Three Shot Competition (Level 2 ) Entry 8

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Deceiving You…… My Love!

Sanchi and Kabir met through an accident. Later they met again in an orphanage where SDCH had held a free medical camp for children. Kabir’s dad Anand Kapoor find out Sanchi is his long lost best friend’s daughter and the said best friend and his wife already passed away.

(We start from there.)


It completely shattered Anand to know that his best friend, who was like a brother to him, is no more. And Jaya, his best friend’s wife, always treated him like family. “How did this happen?”

“It was an accident… sorry uncle, but I don’t have the strength to narrate that story. I was just 8 that time and-*sob* *sob*

“It’s alright I can understand… But where were you all these years dear?”

“After there death, Chachu aur Chachi refused to take care of me. I was sent to this orphanage…”

His face twisted in anger. “That Ashok and his greedy wife Khushboo!! How many favours Sunil and Jaya did for them? Ungrateful people!!”

Kabir understood why she is emotionally attached to this orphanage.

“Then I was adopted by Rakesh Singhania. He became my dad. His wife was dead and had a nephew who he took care of.”

Savitri was getting too concerned hearing Sanchi’s story. After all, she too knew her when she was a kid. “Did he took good care of you? Are you happy beta?”

“Yes aunty. He never let me feel I was an outsider. Always treated me like I’m his own daughter. I can never wish for any other person to be my dad. He loved me so much!”

“I’d like to meet him. You two should come over for dinner sometime!” Anand suggested.

That’s when Sanchi’s dried tears started to roll down her cheeks again. “I-I… I really wish that could be happen uncle… He’s in the hospital… he ha-has a lung cancer… la-last stage… doctors said he don’t have much t-time… *sob* *sob*

From then Sanchi was a frequent visitor in Kapoor Mansion. Be it a party or a pooja, she was always there. Kapoor seniors welcomed her like family. They have met her adoptive father and both families liked each other. The only weird thing was Rakesh’s nephew, Vikrant. He had this dark aura around him. To make it creepier, he always tried to be extra friendly when Kapoor’s around. Though no one liked him anyway.

Veer always did pranks on both Kabir and Sanchi to get them closer.

“Veer why are you troubling your brother and Sanchi?” Savitri questioned him one evening, pulling his ear.

“He’s not troubling them Savitri. He’s playing matchmaker with them”

“See maa! Dad understood easily!! Wow dad!! I’m impressed!! You’re intelligent!!” Veer had an ear to ear grin.

“My boy, I’m your father. I already passed your age!” Anand said hitting Veer’s head lightly.

“But Anand, matchmaker? I don’t understand…”

“Oh ho my sweet maa… can’t you see how different bhai is when Sanchi’s there? He’s more cheerful, less khadoos!! Their silly arguments are too entertaining to watch!! And Sanchi, she’ll get to live with a supporting, caring and very loving family. She went through too much and now her adoptive father is on the verge of death too. I know it’s too harsh to say but he will leave her soon na… Then who will be there for her? Again she’ll be alone!! That’s why I’m trying to make them closer!!”

Savitri pulled his cheeks this time. “Never thought you had grown up this much to think about others” she kissed his forehead lovingly. “Sanchi does match to Kabir well. And I like her to come to this house too. Hmm… Anand, what do you think?”

“That’s great Savitri! We should talk about this with Rakesh ji too!”

Rakesh Singhania had no problem with this alliance. He had met Kabir more than couple of times and he’s sure Kapoor’s will take care of his princess.

When Kabir heard this, he was shocked.

“Maa!! Marriage? Seriously? I don’t want to get married!!”

“So you want to stay alone for the rest of your life?”

“I’m not alone, I have you, dad and Veer!” He said trying to give his mother a hug which she denied.

“We won’t be with you forever!!”

“Don’t say like that maa!”

“And Veer… he’ll get married and you’ll be left alone!!”

“But maa… Sanchi and I… we barely know each other!!”

“Then get to know her na!”


“Tell me something Kabir. Do you like her?”

When she asked that he didn’t know what to say. He doesn’t dislike her… But does he like her? **I mean I do like to talk with her and when she’s around it’s really comfortable… But do I like her?**

Savitri watched her son’s expression change from curiosity to admiration. “Beta… I think you like her…”

She left with a smile leaving him in a confused state.

When Sanchi heard this she refused completely.

“I’m sorry aunty… Kabir is a nice guy. I’m sure the girl who would get married to him will be very lucky… But I can’t. I’m graduating next month and I want to make my career as a software engineer”

“I understand dear. We don’t expect our daughter-in-law to stay home and do all house work. Kabir need a wife not a servant. He needs someone who can understand him and who he can share his life with. We saw that person in you. We won’t force you but at least think about it!”

After some days she agreed for the proposal much to Kabir’s surprise. He didn’t expect her to agree. Though it came as a surprise, he couldn’t help but to feel happy about it. His happiness confused him more.

