Do you want romance or constant thrill in (Ishq mein marjawan )

So guys here I am discussing this topic

I am a huge fan of Ishq mein marjawan never missed a single episode the show also have a huge following so what are your thoughts on the current track I also want to point out some things

1:Deep got shot twice he removed the bullets and came back in one day

2:It also showed that Deep didn’t want to trap arohi but according to the manali track deep was the person who saw arohi and called virat

3:How did tara always know what arohi is wearing

I think after the leap they ruined the lead couple deep and arohi.Arohi from a sweet innocent girl became a smart and cunning girl and deep from a mastermind became mummyji dog.They only showed revenge and because of that it resulted in fans hating the character of arohi.Now deep came back and hating arohi and arohi begging for forgiveness it happens in arohi serials but why in the hell they bring tara so soon.Tara is in jail but arohi has a bad image how is she going to prove her innocence to the world.After the leap makers showed no romance just hate and hate.So tell me your thoughts in the comments and also chose between the thrill or romance

  1. Ardeep

    I am sorry there are some error but it’s my auto correct and I also want to point out something that why in the hell is deep angry with her he ruined her life and when she thought maybe he loves her he was always like I love tara I have no guilt and now they made deep look the mastermind again but made arohi weak
    I want mastermind deep cunning and smart arohi plus ardeep what’s your say

  2. I want thrill n what they r showing now isn’t thrill at all!
    Hi ardeep what’s ir real name…..good analysis dude

  3. Ardeep die-hard fan

    Both mostly romance though

  4. Ardeep die-hard fan

    Both but mistly romane though they are lack of romance now adays

  5. Salley145

    Yes Tara always get to know what is Aarohi wearing lol
    How can Deep remove bullets, I didn’t understood
    Well whatever its interesting

  6. hey…. i want a balance of romance and thrill. after all the title is ishq mein marjawan, includes both love and death lol. but more than anything i want the tracks to include some logic and be well thought out. i agree with the points you raised.
    1. Deep was not shot on shoulder or leg but on his chest, near his heart. to show that he took out the bullet with a knife and it did not include any complication is an insult to medical science. there are so many vital organs there, but i suppose they were trying to show that Deep is made of stone -_- its just not possible what was shown, huh
    2. everyone can say that Deep did not want to trap Arohi, or he wanted to save Arohi but the truth is he didnt do anything to really help her. shooting in the leg and not heart is not ‘protecting’. what he is doing now is helping Arohi, by changing reports and sending Tara to jail. but back then Deep thought he was doing wrong but still did it. the only thing he truly did good was to save nikku, send him to school and take care of him when no one was there to look after the child. but he should have tried harder to save nikku once Arohi stupidly brought him to Raichand Mansion. And he never made his position clear to Arohi, even now he is confusing Arohi a lot, calling her Tara all the time. all in all, i dont blame Arohi for thinking Deep is her real culprit and wanting to shoot him.
    but i cant blame Deep for being angry on Arohi either. i mean, Arohi didnt just shoot Deep. she told him how she did that fake pregnancy drama and how she lied to him about loving him so that she could trap him. Deep really wanted that child and was heart broken when he thought Tara had a miscarriage. He was also repeatedly blamed by Roma for ‘Tara’s’ tantrums and it was all Arohi’s doing. Then Arohi came to Deep and filled his ears that see Roma doesnt love you. She made him believe that she, Arohi, loves him. then at the end she told him that it was all a lie, that she hated him and then she shot him and left him to die. i agree Deep allowed many wrong things to happen to Arohi but Arohi did a lot to him too. we as viewers might think Arohi was right, but Deep wouldnt be able to see that right now. He is still helping Arohi though, and still loves her. so i am hopeful that with time he will let go of his anger. and if Arohi manages to find Deep’s parents, then i believe Deep will forgive her
    3. this one has just no explanation lol.
    another thing i want is the villains to suffer. i mean since the time Arohi came she has done a lot. but if we see the results, it seems like she has done nothing. she sent Virat to jail and the case is still pending. Virat is a suspended officer. but the case is never brought up and suspension has no effect on Virat using his contacts or whatever. Arohi brought Vedika, and the revelation that Roma and Prithvi has a child should have broken the family but its still together. Vedika’s death should have made Prithvi completely against Roma and even support her enemies but he is still a loyal dog. Arohi sent Tara to jail in London, but next epi Tara is back. Roma was sent to jail too but she too is back in the next episode….. i mean, if the villains do something it straight up leads to murder of Arohi’s close ones. but Arohi’s plans do not harm her enemies at all and they are back to being normal. but story wise, by now the Raichands should be broken, shattered and near destruction. i wish the writers would show this instead of Arohi crying and scared all the time 🙁

    1. Exactly dhara

  7. Riti

    I really love how you pointed out the whole Deep coming back to life. He was shoot in the stomach and chest. These two places that the worst places to be shoot. If you are shoot in the chest, you are very likely to die. This is because, YOUR HEART IS THERE! Also he was shoot on the left side where that heart is. Yes, there is always the possibility that the bullet missed a major artery, but that is very unlikely. This also goes for the stomach because again there are many vital organs that are there. Stomach and liver are just a few. If you are shoot there and you do not seek help you will die a painful death.

    Lets say that the bullets somehow missed a vital organ and a major artery, he does not have the tools in the moments to help himself. If you are ever shoot and you are taken to the hospital, the doctors are not trying to get the bullet out as fast as possible. The bullet is okay, the problem is the bleeding. We need blood, and when you are shoot you bleed. If you are shoot, and you just get the blood out without stoping the bleeding you will lose too much blood and we will die. Blood bring very important elements to your heart and brain. Your blood bring oxygen to your brain so, if you lose to much of it, your brain is not getting enough oxygen and it will deteriorate. And you really do need your brain to survive

    Another problem is the method that he used to get the bullet out. That is not a medical grade tool, that was just something laying there. Before starting any surgery, surgeons disinfect all the equipment and their hand so that nothing is infected. If anything is infected and is used in a surgery then the infection can spead inside the person’s body and this can harm the patient.

    To recap I just want to say. HOW IN THE WORLD IS HE STILL ALIVE! He did everything wrong and Indian shows really need to do their research about medicine. There are times when I am watching a show and I face-palm because of the hospitals parts. Get It Right! It is really not that hard. To the people how are reading this, I am really sorry about this rant. I just had to get it out. Thanks for reading the long boring paragraph on science.

    1. hey Riti…. maybe the writers wanted to show that Deep’s body is not the normal human body. that is the main suspense of this whole serial 😛 😛 😛 at the end it will be revealed Deep is an alien and that is why Roma is so afraid him and doesnt want him to find out his identity 😛

  8. Romance of Ardeep

  9. Aafiya

    Combination of both thrill and romance will be superb..

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