Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 27th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Anand beats himself.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 27th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In this episode Bhim Rao asked where they got the prasad from. Varchand replied that they got it from Mandir. Bhim hate the lie people tells. Varchand asked why Bhim Rao thought that he was lying. Since there was no gold or silver foil neither any sweet was distributed in Mandir. Thus, it meant that Varchand was lying. Daliya agreed that the sweets didn’t look like a prasad. The wife said that she as ordered not to put any sign or symbol on it. Varchand was trying to do a good deed. Bhim Rao blamed him for changing his stance. Varchand asked everyone to take prasad. Joku and the people leaned forward. Rama stopped them. Joku argued for being victim of Bhim Rao’s decisions, they must not be stopped from taking the Prasad. Other men pointed Joku for being opportunist. Joku threatened everyone with violence. Joku and his mates took prasad. Wife distributed prasad. Deepak tried to stop his mother, but she defied him. Bhim Rao knew that Varcahnd was setting a trap. Varchand wasn’t stupid, he waited the day when Bhim Rao would be thrown out of this society for being a lower caste.

Anand asked Guruji if Ramji informed him anything about his whereabouts. Guruji questioned. Anand wanted to bring Ramji back. Anand was angry and disappointed at himself because Ramji wasn’t appointed in a circus but went their to hurt himself. He explained Guruji everything. Guruji calmed Anand, advised him not to inform anyone at home especially Bhim Rao. Searching Ramji right now wasn’t right.
Jijabai was upset that Ramji left without informing her. incase he left in fury; he won’t return early. Meera asked Jijabai what exactly she was upset about. Him leaving, or not informing her. Lakshmi questioned Meera for constantly taunting them. Meera told that they were lucky women to have an understanding family. They must take care of them. Jijabai questioned if she was being blamed for making Ramji leave. Meera clarified, Jijabai didn’t support Ramji like she should have. Lakshmi wasn’t wrong in asking Anand to find a job, but her way of speech as always been. They must give time and realize when and how they have been wrong.

Anand took a strip, he wanted to do the same act Ramji to punish himself for being a useless son. He couldn’t bare the fact that his father used to beat himself to earn money in his presence. Anand called everyone to see his act. He beat himself with the strips.
Rama knew that Bhim Rao would be worried about Ramji, he would anything to get Ramji’s pension back. Rama decided to double her work for better earning. She asked the woman for some other work. Meanwhile the police officer intervened. Asked if Rama wanted work, her husband gave him an ultimatum of finding 20 children who wanted education and through those children he would file a case against factory owners. Rama immediately rewinds her thoughts of losing Shankar. The policeman has been waiting for Bhim Rao. Rama told that Bhim Rao has left his mission. The policeman objected. She apologized on his behalf. The policeman gave her a paper to have Bhim Rao’s apology letter on it. Rama questioned. The woman asked Rama to get the apology letter. Rama said that Bhim Rao would never apologize for something right, but Rama would try.

Bhim Rao was sweeping the streets, thinking that he would do anything to get Ramji’s pension back. Joshi’s friend called Bhim Rao, said that Ramji willingly left his pension after accepting his mistake. Bhim Rao wasn’t aware of Joshi’s reach, he created a havoc of a very small fight. They advised Bhim Rao to join hands with Varchand. Bhim Rao had his stance to always choose the right path. They asked Bhim Rao to wait for Joshi’s return.

Varchand ordered his men to distribute black dresses amongst the people, make them dance and prepare them for following ceremonies. The men left. Varchand was firm his desire to destroy Bhim Rao.

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