Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varad asking Mansi not to be annoyed anymore. His mobile rings and its Sojal. He takes the call. Sojal asks where is he. He says he is busy in work. She says I called on office and came to know you are not at office. He gets angry and says he is out for some work meeting. She asks is Mansi in that meeting. He says no and ends the call. Mansi asks why is he so worried, its better to tell her the truth. He says you know her, she will create a big issue. She says I m also bearing her since long, she should also start bearing me now. He says tell me you are joking, what happened to you, I have to explain you every time, you tell me what should I tell her, she doubts us so problem solved for you, congrats.

Niranjan drinks the juice and asks Anjali will she have it. Anand comes and asks him to come for the meeting. Niranjan says fine, Anand you take Astha’s signs, as if she does not come again, the work should not stop. Anand says fine and leaves. Niranjan gives his hand to Anjali and asks her to come in the meeting. She is stunned. She says she does not know any work, I can’t. He says why are you worried. He says you have to work if you are here, come on, and wipes her tears.

Anand comes to Shlok and says meeting is going to start and asks Astha to come with him to sign some account papers. She says fine and leaves. Shlok thinks Astha you told love just gives happiness, you did not tell me it hurts so much sometimes. Anand gives the papers to Astha saying Niranjan asked you to sign. She says its required after three months, you can send this home, I will read it and sign later. He says but Sir said you have to sign today. She says fine and signs on them. Anand makes faces. Astha asks about the meetng. She says send this files to my cabin, I will call Aai there. He says Anjali Mam went in meeting. She thinks why did she go, maybe Baba took her, so Anand called me here so that he can make me busy and not see Anjali going in meeting.

Niranjan brings Anjali in the meeting and introduces her to everyone. Anjali says Namaskaar. He says Anjali will explain us to take this project ahead in girls education field. Everyone claps for her, Anjali gets tensed. He thinks I will make her face embarrassment, that she won’t dare to come here again, and like always I will manage this situation. Astha walks towards the conference hall. Shlok comes and is shocked seeing Anjali.

Niranjan signs Shlok to come and sit.He says your mum wanted to show her opinion on this project, so how could I stop her. He asks Anjali to share her views for girls education so that it can double their prosperity, come on start now. Anjali is blank. Astha comes there and Niranjan stops getting up seeing her. Niranjan thinks he made Astha busy in work, how did she come here. He says come Astha. He thinks I was showing Anjali her place, but I forgot Astha will not let me win so easily in my aim. The man asks Anjali not to get worried and says we all want to know your views. Astha says actually Gupta ji, Anjali makes any plan with Niranjan, so his views are same like Aai’s.

She says maybe few things Baba did not say, she wrote it in paper, I have it with me, I will get that paper. She goes and brings a paper. She says Aai came here for first time, and she could not say freely, so I will say what she wants to say. Astha reads the blank paper. Anjali is shocked. Astha shares her views points. She says we should have GK, computers, health awareness programs apart from normal subjects, we should give some prize to such girls to make others encouraged. We should help poor girls by sponsorships. She says we should tie up with big companies to get job placement offers for girls, seeing their talent. She says its for all candidates but more for girls, education makes a person independent. She says I m sure Baba and Shlok agree with this Aai’s thoughts, as girl’s education is our biggest aim. Everyone clap, including Niranjan.

The people praise Anjali’s inspirational and simple thoughts, Anjali is behind your success, she has a good mentality so you have reached this place, as its said a woman is behind a man’s success, I want you to ask you to come office regularly. He says even he wishes it, and he will try to get her to office. He thanks Anjali and claps. Astha takes Anjali with her. Shlok looks at Niranjan and is angry on Astha. Jyoti and Riya have a talk about her marriage. Riya says she is going to keep Hartalika fast. Renuka says no, learn from Jyoti how to trap good guys. Sid comes and talks to Jyoti about Ganpati items. He does some shopping too and shows a frock for Anaya. She says beautiful, but somewhat big. He brings a saree for Jyoti. Riya asks what about me.

Renuka says he does not have time for us. Sid says how can this happen. He brings a dress for Riya and saree for Renuka. She turns her face. He says please see it, you know Jyoti told me get the best thing for Maa. Jyoti asks Renuka to keep both sarees if she likes. Renuka takes it wrongly. Jyoti says she will nott hurt her heart, I know you don’t like it, but trust me I will think about your happiness first. Renuka thinks Sid gave me more costly saree than Jyoti, don’t know what magic she did on me, she wants to show me down in his eyes, I understand her plan.

Astha asks Anjali is she fine. Shlok comes to them and asks Astha what the hell are you trying to prove, I saw blank paper in your hand, why do you want to make Anjali great, nothing will happen, Baba is not made by her, he is successful by his hardwork, Anjali is blank and a zero, don’t compare her to Baba. Anjali thinks this is happening because of me and prays to Lord for them.

Niranjan acts sweet to Shlok and talks about patching up with Astha. Shlok says I think our relation will not become normal ever, the one who is against you, I m against that person. Niranjan is glad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow astha, you are great. you slap again on niranjan’s face.anjali , you are the most lucky mother-in-law because of astha. actually, shlok , you are a fool because of your baba.

  2. Omg Shlok are you that much blind? Even a kid would see that something is wrong and you call you self smart? You are a puppy who followes his master and his orders without thinking. Can you think for yourself and make decisions for yourself without asking your dad? Grow up man and open your eyes.

  3. this Mansi is too much. i want her out of this show.
    she said that she is bearing Sojal. of course she have to bear Sojal,because Sojal is Varad’s wife. you go and get a life Mansi.
    well done Astha.

  4. Asthaa please bust this niranjan

  5. Stop cosing shlok because shlok is a great person he is still a in his parent’s care that why he doesn’t know anything but he will soon know what he should do,so no one should cause shlok again

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