Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 28th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Anurag and Priyanka’s pre-wedding functions begins

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 28th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajol telling Priyanka that Anurag is not hers, and neither she is not showing rights on him nor she is asking her to give Anurag to her. She says truth is that that you can’t handle him. Priyanka asks her to prove if she is not interested in Anurag and asks her to attend all her marriage functions, and make Anurag believe that you will detach with him. Kajol says yes. Dida tells Arundita and Kaushik that Priyanka is very clever and will not let Kajol’s show any cleverness. Arundita says there is grace in that girl. Dida and Abhishek leave from there. Arundita says I will come as baraati in Anurag and Priyanka’s wedding and your destruction. She says now you will not have Arjun or Anurag, and will celebrate your destruction alone. Anurag is in his room, and recalls his love confession in the party being drunk. He gets up from sleep and thinks I can’t believe that I have done this last night. Sharmila knocks on the door and comes inside. Anurag sits on the bed. Sharmila asks him to drink lemonade. Anurag apologizes for his behavior last night, and says it seems some patience have broken. He says I am embarrassed. Sharmila says Kajol’s heart is broken too, but she don’t do such misbehavior. She says yesterday it was her brother’s reception, and don’t know why she gets insulted always. Anurag says don’t know why punishment is written in her side. Sharmila asks him to apologize to her. Anurag says he will. Sharmila says kajol will forgive you, and says it is your decision to marry Priyanka, and asks him to fulfill his decision and stop all this. She gives jewellery box to Anurag and says Anjali Bhabhi had given me this, asking me to give it to you, so that your wife can wear this. He opens the box and reads Anjali’s letter. He gets emotional reading her letter that she is leaving three things for her bahu, her son, blessings and this necklace. She asks him to respect his wife, love her and always support her. She says you shall give time to your wife too, and shall not do the mistake which your father had done, and asks him to give much happiness to her. She blesses his wife. Anurag imagines Anjali blessing Kajol and asking her to take care of her Anurag. She then gives Kajol’s hand in his hand. Anurag looks at the necklace.

Sharmila asks Anurag to give the necklace to Priyanka. Anurag says Priyanka. Sharmila says all the functions will happen together. Bulti insists to attend Anurag’s wedding, but Apu refuses to attend the wedding, and says he has done bad with my sister. Bulti says Anurag da has done so much for us. Apu asks her to go. Bulti says how to go alone, if I meet mummy and Papa there, how I will face them. Apu says I will sit at home with Badi didi. Kajol and others come there. Kajol says I will go there. Chandana asks why you want to go. Kajol says to give reply to Priyanka. She tells Apu that he shall go with Bulti. Pishimaa asks her not to go and says you can’t bear to see your love marrying someone else. Kajol says I have promised Priyanka, your daughter has a high patience level.

Priyanka is seated for her haldi and mehendi function. She gets mehendi applied to her hands. Dida says we have brought the shagun. Sharmila says Anurag is coming here, will do haldi here. Dida says both groom and bride will do all the rasams together. She appreciates Priyanka for winning Anurag with her cleverness and smartness. Sharmila thinks what happiness Priyanka will get, by marrying a person who loves someone else, then also she is marrying him. Anurag comes there. Dida asks him to come. Anurag says I haven’t come here to sit and asks her to call him if there is any work. Sharmila goes behind him. Priyanka thinks his anger will calm down tomorrow. Arundita, Kaushik comes there with Arjun and Naina. Dida tells them that she is happy to see them here, and says she had attended Arjun’s wedding for them, else wouldn’t have stepped in that house. Arjun says don’t take their name. Kajol comes there with Apu and Bulti. She asks Bulti to meet her family and asks her not to be scared. She says it is your duty to convince them, and asks Apu to be with her and not to leave her. Anurag looks at Kajol and feels sorry for his doings. Kajol recalls Anurag’s love confession and looks at him.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Am getting tired of seeing Priyanka take advantage of the situation pliz change her and pliz put the two love birds together

  2. Such an educated dr falling into priyankas trap and getting married. O give me a break!
    Cant the directors think of a way like bringing someone to say that the kidnapping was not real so.that prinyanka is exposed?
    So much bad words abt kajol by dida is not good
    She shud be removed from this show as she is too irritating

  3. I TOTALLY AGREE w Pinky n Dilshad :-))
    Makers – pls GET RID OF THE PEST PRIYANKA – send her off with a bang – n let Dida follow her to buzz off too – perhaps later hehehe

    PLS PLS PLS – ASAP – let’s see AnJol Marriage- he is such an educated man – why is he becoming so weak n helpless – Be a Man- Dr Anurag Basu!! 🙂

  4. Ok Anurag dance was hilarious 😂 but get to the real situation he needs to put on his Big Boy Pants on & take a stand against Priyanka as well as Kajol give her a shocking answer she is pathetic Hate Naina she is just as bad as Shreya Writers put a decent story & file a case against Priyanka for a false accusation After all he is a surgeon & a well to do MAN take a stand pls

    1. Exactly, can’t he just trick Priyanka into saying that she made up the story about Kajol trying to kill her only to marry him, and then submit the recording to the police, so that she can’t file a case against Kajol. He even said before his good friend was the ACP or something. It can’t be that hard.

  5. Agree with everyone else above. Though I don’t mind if Dida Ma remains after Anjol gets married. It’s a soap, so there needs to be at least one villian in the house as per law haha. According to BTS images, I think Anurag will get into some accident since he had a bandage on his head and Kajol was with him. I hope those scenes don’t take up too many episodes. I want them to get to the Priyanka-Anurag wedding scenes quickly, so Priyanka can be exposed and Anjol get married. If Anjol don’t get married in the next two weeks, I don’t know what to say…..why are the makers determined to bore us lol.

  6. So ridiculous. Better if this series goes off air. Unbelievable how the story took a turn for the worst. Get Priyanka out.

  7. Kajari Shankar

    Kajol’s character is potrayed as weak and insipid and not inspiring at all. As vicious as Naina is, she is spunky and more fun to watch.
    Unless the writers can make Kajol’ character stronger and fight for her love, the show best go off air.

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