Sinhasan Battisi 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,into palace fake samrat refuses to go with chitralekha she then tries to ask him why has he suddenly said no after the arrangements are done the fake samrat then tells tat she is trying to trap him she asks how and then fake samrat takes her to the balcony and he then calls all the powers from universe while chitralekha sees all this and then fake samrat confess tat he is the fake samrat and he is here to spread adharma everywhere chitralekha listens to it quietly and then replies tat she knew it from the first day tat u r fake but then she was tired of being the real samrats wife only he was considered god and she was not. even she wanted to be the godess and so she thought if u the fake can be god then later she would be the godess and live a better life and starts crying seeing this fake samrat melts
Real samrat is praying hanuman to please help him come out of this problems and then samrat asks hanuman to take him to the place from where the person has arrived from and all this powers are coming from hanuman then agressa nd increases in size and then takes real samrat on his hands and travels across the 7 universes and then hanuman tells samrat tat they have travelled the 7 universes then samrat tells him to take him to the one from where the fake samrat has arrived and hanuman takes him there and leaves him and asks him to go ahead alone and he will wait until he returns
Chitralekha is seen crying and praying god tat please forgive her for all the lies tat she said and then fake samrat is seen thinking tat if bhadraka can be god then he can too as maharani chitralekha said and as she cried for him she must be true and if i m doing this for bhadraka i will do it for myself and i will be the god and enters maharani chitralekhas room chitralekha gets to know tat he has entered and cries knowingly and says tat she feel sorry tat she hid all this from him and then he says tat she will be punished for this and as punishment he will come with her tomorrow for pooja chitralekha gets happy and then both leave soon as it is 100 miles away while walking the fake samrat keeps her asking has the place arrived and how much time it will take she then says just till tat tree and then she does her pooja and prays for the long life of her husband
While real samrat enters the new place and is shocked to see tat it is the replica of Ujjain he enters the place and tries talking to people around but no one could hear him or see him he then understands tat they are different from him.into old fort raja bhoj asks vishakha how is this possible a worls similar to earth while vishakha says tat it is possible and then asks raja bhoj tat wat according to him is important he says tat human has only his karma in his hands and only they will lead to good life.and then chitralekha is seen doing her pooja and then she asks the fake samrat to come ahead and pray
The real samrat finds the place from where the energy was being transferred he then decides tat he has to fill it with panchtatvas so tat the energy is blocked from transferring it to the fake samrat and he starts concenterating while the fake samrat sees tat the panchtatvas are approaching him he then asks chitralekha tat this will destroy him and asks her to run with him chitralekha then comes to reality and tells tat it was her lie to bring him here so tat he could be taken back while the fake samrat shouts at her tat she betrayed him and then chitralekha says tat she just gave him back wat he did to others while the fake samrat tries to run but then chitralekha tells tat there is no place to hide while he runs to hide and finds a water lake and then he runs to hide but chitralekha hits him with wood log and tries to stop him he tries hard to enter but couldn’t and the panchtatvas reach him and he gets vanished and reaches his planet near the real samrat.

Fake samrat is saying to samrat tat so it was u who sent the panchtatva to bring me back here and samrat says tat yes he did and he will not let him spread the adharma

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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