Boys tried to control boat but they couldn’t. Bulbul says i am feared. Abhi says no nothing will happen. Boat went in wrong direction by waves.

Guess what will happen?

Thank you so much guys for all your lovely comments. First episode will be bore. I try to make next episode nice.

Sorry I couldn’t reply in my previous episode. Today i will try my best guys. Love you all ???

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  1. wow I love new avatar of prags…she is really a wonder women…

  2. moni kutty awesome n superrrrrrrrrrr

    just love it dear……….

    interesting n eagerly waiting next soon

    love u lot yaaaaaaaaa

  3. Nice and they will meet each other this is my guess don’t whether it is right or wrong next update you say.

  4. Reshma_Pradeep


  5. Sowji

    Excellent keep writing

  6. Saranya24

    Wow awesome diff one love it dear waiting fr nxt love u?????

  7. Awesome one……

  8. Prathi

    They all will end up in Wonder woman’s place ?

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