Their Marriage Story (Pt 1) by Aliya

Let’s begin….


Tears rolls down her cheeks.but she immediately wipes it so that no one notices it.
But her brother noticed it, to whom she can’t hide anything.
But he was helpless.
She wore her specs and moved to her room heart broken.


A girl got ready in a simple white salwar and tied her hair into a pony tail

She looks herself in a mirror and she is revealed to be Ragini

And she was disappointed about herself.she felt she isn’t looking pretty

At the time a guy and lady enters, they are revealed to be Sidhant (Ragini’s elder brother) and janki (Ragini’s mother)

Sidhant:my sister is looking so pretty

Janki:Ragini let’s go, they have reached.

And when she brought down.

Her father shekar:my daughter Ragini

He points to Ragini to the groom/guy family

Guy looks at Ragini from top to bottom

Ragini looks at him with a small smile, but within seconds her smile vanished as she felt he would definitely Reject her.

Guy pokes his mom, nodding in no

His mom smiled weakly:oh.. Hmm
She sees Ragini with a forced smile

Ragini looks at sidhant, he tried hard to smile at her but couldn’t as he himself felt they will reject her but still he hoped for positive.

His mom:um.. We.. We will leave now.

Once after they left

Ragini goes in

Shekhar:i am tired janki, this time too…
Janki:keep trust on God

He gets call and the marriage broker informs him that they have rejected Ragini.

Shekhar felt bad

Janki asks for what happened?

And Shekhar nods in no.

Shekhar:i don’t know what to do? I don’t know! Everytime, everytime she gets rejected.

Sidhant sees Ragini who was standing at the door

Flashback ends

Ragini runs to her room..

Sidhant follows her

Ragini was silently crying sitting on the bed.

Sidhant:today i am feeling my little sister have grown up!

She looks at him with tear filled eyes

Sidhant :today i am feeling my little sister started hide her feelings from her brother

Ragini nods in no

Sidhant:today i am feeling, i am worst brother in the world am not deserving to be called as brother

Ragini immediately cries hugging him.

Ragini:you are the best brother in the world

He frees her from him and makes her sit on the bed and he kneels down to her.

Sidhant :this is just the small thing and there is some special guy, who will love my sister a lot lot lot and woh aise thodi na aayega he will take time to come. Until he comes such things would happen, see Princess only gets Prince not any random person.

Ragini sobbing:i have become burden to you all!!

He raises his hand to hit her:you will face the worst if you say this again.

She bends her head and cries:but papa is tensed because…

Shekhar entering the room:not because of you. And today i am promising you i will search for that special person when you will yourself permit me to search.

Sidhant wipes her tears and makes her wear her specs.


She smiles sadly

Sidhant:now come, don’t you have to go to school?

Ragini:no today i am….

Janki:you are going and that’s final.
She brings her bag and gives to her

Sidhant:come i will drop you.

They goes out.

Shekhar and janki smiles overwhelmed thinking they have the best kids.

Sidhant drops Ragini to the school where Ragini is a teacher.

Ragini silently moves to school


She turns to him

She smiles weakly and enters her school.


Ragini’s friend Surbhi:Ragini, what happened?
She was asking about the proposal

Ragini:no, he rejected me

Surbhi:no problem Ragini, he don’t deserve you.

Ragini smiles :he don’t deserve me or i don’t deserve anyone?

Surbhi:Ragini it’s not like that, God has sent all of us paired. And some get their soul mate early but some get lately.

Ragini smiles :may be i was been sent single

Surbhi:i am not joking Ragini, even i didn’t get avinash early, even though it’s love marriage. And i am sure you will get an understanding and stylish husband who will recognise your inner beauty with outer beauty whom others are blind to see it

Ragini:i don’t know that but if i get just a husband may be my family would be happy, i don’t have any other expectations

Surbhi:mark my words, it’s going to be the reality

Ragini:i am having class surbhi

She goes

Surbhi :God, please send him soon to Ragini, i don’t want her to be disappointed with herself, let him beautify the relation and prove Ragini wrong.