It was Rakesh who persuaded her. Vikrant, her cousin through her adoptive father too had a long conversation with her about this. After what he said she wanted to say no to the marriage but seeing how happy her father was, she couldn’t.

A month after her graduation, Sanchi and Kabir got married. The wedding was not too charm, not too extravagant. Just perfect!

The night after the wedding when she was sitting on the bed waiting for Kabir to come, she received a message.

You’re amazing Sanchi… now it’s time to execute the plan

Just as she finished reading that, Kabir came in opening the door.

“Hey… um… Sanchi… um… you can get change now. The rituals are over and… you sleep on the bed I’ll sleep on the couch…”

She looked at him dumbfounded. Slowly realizing that he’s giving her time to accept their relationship, she found the first feeling she felt towards him. Respect…

“Um… we both can sleep on the bed keeping some pillows in the middle…”

Her words told him indirectly, that she trusts him. He was relieved with that.

That’s how their relationship started… with Respect & Trust…

Little by little Sanchi started to adjust to her new family. It wasn’t easy for her with losing person who gave her so much love and a home. Her father died 1 1/2 months after her wedding. Everyone stood by her consoling her. Mostly her it was her husband that made her understand that even though he’s dead, her dad is happy. He had seen her grow, educating to reach a goal, her marriage… so he died happily with no regrets. It meant a lot for her when he tried his best to make her happy when she was constantly sad. He even suggested her to join a job to keep her mind away. She was happy that he and his family truly kept their word to let her work after the marriage. She got her dream job in one of the top most companies in Delhi. Just like Kabir said, working kept her mind busy from thinking too much.

Days have passed normally but one day, it was different. That day she felt something she didn’t hope to feel. Guilt…

It was a day that every family member was home and relaxing. They were talking about almost everything and nothing. The topic directed to Sanchi.

“You’re more like Sunil. Jaya could be evil sometimes. You’re not like that” Savitri commented thoughtfully.

“No maa… I think I’m more evil than maa ever was…” Sanchi said lost in her thoughts while others laughed. Only one managed to see how serious her expression was. “Sanchi… are you ok?” Kabir asked in a low tone.

She got surprised at the sudden question. Then her face relaxed in to a soft smile. “Yeah… I just remembered them…”

He held her hand and gave it a light squeeze to assure her that he’s with her along with the rest of the family.

Her expression again got grim. Releasing her hand, she excused herself and went to her room leaving a puzzled Kabir.

**Was She got upset coz I was holding her hand?** He too went to the room to apologise to her if she’s upset.

Sanchi was deeply engrossed in her thoughts. Her mind went back to the last convention she had with her dad before he pass away.

“Sanchi… beta don’t do what Vikrant say!”

“What are you talking about dad?”

“You think I don’t know? I know everything… don’t listen to him. He’s lying to you! Kapoors… they’re not bad… they all love you and did nothing wrong for you! If they had done anything, I won’t got you married to their son. Because of them, I’m not afraid to die. I know they’ll be with you like a family. Forget the past my little girl… start afresh… give Kabir a chance… give your new family a chance…!”

Today she came to realize that what she wasn’t doing isn’t right. But she has to get justice for her parents. Kabir came to their room when she was in this dilemma.

“Sanchi, I’m sorry if I’ve upset yo-“

He was cut off by a tight hug from her. In an instant he realized she’s crying. **I’m so sorry Kabir… you all love me and accepted me but I’ve done nothing but deceiving you… I don’t deserve this family… I don’t deserve you… your love… you will only hate me when you know…**

He held her until she fall asleep and even after that, he didn’t move an inch away thinking she’ll breakdown again. He thinks it’s because of her parents she’s crying but in reality, she’s crying because of a whole different reason.

Next morning was like a new beginning for Sanchi. She woke up with a new thought. That was to give her new family a chance just like dad said. It was like everything around her was greeting her and wishing her for her new beginning. Even the nature had an unrecognizable charm like the first day she met Kabir. She felt different within herself.

Days went by and it would be a lie if I say no one noticed a change in Sanchi. Everyone noticed it. She was always there to help maa and papa (Savitri & Anand), always argued with Veer when he pull a prank on her at the same time always saved him from others scolding.

Kabir was the one who got the biggest surprise. Sanchi and he was in good terms since they got married but never much open with each other. But recently, they became friends. They stayed awake till morning talking about each other, how they were when they were kids, what they like, what they don’t, what to do to cheer up the other when he/she’s upset, etc. They would always find time to spend with each other no matter how busy they were. Little by little their friendship turned in to something more. Love…. Neither of them wanted to accept it but it was hard to hide it inside them. Kabir had developed feelings for her for quite some time but was afraid to tell her. He didn’t want to ruin their friendship hearing her rejection. Though Sanchi took more time to realize her feelings, she was afraid that she’d lose him just like she lost everyone she loved. She decided not to say anything to him. But fate had other plans.

The day she accompanied Kabir to the 16th anniversary of SDCH, she lost all her courage not to confess him. Seeing his colleague Dr. Riya Malhotra clinging onto her husband’s arm like a leach, made her lose her cool and storm out of the party.

