What do you think about Love Triangle in Laut Aao Trisha?

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One of the boldest shows, Laut Aao Trisha is going through good twists. There is a development of a triangle love story. Dr. Aditya, Trisha’s doctor will take care of her, while Meghan, Trisha’s cousin will fall for Aditya and this will lead to a new romantic development in the track. Things have already started brewing between Meghan and Dr. Aditya, but its one sided, as Dr. Aditya likes Trisha. Kabir has exposed Kushan to be behind Trisha’s kidnapping and attempt to murder. Dr. Aditya has saved Trisha from Kushan and has been taking care of her. He has been with Trisha to give her medical aids, and grew friendly with Meghan. Meghan lost her heart to him, and does not know about Dr. Aditya liking Trisha and not her. He acts humble to her, which makes Meghan think he likes her. She grows a misunderstandings and does not know about Trisha’s feelings for Dr. Aditya.

She says she needs his help in meeting Kushan. He says it is not possible and he cannot risk her life. She asks him to keep him in her place and imagine, how will he feel if he comes to know his dear one has betrayed him, she wants to ask Kushan why did he do this. She says he says only medicine as not enough and one has to face reality also. Dr. Aditya understands her perception and makes arrangements to make her get her answers. Dr. Aditya calls Kabeer and requests him to permit Trisha to meet Kushan as it is important for her therapy. Trisha thanks him for supporting her. He takes her to meet Kushan, where she gets attacked. Dr. Aditya saves her life once again. Back at home, Pratik sees Dr. Aditya and Trisha coming down laughing, gets irked and asks Dr. Aditya who is he. He says he is his daugher s doctor. Pratik asks if he is doctor, then what is he doing in this house. Trisha asks him to calm down. Trisha says Dr. Aditya is her friend. Amrita says Pratik does not know him well and says we all make mistakes and he made mistake in judging Dr. Aditya. Trisha gets glad that Amrita is defending Dr. Aditya. Trisha will be soon coming to know about Meghan’s liking for Dr. Aditya. What do you think about this love triangle? Let us know in this poll.

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