Three Shot Competition (Level 1 ) Entry 13

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Title – Mohabbat ya Tohmat ( Love or accusation)

Characters –

Aalisha Panwar as Tara Kashyap / Aarohi Kashyap.

Arjun Bijlani as Deep Raichand


A girl is shown wearing a white coloured Anarkali frock walking in the road alone in the night .

Girl : Oh God….I get late .It’s quite dark here .

Suddenly some boys start to teasing here . She pay no heed to their words & start moving with great speed but they surrounded her. She get scared & about to shout , then someone punch one of the boys face & the person is turn out to be a girl.She beat almost each of them & they get fleed from there.

Girl 2 : Well , fear is not suited on Tara Kahyap’s sister face. Aru, When u stop becoming frightened like typical girls. C’mon it’s 21st century & girl knows how to protect themselves .

Aarohi : I just don’t want to do any drama on the road.

Tara : Oh Girl…You are insane.Don’t know how I get this much innocent sister.

She said & hug her while she also reciprocate . They both reached their house . A lady open the door . Her face look tensed.

Lady : Aarohi , Where were u . How many times I told u to call ur Bhaiya if u become late.

Aarohi : Bhabhi , I don’t want to make u worried.

Tara : Chill down my lady ….Who the hell dare to touch my sister .I will surely kill him.

Riddhi( Bhabhi) : Tara….Don’t take this lightly.

She slightly patted on her head & she get annoyed while Aarohi giggles . Riddhi hold Aarohi’s ear & now it’s time for Tara chuckling.

Aarohi : Ahh…Bhabhi , It’s getting hurt .

Bhabhi : Make sure next time that u have to call us if u get late.

Aarohi : ohh…okk.Sorry, I never forget from today onwards.

Tara : Bhabhi …Please now leave my innocent sissy.

She said while defending her sister .

Riddhi : You both are twins but still very different in behaviour except one thing that u love each other unconditionally .

Tara : We love u too unconditionally.

Aarohi : Bhaiya & Nikku too.

They both said in unison & move toward their room while Riddhi admired their bond . Next morning, All are busy in breakfast when Tara come downstairs wearing a white off -shoulder top paired up with a black denim.

Nikku : You are late Angel.

Nikku said while complaining .

Tara : Aww, My champ …I am just late by 5 mins.

Bhaiya : When u are going to become responsible .

Tara : Oh, C’mon don’t behave llike that ¬†typical indian serials type brothers. We have full life to get serious. Now, I want to enjoy my life.

All chuckle on her statement & nods her head in disbelief .

Aarohi : Guess what u don’t know bhaiya that Tara is like spring of our house . If she is not like this , then who will make us smile.

Nikku : Yeah my fairy .

Nikku said while kissing her cheek.

Tara : I want to go shopping . Aru you take leave from hospital for today .

Nikku : I also want to accompany .Fairy , please take leave .

He request while making puppy face to Aarohi.

Aarohi : Okk guys …done , I will take leave .Now, get happy .

Tara & Nikku both hi -if each other while Aarohi smile at their childish behaviour.

They get ready & leave for shopping mall.They reached there & get busy in shopping . Suddenly , Tara bumps on someone & as a result shopping bags which is in her hand fall down . All things get scattered on the floor.

Tara(in angry voice) : Are u blind or what ! Can’t u see.

She look at the person & the person is revealed as Deep.

Tara : Now, Why are u standing like statue .

Deep : I am sorry …I don’t see u .Let me help u .

He said genuinely .

Tara : No need of doing favours …

She said in more angry tone & start picking her things.

Aarohi & Niku came there after listening her sound . Deep got confused when he see Aarohi . Tara get up after picking her things. He is staring both , then he realized that they are twins. Tara notice this & give him deadly glare .

Tara : Ohh Mr. Why are u staring ?

She asked raising her one eyebrow.

Deep : No, I just got confused.

Tara : I don’t need explanation. First , you create mess & now u start drooling over girls like typical boys ….Huh.

Aarohi : Tara, it’s alright …Let’s go home.

She said sweetly to calm her.

Tara : Aru …Don’t come in between . You don’t know these type of jerks.

Deep : Oh Please …You misunderstood me. Let me listen first.

Tara : Stop giving me excuses.

Aarohi : Tara, please stop the arguments . Come we have to go home.

She said while dragging her.

Tara : You don’t know who Tara Kashyap is ? Don’t u dare to show me ur face again.

Aarohi : Enough Tara….

She leave from there with Niku & Tara while he is still standing there confused.

Tara is really annoyed from Aarohi . She walked out toward their room while stamping her foot like a stubborn child . Aarohi nods her head in disbelief & follow her.

Aarohi : Tara, Now stop being angry bird.

Tara : Aru, I don’t want to talk with u else I become furious.

Aarohi : Accha …Sorry. Please talk with me.

Tara : What Sorry …Huh, You don’t know these all boys are same . They intentionally get collided with girls.

Aarohi : You are saying as u are astrologer ….maybe he is innocent .

Tara : You know what there are many girls who are innocent & fall in their trap. Can’t u fight for women’s rights.

Aarohi : Why the hell u always bring women empowerment in every thing.I don’t understand why all want to do something for women empowerment . Women are not weak, then why we always make feel them that they have to empower themselves in the name of women empowerment .

Tara : Stop giving me lectures .

Aarohi : Okk…then behave like my sissy who is best in the world .

She said side hugging her while she is annoyed but still she melted & they both hug each other .

On the other side, Deep is sitting on couch & thinking about something . His mother Vasundhara Raichand see that he is lost somewhere. A small unknown smile crept on his lips & he is deeply thinking.

Vasundhara : Deep , What are u thinking ?

She asked in a sweet voice while keeping the juice glass but he is still lost . Vasundhara shake him lightly .

Vasundhara : Where are u lost ?

Deep : Haan…Nowhere Maa. I just normally thinking something .

Vasundhara : That much deeply .

Deep : Yeah…Let me drink juice prepared by my beautiful mother.

He said while changing the topic

Vasundhara : Who is that girl ?

Deep : What ….

He said faking a shock expression.

Vasundhara : You can’t hide from me …I am ur mother.

She said while ruffling his hairs.

Deep : How do u get to know ?

Vasundhara : From ur smile ….You smile after so many years while thinking. Now, tell the name.

Deep : I met her today in mall….


Author’s note – All rhe characters are positive here .

Do comments & votes by giving a like . Have a wonderful day to u all.Keep smiling.

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