Laut Aao Trisha 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amrita says Trisha that her idea of celebrating christmas is not good as Bobby died just a few days ago and whole family is going through sad phase. Trisha says it is just a get together and if we all unite, we will feel good. Amrita agrees. Trisha hugs her and says she needs her support.

Lavanya asks her cellphone from Kabeer to speak to her lawyer. He permits and says she should not expect more favours from her. She calls lawyer and tells she is in Kabeer’s cabin. He says he will come there and asks her not to speak anything until he comes. She asks permission next to speak to Meghan and he permits. She calls Meghan, tells her that she is in Kabeer’s cabin and asks her to come there. Meghan is shocked to hear that and asks if she will come home tonight. Lavanya says maybe not and asks her again to come there.

Trisha invites Aditya to christmas party. He says Pratik will not like him there. She says she will fight with papa for him. He says he will not like her fighting with her papa. She says she knows and asks him to come with gift, else she will get upset. He says will bring gift and says he is missing her. She asks what important thing he wanted to say. He says it is a secret and he will tell when he comes there, till then she has to guess. She says she will not dissappoint him and can keep secrets very well.

Gaurav sees Amrita sad and asks what is she thinking. She says their family used to be happy family, but these words have no meaning. She gets emotional remembering bobby and Sanya. She gets Kabeer’s call who informs her that he has arrested Bomber and he as confessed who hired him. She asks who. He says Lavanya. she is shocked to hear that. Gaurav asks what did Kabeer say.

Varsha follows Pratik in her car. Kabeer calls her and asks if she met Kushan. She says she is on the way.

Gaurav says Amrita and Sonali that he cannot believe Lavanya is a culprit. Sonali says she is not suprised and says all Swaika’s are crazy. Amrita says she is worried about Meghan. Sonali says she will not be surprised if Meghan’s dark secret comes out. Gaurav asks if she spoke to Pratik. She says she is trying his number, but it is out of reach. Sonali says Lavanya is in custody, so she should not worry about Pratik.

Varsha comes to Kushan’s cell and asks if he remembers Pratik, Meghan or Bobby. He silently sleeps. Doc comes and says after yesterday’s anger outburst, he is very calm.

Varsha comes to Kabeer’s office and says he must be relaxed after solving Trisha’s high-profile case. He says he is waiting for gun’s forsensic report. She asks if he got afraid when Kushan attacked her. He jokes that he got angry that Kushan got the opportunity and not him. She acts as getting angry on him.

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Lavanya tells lawyer all the incident happened and how she got gun, prahlad, etc. He says he will bail her out in next hearing and takes her back to Kabeer’s cabin where Meghan is waiting for Lavanya. Kabeer asks constable to take back her, but Lavanya asks him to let her speak to Meghan alone. He permits. Lavanya says Meghan that she is being framed. Meghan says she knows she hired Prahlad to kill Pratik as she saw him in their house. Lavanya asks if she will tell it to police. She says she has lost her brother and dad and cannot lose her. Lavanya says she will take revenge from Pratik adn asks her to go home.

Amrita sees Vivan hiding money and asks how did he get it. He says Gaurav gave him. She says let us go and ask Gaurav. He says he lied and tells her about Gaurav’s affair with a man. Amrita slaps him and asks if he is in his senses. Vivan says he is and tells her about letter he saw. He says he cannot expose Gaurav, so he is lessening his pain with drugs. Amrita then asks Gaurav if he is a gay. He starts crying. She says that means Vivan was right and says because of him Vivan is taking drugs back. He says he did that mistake only once when he was inebriated and will not repeat it. He says he cannot see Vivan hating him and needs her help to get his trust back. She says she will, but he has to try gaining Vivan’s trust.

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Pratik comes to meet Lavanya. She asks he took a long time to come. He asks how can a sister try to kill his brother. She says he is a worst father and husband. He says he never tried to harm his family, but she did. She says she hopes he would have been killed in bomb blast. He says he would have forgiven her if she had tried to kill him only, but she tried to kill her daughter, so she will punish her instead of first and strangulates her. Kabeer rescues her and takes Pratik from there.

Amrita says Meghan that she can understand the pain of losing dear ones and says she cannot say when will this all end, but can say that you kids did not make any mistake, neither Trisha, you or Bobby. Due to elder’s mistakes, kids have to suffer. She says she is not alone and has a family, not to worry. Meghan says she is not worried as she knows whose mistake it is, mamma is innocent will come home back. Amrita says she wants to take her home. She says she will wait for mamma here. Amrita says she cannot leave her alone and takes her home.

Once at home, she says Trisha has arranged this decoration for you and asks if she needs anything. She says no. Amrita asks Vivan to finish is cold drinks. Vivan stares at Gaurav. Amrita says if we cannot change things, we should forget them. Trisha asks everyone to pay attention and says she has brought christmas gift for all. She gives gift first to Amrita and wishes merry Christmas, then to Gaurav and other family members. Everyone get happy seeing their gifts.

Trisha comes to garden searching for Aditya. He blindfolds her from behind. She says she knows it is him and asks what secret he wanted to say. He gets nervous and asks her to look away or he will shut her eyes. She says she will take second option. He makes her turn, closes her eyes and says while treating her, he himself has become ill, he tried very hard to go away from her, but he has become very closer to her and says I love you Trisha. He says if her answer is yes or no. She asks him to close his eyes now and says her reply is…. runs from there. Aditya waits closing his eyes and asks if yes or no. He then opens eyesa and does not around him.

Pratik comes home and gets irked seeing Meghan there. She shouts what the hell is happening, how can she bring a girl whose parents tried to kill him and his daughter, asks her to stop sympathizing his enemies. Amrita asks him to stop rubbishing. He says she has always tried to help people who tried to harm him, she even tried to create misunderstand between him and Trisha, says she is his biggest enemy. Trisha hears that and asks him not to utter another word on mamma. Amrita asks her to stay away. Trisha says it is her and her dad’s issue. Pratik asks her to speak. She says he and whole world says that he loves her, but if he really does, he should love the people involved in her life, but he loves only himself.

Precap: Lavanya’s lawyer gets her bail. Trisha says Pratik that she hates him. Pratik apologizes Amrita and says he wants to apologize everyone as he cannot lose Trisha and her.

Update Credit to: MA

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