“What’s wrong? Why did you suddenly leave?” He asked coming behind her.

“Why? Can’t I come out for some fresh air?” She spat back angrily.

He had a feeling her anger was directed to him but couldn’t place what he did to make her angry. So he waited for her to tell herself the same was she usually does when she’s angry.

“What was the need to hold her that closer?”


“Why did you hold that Riya like that?”

He was dumbfounded at her question. “We were just dancing Sanchi”

“Dancing my foot! She never leave a chance to cling on to you!!”

“Hahaha if I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re jealous hahahahaha!!”

“What if I am jealous?”

He laughed uncontrollably.

“Stop laughing Kabir! I’m serious!!”

“Hahaha that’s funny! Hahaha… why would you? Hahaha…!!”

She was getting annoyed with him each passing second. She pulled him by his collar putting a stop to his laughter. “Because I love you!!” For a moment the time stopped between them, but she let go of him the moment she realized what she said but instead of being horrified, his face eased in to a gentle smile. He enveloped her in a hug without saying anything. Her heart was beating in her ears waiting for him to say something and after what felt like forever, he finally spoke.

“Thank God you finally said that! I thought I’d have to hide forever!!”


“I love you too sweetheart…!” He completed their confession with a kiss on her forehead that expressed millions of unsaid words.

From then on they were so happy like a normal couple. Nothing could come between their blooming love. But life is all about tests. It was time to test her love, trust and faith. No one would ever guess something drastic will happen just in a form of a text.

It right. Sanchi received a text.

Hello baby, missed me? It’s been a long time already! Enough playing house with your so called husband. It’s time to end this game. Let’s meet on the grand finale!

It wasn’t just a text. It was a reminder. A reminder for her to do what she’s assigned. **I can’t do this anymore!! I have to tell Kabir! He should know the truth!!**

Kabir slammed his hand on the glass table in front of it leaving it in pieces.

“KABIR!!!” Sanchi took his bleeding hand in hers but he pushed her away making her stagger back. “Kabir your hand-” her whisper died when he walked out of the room without sparing her a second glance.

She looked back at the people who are left in the living room. Maa and papa… She couldn’t look at them in the eye after everything she told. They too walked past her while she was looking down.

“Bhabi… it’s late. You should take some rest…”

“Veer I-“

“You said us such a big story. Honestly it’s so hard to believe that you had hidden all this from us!”


“I understand you didn’t plan to cheat us, but bhai… I don’t know… Anyway, let’s talk about this matter tomorrow. Good night!” Veer too went away bidding her good night.

Thinking how to face Kabir, she walked to their room. When she entered, she was greeted by a sight of Kabir sitting on the floor leaning against the bed frame. He was drinking continuously from a bottle which contains aurban colour liquid.

“So all of this was just a lie?”

She stood their in silence as he voiced.

“Everything? From the beginning? How we first met? That accident? You planned that too?”

She shook her head violently trying to tell him that it wasn’t but she’s unable to form words.

“Every moment we spent with each other? Your love… was that a lie too?” He laughed humorously. “Hahaha why am I even asking you? Of course it was all a lie! All this was just a plan for you!”

She couldn’t bare it when he questioned her love. “No!! Kabir please… listen to me…”

“Stop! Please… don’t! I’ve heard enough… why Sanchi? Why? What’s the need to do all this drama? If you had told me earlier, I would’ve helped you! Why do all this only to break my heart?” His voice broke as he spoke. He himself isn’t aware what he was talking right now. The amount he drank before was getting in to his head. Otherwise he had no plans to pour his heart out after what she said. “Didn’t I gave you everything you wanted? Wasn’t I a good husband? Didn’t I love you enough? I loved you Sanchi… I loved you like a mad person and… and… It might’ve been a joke for you right? Yes! I was a joke!! Bu-but why didn’t you stop me? Why didn’t you stop me when I was getting close to you? Why did you let me? Was it because of your mission that you can come closer to man in order to achieve what you want?” A single tear drop made its way down his cheek.

She placed her hand over his mouth and stopped him from saying anything more. “Please don’t say anything more!! It’s not true!! Don’t ever think like that! Though it was the mission at first, I really fell for you! I tried very hard not to. But you didn’t let me. Each and every passing day, you made me fall for you again and again. I love you Kabir… I really do!!” Though it was useless to say anything as he had already passed out, she still tried to convey her feelings to him.

She helped him to get on the bed and made him comfortable. She sat there caressing his hair, crying silently. After some time she thought to leave thinking if he saw her when he wake up next morning, he’d be upset. But seems like her husband wasn’t thinking the same when he stopped her from leaving.

“Don’t! Don’t go! Don’t leave me!” He mumbled unconsciously in his sleep.

Her cries intensified with his words. She laid beside him. He took her in his arms immediately. She too cuddled in to his warmth thinking what awaits for them tomorrow.


My dear readers, I apologise if you felt the story is rushed. I trying to write a complete story in these three shots here. Hope you all like it…!!!


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