A guy comes out of the airport, who has wore a shiny black shoes (a cat shoe) and a blue jeans with white tee and a black blazer(it was a Louis Phillips brand) and He looks at the watch.. (It was a black Rolex watch) and he removes the goggles(it is of Rayban). He hand the bag on his shoulder (it’s from American tourist)

He was undoubtedly a branded and a stylish personality.

He takes a cab

And reaches a mansion

He gets down the cab and pulls all his bags and enters

He rings the bell

A girl opens the door, she sees him:kaun ho bhaai saab aap?

He:oh is it?

He enters ignoring her

When a lady sees him and ignores

He smiles

A guy comes there:bhaiyya!

He:at least you identified me. See all of you said come soon come soon come soon,see i came and when i am here in front of you all then none are looking at me!

Lady:it’s been one year for come soon.
And she is revealed to be sujatha

And the girl is uthra:then what are you expecting bro? A warm welcome

He smiles :just a smile

They smiles

Sujatha hugs him:finally you are here

Uthra:aise achanak surprise kyu

He:kyunki, now i am staying here permanently

All happily:what?

He:if you don’t want then i will go back
He turns to go

All:no no no

He smiles and he is obviously revealed to be Sanskar

Sanskar:mom, i am hungry and i want to have your handmade food

Sujatha:wait.. I will bring now

He removes his blazer

And his little brother Ruhaan wears his goggles and was clicking selfies
He smiles and he goes and washes his face.

And he comes back and sees uthra who has sat in dining
He rubs his wet hand on uthra’s face

Uthra:eeeww.. Bhaiyya

He laughs

Sujatha :aate hi shuru..?

She serves him the food

Sanskar sees the servants peeping and looking at him

Sanskar fake anger:why are you seeing me like that? Mom fire these people

Servant:we are sorry.

They were scared

While all laughs including sanskar

Sanskar:arey come here accompany me in having food.

Servants were scared

Sanskar:so you are not coming?

Servant:but how can we sir?

Sanskar looks around:Ruhaan, can you see any sir here?

Ruhaan shrugs his shoulders nodding in no

Sanskar fake anger:so you are coming or not

They immediately comes near him


They were about to sit on floor

Sanskar:not there.

He pulls the chair for them

Servant:no sir, we are comfortable here

Sanskar demanding :who is boss?

They points to him

Sanskar:then do as i say!

They immediately sits

Sanskar smiles:good

He serves them food

And to himself

Sanskar fake anger:and one more thing if you call me sir…

They gets scared

He smiles :just call me sanskar that’s enough!

They looks at him like alien

Sanskar:am i looking like a ghost?

They nods in no

Sanskar smiles warmly at them:then have food.

He haves the food. And they looks at him overwhelmed.
They thought him to be a rude kind of personality and was scared of him.
But they were wrong

He looks at them and also sees that their food in untouched

Sanskar smiles :arey, again you are looking at me.. Don’t tell me you want to eat me(jokes)

But soon his smile vanishes seeing one of the old servant having tears in his eyes

Sanskar:uncle what happened?

Old servant immediately wipes his tears and nods in no

Sanskar smiles:have food


Old servant to sujatha:i have worked in many places and such love and care i got for the first time.

Sujatha smiles

Old servant:aapka beta bohoth accha hai!

Sujatha smiles being proud of her son

While sanskar gives the gifts he brought to his siblings

And he was drinking water

When sujatha:it’s time, you should get married now!

The water gets struck on his throat and he coughs badly.
While uthra and Ruhaan pats his back



Sanskar shocked:now?

Suji:arey now means, you should select a girl for you. And then you should marry and i have already spoke to your dad and he agreed with me.
And if you permit then we can go to see my friends daughter tomorrow.

Sanskar:as you wish, mom!

Sujatha smiles

Ruhaan:this is called luck, you came just few hours ago and marriage too

Sanskar:so what? Do you want to get married?

Ruhaan:i have no problem with it.

Suji:what? Go and prepare for your exams, shaadi karni hai

While Ruhaan runs inside.


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