O Gujariya 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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O Gujariya 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaibhavi bumps into to Ada while running….Ada is drunk…Ada tells she will call Samar and confess her love….Vaibhavi tells by mistake Ada called to Junaid.thankgod she cancelled the call..thankgod she saved….Vaibhavi takes Ada to her room…Ada asks where she taking..asks Taking to Samar….Ada tells that Samar is soo cute…
Next day Vaibhavi goes to college in the library..she sits and sees the register and thanks god that that she got evidence her father Annirudh will be proved innocent..Aftet that she realises that she brought wrong register of 1999..She have to bring register of 2000..Suddenly.Shaurya comes and sits Vaibhavi hides the register..and asks why she is behaving odd…Vaibhavi tells she have some work and goes…Shaurya gets shocked…
Kabir drinks water…Ada comes and asks where is Samar…Kabir tells Samar is suffering from food poisening..Ada gets shocked…Mr siddiqui calls and asks why she is not picking up junaid”s phone.
Ada tells she is in college..Mr Siddiqui tells her to come fast.home..Vaibhavi goes and sits in auto tells that she have to put back the register..and have to find.. 2000..At another side..Ada tells Natasha that her father called them…have to reach house..
Vaibhavi keeps the register in the cupboard at Ada”s house..Mr siddiqui talks to Ada…Vaibhavi comes…Mr siddiqui asks why she is here…Ada tells that Vaibhavi dint got hostel room…and all….Mr siddique sees Vodka bottle and asks servent who brought that…..Servent tells that Ada and friends partied whole night drank vodka…Mr siddiqui scolds Ada..tells that whom she learnt from drinkin Vodka….Mr siddiqui scolds Vaibhavi for bringing Vodka…Natasha tells she bought that…Mr siddiqui tells that Natasha and ada is behaving soo irresponsible from when Vaibhavi came in their life…..He tells that Vaibhavi”s company is not good…Mr siddiqui tells that till tommorow Vaibhavi should be out of their life and house…Mr Siddiqui goes..Vaibhavi thanks Natasha for taking her side…She tells Natasha that they have very strong bond and its proved that they are best friends…Natasha tells yes…Vainhavi tells to herself that first time she got best friends in life and she is using them…Three of them takes hug……

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Mr jaiswal and Mr siddiqui talks with each other Mr Siddique tells Mr jaiswal that he scolded VAibhavi…and Vaibhavi would have left the house till now..Mr jaiswal tells that he is shocked because rooms in hostel are emty…Mr siddiqui tells that Vaibhavi lied them…Mr jaiswal tells that now only he will call and find out…if Vaibhavi is wrong then He will expose Vaibhavi infront of Natasha…Ada comes to Samar room and scolds him for not taking care of himself..Samar pull Ada and both about to kiss….Phone rings Ada picks up…Mr siddiqui tells congrats and tells her Nikah is fixed on Sunday….Ada gets shocked leaves Samar”s hand and goes…Samar gets shocked and ask Ada…but she leaves….Shaurya comes to Vaibhavi and tells that he wanted to talk her…Shaurya asks what happend to her…Vaibhavi shouts at him and tells why he is interfering in her life…Vaibhavi tells that she do want her concern…Shaurya tells that what she thinks about him…Vaibhavi tells to leave him.alone….Shaurya tells he care for her…Shaurya tells “I love you” to Vaibhavi….Vaibhavi tells she dont want his love…Vaibhavi pushes his hand and goes……..

Precap::Mr Rao asks Vaibhavi if she tell to bring Vodka to Bali…Vaibhavi tells no it was juice…Bali comes and tells the truth..Mr Rao suspends Vaibhavi…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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