Jeene Ki Tammanah Hai (EP – 47)

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Hey Sweetiesss……. Forgot Me??? Forgot JKTH???

EP – 46:

ReCap: A Drunk Swara accuses Ragini of Infidelity… Laksh wants Ragini to Stay with Him

Ragini woke up with a heavy heart….Swara’s words were ringing in her ears…Tears flew down her eyes…She washed herself and ducked herself in a saree ….She was looking like a mess.When she got out of the washroom , she saw Laksh , who was getting ready casually. He looked at her and smiled

“Do you realise that you look like a mess” Laksh chuckled at her and went near her.He helped her in adjusting her attire,hair and signed her to smile.She smiled a bit. She was reassured that she had her Laksh with her. They turned on hearing a knock on the door.It was BadiMaa , Rucha and Amrita.

“Badi Maa….Are you ready to leave? Laksh asked

“Laksh ,I am not going …”Badi Maa declared.

“ Kya Hua Badi Maa…?? Ragini asked

“ I cant leave you in a crisis and go” Badi Maa had tears in her eyes

“Badi Maa…..” Laksh called….” You should go…. There are other kids…. You can’t just stay with her….Other kids need you…Aarti and Pinky need you, Amrita and Rucha need You…..You supported Ragini all her life and it’s her turn take care of her problems….and I am there for her to support… Mom , dad and Sanskaar too… Hain Naa Maa??…” Laksh asked Sujatha, who just entered the room

“ Haa Jiji…. Now she is my daughter ….. I will take care of her” Sujatha came near Ragini and kept her palm on Ragini’s head

Badi Maa was satisfied and she smiled

“Raghoo…. Go and make some yummy Paneer Parathas….Let’s have a good breakfast with Sanskaar” Laksh said ..Ragini he gave a fake smile.He pushed Ragini to kitchen, Amrita and Rucha followed her.

“Laksh , where are you going??” Ram asked

“I have some work to finish….” Laksh turned and left with a grim expression

Laksh marched into the guest where Swara and her Family was staying in.Her father and grandmoms were sitting on the sofa and discussing something grim.Her mother was sitting on the bed.Swara seemed nowhere… So Lucky assumed her to be in bathroom.Everyone was alerted by Laksh’s arrival.All of them stood at their place.All of them had mixed emotions brimming on their face.Laksh turned his face politely to Sharmishta.

“Mishti Maa …. How’s she?? Lakh enquired

“She is fine, Beta…. Went to the washroom to freshen up.”Sharmishta adjusted her words, trying to map Laksh’s face

“Hmmmmm” Laksh mummed and started to leave.

“”Lucky” Swara called him.Laksh turned with his ever stoic expression.She was coming out of the washroom, scared emotions playing on her face.

“Woh….main …Kal” Swara stumbled for words…

“I am not demanding any explanation from you for whatever you did….You are a guest and my future sister in law….just came to know your well being”Laksh cut her out

“Lucky Please……Please understand me…. I didn’t mean to tell all those things …. Its ust that someone spiked my drink and i was out of my sense”

“Even Then Swara…” Laksh shouted…. “ Even if you were drunk Swara…..Whatever you told was playing inside your mind na Swara…..” Laksh’s face was making it evident that he was very hurt…. “ I can’t even imagine in my wildest dreams that you had such shameless thoughts about my wife……” Laksh shook his head in negative…. “I don’t know that how got this baseless stupidity into your mind……and how this poison spread in your mind …I dont know..But the way stood.against my wife and the way you disgraced her , I will never forgive you Swara”

“ Lucky….” Swara whispered …a tear droplet dropped from her eye

“ One minute Laksh beta …. How can you solely blame Shona ??”Swara’s Dida complained… “ Honestly I also have problem with the way Ragini behaves with Sanskaar…”

“Dida…..I know Sanskaar and Ragini very well ….Even the relation between them….” Laksh was stern with his words.. “ And Swara …You… Let’s leave the part that you din’t like Ragoo…But you loved Sanskaar na….Then why din’t you trust him???”

“No Lucky …No… I never had a doubt on Sanskaar…” Swara nodded negatively

“Haan Laksh beta….We know that Sanskaar is not like that” Dida said “But we cant trust that girl Ragini….. Believe me Laksh Beta…. That girl is fooling you…. We know the truth”

Dida’s words deeply hurt Laksh… All except Sharmishta Aunty had expressions which agreed to Dida’s words.Laksh stood there with fierce feelings in his heart , where he had thousand words to defend Ragoo…. But all stuck in his throat…..

“ Even what she said about Ragoo was true…. Even then she shouldn’t have done this ,Dida…. Swara shouldn’t have disgraced Ragini…” Laksh’s elder brother by ten minutes came in as his spokesman
Sanskaar as very angry…. he was hurt by Swara actions from previous day…He was hurt that his Ragoo Rani as hurt … that too because of him…..and his Lucky was also hurt….

“Dida… You said na… that you felt mine and Ragoo relation awkward…..but you guys still trust me….Then why dint Swara confront me about this?? why none of you did??” Sanskaar almost screamed

“Okay… I know that Swara might not be comfortable with me…. then why didnt she share her doubts with Lucky?? If she felt Ragoo was bad , why dint she inform Lucky?? Why dint she warn her friend??”

