Shastri Sisters 27th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 27th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu saying she will prove she is right. Neil comes to her and gives her food. She refuses to have it. He sits on his knees and requests. She says get up, I really don’t want to have, and did you have food, shall I make anything. He says your sister ordered me, atleast have this milk. Sareen says yes, once your mum in law comes, she will make you work a lot. He asks her to put her bags in Rajat’s room, and asks Neil to take her there. Rajat and Minty come home and are angry seeing Anu. Sareen and Minty argue about Anu. Rajat says give me one chance, and says he can’t accept Anu as his wife. He says it will be good if we stay apart. Sareen says he can’t get peace if anyone of them are away from home.

Sareen says Shastri ji has told her that she can never come back to his house. Minty says so what. Sareen says I have accepted her as bahu, its her right. Rajat asks about his rights, Anu and I can’t stay together. Sareen says end it here, you both stay here, I will leave this house. Minty stops him, and asks how can he support Anu, and she is the one who did all this, and Karishma is in hospital. Sareen blames Karishma for all this. Rajat defends Karishma. Sareen says truth and lie won’t change by my saying, I know you are hurt, we should think to get proof against Karishma. Rajat says I m with Karishma, Anu and I can’t be together. You tell me on whose side are you?

Sareen says he can’t forget anything, he knows very well how Anu has stood alone for him. Rajat says I don’t need anyone, but my dad. He says I will leave, Minty stops him. Rajat says let me go. Minty asks Sareen to stop Rajat. Anushka stops him and says you said yes to do acting to marry me, as I said I will bring Karishma’s truth out, we did not know it will be so late that we will be married. She says I did not do this intentionally, this marriage was not planned by me, I m understand your anger and annoyance, you are hurt seeing me here, can you just lessen this hatred. Sareen asks what do you mean by one day.

Anushka says why should Rajat or anyone here get punished, give me one day and if I don’t prove myself innocent, then I swear on my mum, I will leave this house without saying anything. Minty scolds Anu. Sareen asks Rajat what does he want. Rajat says fine. Minty asks fine? Rajat says just one day. He leaves. Devyaani talks to Lord and says everything happened because of you, Anushka did not do anything, will everything be fine there, I have kept Neil to take care of her, he will tell me if anything goes wrong. Neil calls her and she says if anything happens to Anushka, I will not leave you. Neil says Anu is fine, we have to do something, come downstairs. She says fine, coming and asks Lord to make everything fine. Rajat comes to his room, and sees the decorations. He recalls Anu’s words and destroys the room. Anushka looks on and cries.

Rajat says all lie and deceive, so much planning for this day. Anu says you don’t know, why will anyone do this after being blamed for wrong things. Rajat asks does she know what is she saying. She says yes, I should have said this before, I will not go from here without saying I love you a lot. She says I love you Rajat. Rajat asks do you love me. Anu says yes, I could be without confessing my love. Rajat looks at her and laughs. He says when I said I love you, some or other come infront and today you are saying you love me and I m not feeling anything. He holds her and says I wanted to feel this, I told Devyaani if Anu says she loves me, I will fight with the world, but I feel like someone is shooting me, our relation truth is that I don’t love you.

He says I don’t love you. Saajna tere bin nai lagda dil ……………….plays…………… She says I m getting hurt. He says the pain you gave me, this pain is nothing infront of it. He leaves her. She says love has pain, but love never dies, it just hides somewhere, I know you love me a lot. Saajna mere saajna……………….plays……….. She cries. He says there is just one day between us, and then everything will be over. He leaves. She recalls his words and cries. He says no love, no past, no relation, just one day.

Sareen tells Minty that Anu’s time did not end till now. Minty says she has time till evenin. Anu looks on. Minty says Karishma will be here with us and Anu will be out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pls get the truth out by at least by Tuesday or else I will swear on my mum that I wont watch this show anymore

    1. Sto over-reacting -really?u actuallt swearin on ur mums life 4 such a stupid thing :(p

    2. That should be sorted by Monday else I won’t watch as its a horror what’s hapenning there

  2. anu….

    so sad

  3. oh ho rita this just a serial so dont swear on ur mom yaar.becoz mom is a wonderful gift given by dont misuse it for a a request and advice.becoz many has not have moms love which u,me and many of them my frd take it easy yaar.

    1. Well said… Just stop watching that’s all

      1. The video will on party everyone will see they will be shocked

  4. and the show is darging a lot yaar.and rajat where is trust go on which u have on anu when u love her.where the hell ur love goan rajat.we really dont except this form u rajat.anyways hope truth comes out fast.thank for update.

  5. Y r u draging like this pls end this and we need anu rajat romance i request u pls pls pls

  6. I am sorry priyaroli and everyone…=(

  7. yaar the proof is in neils laptop that day he was recording his confessions about his love towards devayani his mom came and forced him to go for shopping .. the video recording was playing i think that time only karish came and steal the cd .. i think neil should see this he had a strong proof

    1. Yeh im waitin 4 neil to go on his laptop. Itll happen soon weel need to wait 🙁

  8. it ok yaar rita.u understand it that happy for happy.

  9. truth should come out soon or else i wont watch the serial.. its getting bored.. you are prolonging it..

  10. Prove yourself and walk out on rajat, anu that idiot is not even trusting you

  11. Rajat or anu ek dusre se pyar pehle se he krte thay beech me vo karishma aai hai anu nh aai hai, y so much injustice with the character of anu?

  12. End ds drama yar…bahot ho gaya

  13. Please reveal the truth ASAP. And anu please get out of this.rajat doesn’t love you. .He can’t see ur love and trust even in your tears.

  14. Dear makers of the serial… I guess this is the 1st ever serial ins life I started watching due to Rajat as he resembles my fav person.
    But I have already skipped today’s episode as I hate that watever injustice happening.
    That’s too much if I were Anu I wouldn’t go back to that stupid Rajat…he deserved that vamp karishma.. She s n Ashtha are just so annoying. I guess lesson learnt I shall never watch these blo*dy soaps like before. I feel it’s like a horror story with so much pain n sadists around good people.

  15. My new year resolution never watch Indian serials… That’s nothing but a mental torture … That’s so unfair to the audience. Best to watch serials in star world HD and star world premier.
    Gals stopwatchig these deceiving audience serials

  16. Everyone I saw picture of Neil he wear Rajat office dress and then I saw something in behind one day when karishma was taking the cd and then when Neil before was doing diary video on his computer by mistake was the video of karishma what she did I am so excited the truth will come out

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