Sasural Simar Ka 27th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 27th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aman says and when he gets to know that your family knows about him, he might attack any of them. Simar says what to do then? He says just stay calm. He abducted daksha and leela and trapped you. He has an eye on you and your house. We will play our trick but without telling him. prem comes in. Aman says wow this tea is so tasty. What should I praise pakoray or tea. simar says I never made pakoray. Prem says he its his habit to ask for something. Prem says you have been enjoying hotel food now enjoy the house’s. Aman says you don’t have to stay in kitchen for me. You will get time to spend with prem.

Sid asks roli to sit. He says I know what you are thinking but don’t worry. simar has prem and whole family. roli says didi need me. someone is trapping her. We need to find out who is he. sid says we will find him out stop worrying. Simar comes in. Simar says don’t worry for me. You know you are my strength. I believe you will be okay and so will be everything. Now take your medicines. Someone throws in a stone with a paper wrapped around it. The gets sacred. roli says are you okay? sid looks outside but no one is there. Sid reads the paper its says if you want to see leela and daksha alive, ask simar to accept her crime.
They are all shocked. If you tell police or try to investigate you will get their dead bodies.

They go downstairs and tell family. Mata ji says its getting complicated. We need to tell police. Mausi ji says but that can be dangerous for leela and daksha. prem says but simar didn’t do anything then what crime? roli says telling cops will get us in trouble. We need to solve this ourselves. Calendar asks aman what are you thinking? prem says simar don’t worry everything will be fine. simar says I am worried for daksha and leela. If we cant find them then I will accept this to save them. Prem says you know what you are saying? simar says I have no other way. If I accept It you will get time to find them. prem says and what about you? you will go to jail without any crime. sid says this is stupidity siamr. We have time we will find them. simar says we cant risk their lives. Sid says what about you? Aman says 50 50. he says can I intrude? Mata ji says sure. He says I have a way that can tell what happened at 17. prem says how? aman says I will tell that tomorrow. Sid says but tomorrow. Aman says before the deadline of cops I will expose the truth of 17th with help of simar. Prem says I trust you. Mata ji says the trust in your eyes is enough for me. I trust you but tell us what you will do? Aman says 50 50. I will plan it today and execute tomorrow. give me some time you will get to know my plan tomorrow. I will get simar out of this trouble. roli says its about simar’s life don’t take it in fun. Aman says those who don’t have relations value it more. simar is your sister and my friend’s wife and I will keep that in mind. I promise I will get simar out of all this by tomorrow. I have to stay alive for that. mata ji says what are you saying? He says no no I mean I am so hugry. If I don’t eat I will die. mata ji asks uma and pari to get dinner ready. roli says we wont let anything happen to you.Prem says thank you so much.

Scene 2
Aman is sleeping with calendar. He sees time and says I don’t need alarm clock he wakes me up with those noises. Lets start working. he sees that calendar has drank his glass of milk as well. Suddenly aman hears some anklet voice. He says who can this be? He goes out but no one is there. He sees some woman in corridor. He is scared. He says who is she? He comes back to his room and locks the door. She comes an shakes the door. She says open the door. You will save simar? but who will save you from me? Aman says so its in the house? The culprit is in the house. Aman says who are you? some ghost? SHe says I am your death. Wanna see who I am? Open the door. No one is coming to help you. Nor your calendar neither family. I mixed sleeping pills in everyone’s milk, no one is coming to save you.

Prem and simar are sleeping in their room. simar touches the milk glass and says I forgot to drink it. I should keep in in fridge. SHe says at least prem looks peaceful in slumber. SHe goes out to put it in fridge.

Aman says you are not ghost you are human but you are retareded. You are at right place I help people like you. She says why are you in then? Come out. simar hears the voice. she syas who can this be? She looks everywhere. She sees the door of roli’s room open. she goes in and sees that roli and sid are sleeping. The woman says open the door come out. simar says who is speaking like that at this time? The woman says you are not coming out? I will come in. She breaks the door and comes in.

Precap-aman is in temple. aman says you are in temple that means you are not ghost then how you broke my door? She says just the way I will throttle you now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wats ths nonseanse?????

  2. haan true anjali…
    they think viewers 2 b dumbo’s so i gues they tend 2 shw al d crap,,

  3. The story is going same as Akshay Kumar movie BHULBHULIYA.

  4. I bet it is surbhi

    1. No its new roli

  5. God ..why this stupidity is not over?????

  6. I think you are right Adeebah………who else will as usual have a grudge against the bharadwaj family! But I swear this show is going to dogs!

  7. Sucha horrible story. Looks like surbhi.

    1. its new roli .she is ichadari nag she came with some motive

  8. Aman u r too good yr acting is just fab

  9. Its naagin only… I think it came to take revenge from simar n roli.. Tats y it has kidnapped roli too. .

  10. Nowadays sasural simar ka is becoming sasural revenge ka

  11. Everyone taking revenge from bharadvaj family.. . . there is no happy days in there life..

  12. bhoolbhulaya is remake of telugu ,tamil film chandramukhi

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