Sanskaar walked towards Swara “Ok… Leave it Swara… Tell me us now… Tell us about Ragini …tell us about what you know about her….that we dont know….Tell Na”

Tears were dripping out of Swara’s eyes….which hurt Sanskaar… But he gulped that pain…and continued

“Okay Swara …..If you say that Ragini is trying to cheat me and Lucky by coming close to me…then I believe that you are also cheating us by maintaining relation with Lucky…”Sanskaar said … Swara was shocked by this acquisition….she looked at him horror…

“Yes SWARA…..My relation with Ragini is same as what is in between you and Lucky” Sanskaar told her keeping his face close to Swara’s

“Stop this no Sanskaar….Stop” Dadi screamed…Not a word against my Shona…how can you relate Laksh’s and Swara’s friendship of these many years to that girl’s relation with you??…. Listen to me Beta……. Soumya is Shona’s friend and never wanted Shona to be sad So Soumya and Sapna has warned about Ragini….. now we can see that how far that girl can go..”

“ Dadi … true friendship don’t need long years to blossom….and about Sapna and Soumya … you really don’t know how far they went to hurt us….. They never wanted see us happy… Because of their ploys i almost lost y Ragii and baby…” Laksh said in a shady tone

“ Wow Daadi great…. I somewhere knew that they were involved …. Great now…..They told and you believed”Sanskaar gave a sarcastic smile and tuned to Shakar folded his hands.

“ Papa … I think its time for you guys to leave… Your car will be waiting for you …. and about this engagement…. i will have to think about it once more…….”


Just because of her one deed …. Swara lost her love and her friend….She was stuck and it was paining in her heart… She walked down the stairs to maheshwaris’ hall , bidding goodbye to all…..Everyone was present there except Laksh and family ……

While she reached the doorsteps , she turned back and saw Sanskaar , Laksh and Ragini looking her down from first floor… Laksh’s and Sanskaar’s face talked about their hurt feelings…and Ragini face , who always smiled had a grim yet expressionless tint on her face, which made Swara feel really bad and somewhere that expression made her feel that everything was really over now.

Ragini’s dreams of making her house more happier was shattered…She resented Swara for this…She looked at Swara while she was leaving.. after she left ,she turned to see Sanskaar…Ragini saw a pain in his eyes , which increased when he looked at her. Ragini and Sanskaar turned their backs at each others… crying in their heart and left in different directions leaving behind Laksh in dilemma

Screen Freezes on a confused Laksh

PreCap: Laksh in Dilemma


Heya Guys…. Long time … I know…. Sorry for the delay people…. was not on TU for a long time…. I know that you must have forgotten me and my stories …. So just brush it up

Anyways… hope guys liked the new track … Do comment about it….

I will post YDKK next ….

So stay tuned and Blessed….

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  1. Fats

    It’s great to see you back with yet another wonderful update. I loved how you placed a lot of emphasis on SanLak’s care and love for Ragini through their confrontation with Swara and her family. The love they have for their Ragoo is honestly so pure ❤️. And it will be interesting to read about Laksh’s upcoming dilemma. Can’t wait to read the next part ?

    1. SHR963

      Thank you Dear……

  2. Hi,this is not fair . you have so to much of love for ragini, but u don’t understand the insecurity of swara, very girl behave like this in the suitcases of swara. Because all relationship has limitations. But her always ragini surrounding by sanky, in engagement time the ragini can’t leave swasan alone to speak ,always come in middle. Because ragini also insecurity in episode and feel bad for swalak closes and friendship. This sanlak also behave same of swara that time come to know about ragini past and first marriage. So I think swara is not in fault please don’t separate swasan the love since childhood please. U separate them ragini also consider selfish girl because she knows how much sanky love swara ,all much clarify the doubt of swara,and how easily he point swara character for being relation with laksh,sanskar also at fault he can’t give time for swara always ragoorani it’s irritating all women so basically swara is not fault. Please all relationship bee in limits friendship or love all have limits.

    1. SHR963

      Hello There……
      Ofcourse i love Ragini and this is mainly Ragini’s story…. I have mentioned it earlier……and as far as insecurity is concerned ,I think i understand Swara’s insecurity better…… Ragini also had insecurities and she channeled it in a different way as she heard about Lovely Swara from Laksh and Sanskaar, whereas Swara heard about Ragini from Soumya and Sapna… So it grew in her as hatred….Swara is at fault or not is to be decided by you… as i never said that she is at fault…I remember introducing Sara as avery Sweet and mature person…. But i believe that all humans have diffferent shades…..So i am giving a chaance to Swara too explore this shade…..(please note that she never got a chance explore in real serial 😛 )….. and one more thing Sanky never doubted the relation between Swara and Lucky, just that he compared it with his relation with Ragini, that they are also best of frnds…..
      Its not that Swara is not getting Support…. her family supports her….ad Ragini’s support her…. Thats it…..
      And remind you that all relations are in limits…..Ragini is like Uttara for Sanky and vice versa

  3. Hi i am a silent reader . I really liked your ff its truly amazing . Its my first comment on TU . From starting amazing moments n bonding of raglaksan . N this new tract is just awesome . Eagerly waiting for next update . Plz update soon.

  4. You know I use to check every week for your story

  5. Amazing part nd can’t wait fr nxt

  6. A.xx

    amazing and where have u been? been waiting and glad u finally updated xx

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