Three Shot Competition (Level 1 ) Entry 12

Undying Trust

The beautiful hills, cool winds, dusky sky and romantic atmosphere of Ooty welcomed Sameer and Naina. They had just reached Ooty, for their honeymoon. The car they had booked, arrived to take them to the hotel where their 5 days 6 nights stay was supposed.

Naina enjoyed the beautiful sights of the city throughout their drive, as Sameer smiled seeing his wife’s happiness and excitement. He caressed the back of her palm with his thumb and she smiled at him.

As the car halted infront of a hotel, Sameer and Naina got down and walked over to the reception. “Mr and Mrs Maheshwari” pride and authority could be felt in Sameer’s voice as he asked the receptionist for the keys of their honeymoon suite. Naina blushed, and they walked over to the elevator, hand in hand.

The door knob clicked open as Sameer and Naina got inside the room, the hotel staff following them as he carried their luggage. After getting his tip, he left as Sameer closed the door behind him. He turned back and saw Naina standing in the balcony, admiring the enchanting view of the hill station. He walked over to her and without warning, hugged her from behind. His arms wound around her waist as he pulled her closer, his nose caressing her neck and earlobe.

Naina was startled by his sudden touch. But, after a moment, she too glided her hands along his. He turned her around to face him, and asked, “Did you like the room?” She ran her eyes throughout the lavish room. It’s decorated bed, dim lights, elegant furniture and a bathroom as big as a room itself. “I love it” she replied softly.

Naina had always seen such rooms in movies. Never had she imagined even in her dreams, that one day, she would be staying in such a room with her husband on their honeymoon. But since a month or so, her life was nothing less than a dream. After falling in love with Sameer, the most difficult and crucial phase of their relationship was convincing their families, especially the Agarwals. It took a lot of courage and patience, but both of them always stood by and supported each other.

Although, Chachaji and Chachiji had done her kanyadaan, during Naina’s bidaai, Rakesh sir had caressed her head and blessed her n Sameer. With a lot of difficulty, he had finally been able to hide his tears from everyone. Well, fathers are like that!

Naina’s revierie was broken as Sameer whispered in her ears, “You’ll love it even more at night” She blushed at his statement and he trailed his lips down her neck. Naina sighed in pleasure as she held him tighter.

“Sameer, we need to freshen up” she slightly pushed him and went towards their bags, while Sameer ran his fingers through his hair. “Are you going in first?” she asked him, pointing towards the bathroom.

A small smirk was playing on Sameer’s lips as he huskily proposed, “Let’s go together!” He walked over to her in slow strides as Naina’s eyes widened. They were on their honeymoon and Sameer was going to be uncontrollable here. “You sit here, I’m going first” blushing, she ran inside the bathroom.

After coming out from the bathroom, the first thing Sameer saw was his wife, his Naina. She was standing in front of the mirror, examining her look. Initially, Naina was not the one to bother about looks. But after he came in her life, she was changed. She started grooming herself and wanted to look good..only for him. She started wearing his favourite colour Pink, more often, especially on special days like his birthday, their anniversary, their secret dates.

She looked extremely beautiful and angelic in a light pink coloured gown, which he had insisted her to buy. Pink was so her colour, he thought. She wore her mangalsutra around her neck and applied sindoor on her forehead. She noticed Sameer staring at her. “Don’t you have to wear your shirt?” she asked, trying not to openly checkout his bare upper body. Miserably failed!

He chuckled and picked up his shirt. It is said that a man looks the hottest in black and white. And Naina’s devilishly handsome husband had chosen to wear these two colours. Black and white.

Naina put the last pin in her side bun when Sameer came and stood behind her. He gently held her by her shoulders and complemented, “you look gorgeous!” as he placed a feather-light kiss on her shoulder.

“Let’s go Mrs Maheshwari!” he spoke softly and held his hand out. Naina quickly grabbed her purse and placed her hand in his. Sameer wondered at how her hand was of the right size to fit in his.

They got into the car and sped off to a nearby restaurant. Even after having a lot of space in the backseat of the car, Sameer sat as close to Naina as possible. Naina too held his hand and entwined their fingers.

They got down the car and walked inside the restaurant and reached their already reserved table. Sameer had planned everything to make Naina enjoy the trip to the fullest. As they took their seats, the waiter arrived with the menu. After a lot of thinking, both of them ended up ordering each other’s favourite food. They giggled.

Sameer took her hand in his n looked at her with love filled eyes. His romantic gestures in public made her blush, even though he had been doing this ever since their marriage was fixed.

“Naina” he called out her name when they heard someone shout. A man was shouting at the waiter for serving his wife some spiked drink. Later it was found out that, the lady had mistaken alcohol for soft drink and gulped it down.

“How could she not recognize that it was alcohol and not soft drink!?” asked Naina surprised. Sameer chuckled and said, “Even you couldn’t have recognised that. They look almost the same and non-drinkers generally don’t see any difference. Be careful, someday you might end up getting drunk!” He laughed and teased her.

They had come back to their hotel room after enjoying the dinner and a lot of romance. But even after that, Naina couldn’t get that alcohol incident out of her head. And then Sameer’s joke added to her fear. What if, someday, she too mistakes alcohol for something else and drinks it. Everyone would think that she drinks. Also, loosing her senses could lead to many other things.

She had changed into a satin night robe and was sitting on the edge of the bed. Sameer came out of the bathroom and saw her worried face. He sat beside her and wound an arm around her shoulders, “What happened?” he lifted her face to look at him. Naina was fidgeting with her fingers, trying to say, in a decent way, what she wanted to say!

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