Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update amajis remedies

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari practising dancing in Mishra house,anu asks what are you doing,Tiwari says just sit here and watch me dance,and you will be in awe,and starts dancing,anu puts the music off and says I don’t want to be rude but it’s not enough try understand,Tiwari says so I do have thank you,anu says I meant you learn to dance,Tiwari says once I will practice with you I will learn,anu says never we will disqualify if we dance together,I can’t be your dance partner,Tiwari says I will improve,and be your dance partner and leaves.

Saxena and tilu ask vibhu how is he feeling,vibhu says I feel like killing myself,tilu says Bhabhi what will she do after you,vibhu says is it,Saxena says anyways come with us amaji has sent new remedy,vibhu says I feel good thank you,tilu says she is sitting there with Kajal in here eyes for you,vibhu asks what does that mean,tilu says amaji asked her to stare into your eyes with love and that will cure you,vibhu says quickly take me there.

Angoori staring at vibhu,tilu says I don’t understand what is this,vibhu says god this remedy,angoori says quote and just stare,vibhu says your eyes talk a lot,angoori says I never saw anyways,Saxena says I guess it’s enough for today,vibhu says no it’s not,amaji gives angoori a call,amaji says pandit ramphal made a correction use onion juice in his eyes,angoori says for 3 hours I was starting,vibhu says I wanna go home,angoori says not until I see you cured.

Happu alone at tea stall at night crying,and sees Malkhan dancing in front of him,he gets scared and starts crying,and closes eyes,Malkhan leaves,tikka walks to him and asks what’s wrong,tikka says I have good news I dreamt about Malkhan and he said he will leave you,only if I go kashi and do funeral rituals,happu says do quickly then,tikka says I need 2 lakhs for that.

Tiwari walks in hello bhabhiji,anu says please don’t dance,I’m having headache,Tiwari says let me give you a massage I meant angoori to ask,anu says no thank you,tiwari says I’m your neighbour and want to help you,anu says how sweet repeat after me I tiwari will never talk about dance in front of anu,Tiwari repeats and then says I can’t let that happen,anu says enough of this drama get that fact you can’t dance,Tiwari says what if you win without dancing,prem walk in.

Prem says bhabhiji one of the judge is my friend and I have setting with him,and even if you stand with Tiwari on stage you will score full and win competition.

Tikka at tea stall,Happu walks to him,and hands him money and says go kadhi and perform malkhans funeral rituals,tikka says thank you,Malkhan will RIP now,happu says I worked hard to earn this,Malkhan walks in front of them and waves at them,happu says look he is waving,he was a good man,tikka sighs and Malkhan goes,tikka says happu leave before Malkhan comes back,happu says right and leaves.

Tikka opens the packet,Malkhan walks to him and kisses him,Happu says what did I do I gave 5000 less in 2 lakhs if Malkhan comes back that will be back and leaves,Malkhan and tikka discussing plans about what to in 2 lakhs and decide to go foreign countries,happu sees them.

Pre cap: vibhu is left alone in Mishra house and tilu Saxena says now you will have to bear with this pain alone and leave.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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