Three Shot Competition (Level 2 ) Entry 5

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Gauri- are you sure di ?
Anika- what do you mean?
Gauri- bhavya, you explain
Bhavya- she actually met are you really sure about this
Anika- what new did you say, just adding a word really in it
Bhavya- di, do you understand English?
Anika- ya, so what
Bhavya- tu fir vohi hi pucha hai , samaj kyu nahi aa raha (if you know, then why aren’t you understanding)
Anika- what do you mean
Gauri- stop fighting you both
Anika/bhavya- we were not fighting
Gauri- ok whatever
Anika- can you both, please explain now
Gauri- we were just saying that this plan will change your’s as well as our life completely, so are you prepared for it?
Anika- you are lying, say the truth
Bhavya- you shutup , you have explained very well, now I will explain
Bhavya- di, actually in these many days in which we have stayed with the oberoi’s we kinda feel they aren’t bad, they are nice people and whatever they did was the past. I am sure they are not like this now
Anika- how can you be so sure, have you stayed with them forever?
Bhavya- di, we all know shivomru and how can we forge, they are kids of the oberoi’s only. They can’t be so nice if their parents were so called criminals
Gauri- yes di, bhavya is right. Om,Ru, Shivaay bhaiya all are so good
Anika- they didn’t do anything in my dad death, so please stop praising them and now please don’t talk about dadi, she was also not involved, I AM TAKING ABOUT “THE OBEROI’S”
BHAVYA- and they are also considered as “THE OBEROIS” only
Anika- agreed but I will not stop this revenge mission, if you want to help, then please or else you can leave but please don’t tell this to anyone
Gauri- STOP IT! Di its enough now( in a high pitch voice)
Anika- I didn’t do anything till now, why are you shouting
Gauri- di, please stop this for your sister’shappiness
Anika- I am doing this for my happiness, always I have cared for you both, now I am caring for myself
Bahvya- for you only she is saying this
Anika- HOW?
Gauri- di, we all know how much you love shivaay bhaiya and u can never hurt him
Anika- no, its just an acting yaar, why don’t you understand
Gauri- maybe you are fooling yourself by saying this acting
Anika- no
Gauri- listen now di and that too carefully rest is your choice completely
Anika- bolo (speak)
Gauri- maybe you have started this as an acting but you really don’t know when you have fallen in love or we can say you very well know but never accept it as in some corner of you heart you have a feeling that I can never love an oberoi. Not only shivaay bhaiya you love all the members of the oberoi’s family- dadi , om , rudra , choti maa, chote papa, dad, mom everyone and we very well know you can never hurt them
Bhavya- she is right di, we have seen your love for shivaay bhaiya then, why hide it from us or even yourself di
Anika- I don’t love him. Its just your imagination
Gauri- ya ya very true. When we were lying you identified and you think when you will lie we will not identified. We are also your sister’s only
Anika- there is nothing like that, you both are over thinking
Gauri- if its nothing like that then, why u get worried if he has not eaten anything, if he comes home late , when he is in pain you feel more pain. Why is this so?
And more importantly why you feel jealous when you see him with a girl, even if she is his business partner
Anika- that’s all acting, I need to do the acting of loving him know
Bhavya- in this acting only, you don’t know when you started loving him
Anika- stop your rubbish you both, enough is enough. I don’t love him that’s the point which you both are not understanding
Gauri- say it by looking into our eyes
Anika tried but she is unable to
Gauri- you can’t do this know, why because you love him, accept it or not, but truth will never change
Anika- do you want to help or not
Gauri- di we can’t do it as for us your happiness matters more
Bhavya- and after this revenge, you are the one who will regret the most
Anika- will you help?
Bhavya/gauri- no
Anika- then please leave
They started leaving
Anika- please don’t tell this to anyone, if you are your sister’s sisters
They both left without giving an answer
Gauri- di is not accepting the truth and I can’t see her like that
Bhavya- what can we do, we tried to explain, if she determine then she will do that, you know your sister right
Gauri- there is only one way to stop her
Bhavy- What?
Gauri- we can tell the entire truth to shivaay bhaiya
Bhavya- are you mad? If he tells all this to police or he didn’t do the way we want then our di can be in danger and I can’t see my di in prison and we should not forget that whatever she did was for our father only na
Gauri- this is the only way bhavu and we can’t just sit here and watch the scene and I have full faith on shivaay bhaiya, he will definitely understand and will try his best to make di also understand
This revenge will take her to nowhere, I want her to live peacefully
Bhavya- even me, so shall we
Gauri- ready
Bhavya- but di told, not tell anyone
Gauri- but when we listen to our didu
Bhavya – right
They were smiling the whole as if everything will go right but who knows what faith wants
They reached the oberoi mansion and closed shivaay’s eyes and brought him to that isolated place only but now no one was there ( they dint see anyone)
They open shivaay ‘s eyes and he was shocked to see the scenario (a complete isolation)
Shivaay- what is this and where is bhavya and gauri, are they save, who are you (he shouted)
Gauri- abhi tu kuch huo hi nahi, tum abhi se hi darne lage (we have not even started and you are afraid now only)
Shivaay- what are you saying Gauri and pls open my hands, its hurting
And from nowhere entered Bhavya with a gun on shivaay forehead
Shivaay- what are you doing, I know this is drama but please over it , I am not liking it at all
Gauri- who said this is drama, listen to us carefully or this trigger will go in your brain (in a very gunda style)
Gauri and bhavya narrate him everything , their planning, their revenge except what happened and why were they revenging as they want anika to tell that
Gauri- movie khatam ab batao kaise lagi( movie is over, now tell how is it)
Shivaay started laughing
Bhavya- there is nothing to laugh in this
Shivaay- sorry but when I came here and saw you all like this, I literally felt like I am dead today
You we really looking like goons today
Gauri- should we take it as a compliment
Shivaay- that’s your choice
And they started their faaltu baate (waste of time talk)
Bhavya- ok guys focus
Gauri- whats your decision
Shivaay- I will talk as I very well known mine anika is not like this and there is something definitely big so I will try my best to understand, console and help my life, my love to go out of this situation
Bhavya/gauri- thanks
They all left to the oberoi mansion, never thinking that someone was listening to them
And that was none other than our anika
Anika- what did you both do, idiots, I shouldn’t have told then anything, I can’t believe my sisters have cheated me, never expected. THANK YOU SO MUCH BHAVYA, GAURI FOR MAKING ME FEEL AS I HAVE NO ONE IS THERE FOR CARING ME
Bhavya , Gauri reach home and after not finding Anika they get worried
Anika was in the pub drinking shots after shots
Bhavya after tracing her mobile reach there with Gauri and
Anika was so much drunk, she was completely out of senses
Bhavya- di never drink, then why she is drinking now
Gauri- god knows, but we should bring her back to home soon as she is totally drunked
Bhavya- but before, we should clarify our doubts no
Gauri- which one
You come with me , I will tell
Bhavya and Gauri made way towards Anika which was completely drunked
Bhavya and gauri make her stand well and started their questions as they knew she can’t lie when she is drunk
Bhavya- do you love shivaay bhaiya
Anika- yes, ofcourse I love him, more then my life
Anika- but why do are asking, you cheater and she dozed off
Gauri- we should take her home
Bhavya – but what she was saying some cheater, cheater
Gauri- leave it
They silently entered and light was close and it was night time and they make her comfortable on her bed and left
Why did she shot? What happened next? Will she be able to take revenge?
All questions will be answered in the next part
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