What do you think about Snehal Pandey’s replacement in O’ Gujariya?

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The youth based show O’ Gujariya: Badlen Chal Duniya (4 Lions Films) on Channel V has been presenting a fresh tale of three young girls who deal with the issues of love, career and personal crisis. It is the story of Natasha, Vaibhavi and Ada. Snehal Pandey has justified Vaibhavi’s role well but sadly she has been replaced by the maker and channel. Snehal is a chirpy young girl and she has been a live-wire on the set. However, the drawback comes in her performance, and the opinion coming has been that the viewers have not been able to connect with the character of Vaibhavi owing to her poor performance. Snehal will now be replaced by new face Swati Negi.

Let’s state the current track of the show, Kabir and Natasha lead a happy life. Ada allows Vaibhavi to stay in her house. Vaibhavi learns that Mr. Siddiqui is the general manager of ‘United Ammunition’ factory. Few reporters accuse Anirudh of supplying ammunition to the terrorists. They announce in front of the students that Anirudh was an alumni of Harivansh Rai College. On Mr. Rao’s motivation, Vaibhavi raises her voice against the media. Mr. Rao praises Vaibhavi for preserving the reputation of the college. Vaibhavi intends to get a file from Ada’s house, to prove Anirudh’s innocence. She organises a party in Ada’s house. Vaibhavi offers spiked drinks to Natasha and Ada, while celebrating the party. Later, Ada and Natasha become intoxicated, and play truth and dare with Vaibhavi. Ada reveals that she loves Samar. Shaurya wishes to date Vaibhavi. Vaibhavi manages to get the file. She succeeds in gathering evidence, to prove Anirudh’s innocence. Let us know what you think about Snehal’s replacement.

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  2. Very bad decision !

  3. What the hell….no gujariya if no snehal…..
    If they do so then we’ll skip o gujariya

  4. she is doing very great job. i watched previous episode in internet i really like her acting . i dont think anybody can justify that roll the way she did 🙁

  5. Very bad decision, No SNEHAL no gujariya. …pleaseee dont take out her

  6. If snehal panday not in o gujariya then m not intrested with these seriel. Its to bad to see swati negi in the role of vaibhavi well m very dispointed i miss snehal

  7. Snehal Pandey is doing good. If decision of replacement is to be taken then replace Shaurya, his acting is not good at all. Anyone can say that he is acting, he doesnt get into the character. His acting doesnt seem real.

  8. really bad decision ……team 4 lions films you are spoiling the show with this replacement…. 🙁 ..after this definitely the show is not on my watch list

  9. Swati nag is not justifying d rle as snehal used to do.snehal was aweaome…no o gujariya without snehal..pls pls pls get snehal back ..we wnt snehal bck

  10. I’m not going to watch O Gujariya…I don’t like the new girl

  11. I am not ever gonna watch this show again until snehal is back….Makers made worst decision!!!
    Snehal is better..verry disappointing !!!Swati doesnt deserve being part of show !

  12. Its not too late u can still get snehal back so as to stop this show into a flop show!!!!
    Please bring snehal back we were able to connect with her but not with swati negi!!!!!

  13. What a worst decision is made by the makers of o’gujariya! Snehal Pandey’s acting was damn good enough to attract the viewers. How they could replace her? Swati Negi has neither bright face nor her acting is better! The way Snehal did the role of Vaibhavi with great ease is going to be waste! Bring back Snehal or else its a big NO from the viewers to this show! Only sound effects can’t bring this show to a success height!

  14. Bad decision

  15. Guyz,
    Till today I hv bin only a silent watcher and reader o comments…but this inspired me to spk out.
    Do u see my username? I had decided to keep it gujariyarox……but snehal pandeys replacement made me go on a strike…bring back snrhal or else this usrnme is gonna remain saddahaqrox….
    I may even change it to gujariyasux….

  16. Vishnu Prasad

    Please bring back Snehal without her the show has no meaning.

  17. No she dont want to replacement in o gujariya plzzz came back

  18. I vote snehal pandey

  19. Come back we missing u for this role

  20. So u can change like this first u bring back snehal pandey as vaibhavi

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