Balika Vadhu Season 2 27th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Anand challenges Anandi

Balika Vadhu Season 2 27th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi greeting Anand. He asks about the event preparations. She says everything is ready, it will be too good. He says no, cancel the event. She asks what do you mean, did you go mad to say this. He says I know my business, just do as I say. She asks why, my team has worked a lot, you are asking me to cancel the event, no, I have to talk to Bhairavi. He says I m your boss, I will handle this company now, event is cancelled. She argues with him. She asks him not to spoil the present because of the past, we were friends. He says we were friends, we are not friends now. She says fine, I m not any employee, but a partner in this company. He says 40% and I have 60%, so I m the boss, you have to listen to me.

Anandi complains about Anand. Sejal asks her to calm down. Anandi says I m feeling bad for my team, I didn’t expect this from Anand. Sejal asks what did you think now. Anandi says I will not leave my boutique, get Jigar if he is ready, we will take him to the hospital. Sejal gets Jigar. Anandi says I will go. Sejal asks her to have breakfast. Anandi says it will be late. Sejal gives her the tiffin and asks her to have it. Anandi takes Jigar.

Anand says sorry, I can’t give you any notice period over 10 days, find a new job soon. The ladies worry. Anandi gets Jigar there. The ladies say Anand is firing us from the job, he is shutting this company. Anandi goes to talk to Anand. He ignores her. He turns and sees Jigar on the wheelchair. He says I m working, have manners, go from here. She says how dare you, I have invested my time in this business, you didn’t ask me before shutting down this company. He says I m the company owner. She says I m also the owner. He says you are just a partner, the decision will be mine, I m cost cutting, move on. They argue.

He says fine, you have 5 days to complete a big order. She says you know we have less manpower, we can’t do this, its impossible. He says I knew it, you know making excuses, I think you have no talent, I should find a better and efficient designer. She scolds him. She challenges him and says I will complete this order, I will show my courage to you, be ready. She goes. She says we have less time, but we can do this. The lady says we can’t do this. Anandi asks them not to lose, be strong and begin the work. The ladies say right, we are ready. Anandi says we will give our best. Anand looks on.

Nurse calls Anandi and says congrats, Jigar’s reports have come, doctor said he will be back on his feet soon. Anandi says its good. Anand comes. She turns and the colours get spilled on his tshirt. They argue. He asks her to say sorry than blaming him. She asks him to go home and change. He says I have to be there for the meeting in half an hour. She gets a shirt for him. He says I don’t have to go and dance in dandiya event. She says wear this shirt, its your brand, it will be good. Bhairavi looks on. She says their chemistry may form again, no, I have to stop it, I have to do something.

Sejal makes Jigar ready. She talks to him. She asks him to get well soon, Anandi has fallen alone, he can share her burden. He cries and moves his hand. She smiles and says you moved your hand for the first time. She calls Anandi and tells her. Anandi updates Bhairavi. Bhairavi asks how is Sejal. Anandi says she is good, Jigar has much improvement, he moved his hand, he will recover soon. Bhairavi asks what, I mean, congrats, that’s great news, nice. Anand looks on. Ishana comes and hugs him. Anand introduces his US colleague Ishana. Anandi goes. Bhairavi says welcome. Anand says I didn’t need any need of a friend when Ishana was with me.

Anandi talks to the ladies and says I will teach you. Bhairavi says make Anandi out of Anand’s life. Ishana says I will make her totally out. She switches off the power. Anandi says how will I complete the order now.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Oh no – who is this new Vamp – Ishana????

    Anand is really heartless or just acting to wake up Anandi??

    Jigar is getting better??
    Oh no!! Thought we got rid of him – finally!!!

    blo*dy [email protected]%^ Bharavi – like seriously- u are running a NGO n showing how you Abuse n Exploit people – and especially [email protected]@@
    Is this what an Indian Nari Shakti truly is???

    Showing a bad example of a strong INDIAN Woman running an NGO!!=×%&$

    Let Anand allow Anandi to run the NGO – empower her!

    Bharavi to Retire- she is showing off to be strong but actually depending on others!!

    Time for Mehul to exit – another fire hehehe

    Bring back Anand’s Mum Shiela n fren Gauri – let them work w Anandi in her NGO -both act well n Shiela will mentally n emotionally challenge the arrogant n vain blo*dy B &^##^

    Get rid of JIGAR – he has acted well n enough!!!

    And bring a DOUBLE Twist in Anand-Anandi Love – Ishana n a New RICH Boy for Anandi 🙂 hehehe

  2. Vrinda@52

    What is this? Ishana why?? Jigar was less that Ishana also came. Really! I am fed up with these stories but I am watching it because of Shivu but not if I don’t. I never want this to happen . Does love power is so less that now Anand not even want to do friendship with Anandi?

  3. Vrinda@52

    At first, I thought jiger is finally out but again and that with this new villan Ishana

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