Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha brings back rishi sandeepani to life.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa in his palace and bhadraksh says you evil pondrik, now I will kill you and beat you so much that you will plead to be killed. Bhadraksh removes a whip and starts beating pondrik, pondrik says what are you doing bhadraksh? It is me pondrik! I haven’t done anything why are you beating me? Bhadraksh angrily beats pondrik and says you made me beat my bhagwan and now these hands wont leave you. pondrik gets scared and runs away. Bhadraksh says stop, stop! Kansa says let him go bhadraksh. Bhadraksh says bhagwan, how can I let that idiot go? I will beat him until he dies as I had to beat you. kansa says no bhadraksh, that pondrik is stupid, it is not his mistake about whatever happened to me, it is the trick of that Vishnu because pondrik did not even know what

he was doing. Kansa says he was just a means of punishing me, that Vishnu is the real culprit but today Vishnu, I have won and not you because I let go off pondrik and granted him his life, so I have won and not you.
Narad muni says to lord Vishnu, prabhu how did rishi sandeepani get this curse? Lord Vishnu says when rishi sandeepani was a teenage boy, that time he was the disciple of his guru, rishi rudracharya. In flashback, rishi sandeepani is one day praying and rudracharya comes and says sandeepani, I have one question for you, what is a guru to a disciple? Sandeepani says guru, you are everything to me and for a disciple who truly loves his guru he can know anything that comes in the mind of his guru and I will know whatever you want me to do just by your thoughts guru. Rudracharya says then tell me what am I thinking now? sandeepani closes his eyes and then says guru, you are thinking of burning my hut, I will do it right now as that is what you wish me to do. Sandeepani goes and he burns his hut and rudracharya comes and watches it and is impressed. Sandeepani says guru, i promise whenever you think of anything I will fulfill whatever you think without any hesitation. After some days, as rudracharya is teaching his students his baby starts crying, rudracharya teaches and his baby cries again, rudracharya is disturbed and gets angry. Sandeepani knows what rudracharya is thinking and he goes to rudracharya’s hut and picks his baby, rudracharya’s wife goes behind sandeepani and says what are you doing? Stop! Sandeepani goes and throws the baby in the well. The wife cries and says what have you done? In the ashram, sandeepani asks for forgiveness and says I did not do it on purpose, I had promised guru that I would do anything that he wished for only by the thought of it. Wife cries and says you have killed a mother’s son in front of her, I curse you that from now you shall turn to stone forever. Suddenly 2 rishi’s come and say mata we saved your son, the wife hugs her baby. Sandeepani cries and asks for forgiveness. Rudracharya says it is true that for some minutes I thought of throwing my son in the well, it is my mistake as well so I will help you sandeepani. Rudracharya says I cannot remove the curse from you but I can limit its effect, I limit the effect of your curse, if you ever step out of this ashram then you will turn to stone, inside the ashram you will be safe. Sandeepani says but if I don’t step out of the ashram then how will I become a rishi and guru how will students come to me? Rudracharya says for that don’t worry, I bless you sandeepani that one day lord Vishnu himself will be your student in his avatar and you will become the greatest rishi in this world.
Balram says kanha is this the idol of rishi sandeepani? Kanha smiles. Balram says don’t tell me this is rishi sandeepani but how did he turn to stone? What has happened to him? kanha says nothing has happened to rishi sandeepani brother, it is just that the strength in his body was very less so he turned like this, we can bring him back. balram says but how kanha? Kanha says we plucked the pear fruits from the forest, I will feed rishi that fruit. Kanha takes a pear and touches it to rishi sandeepani’s mouth, rishi sandeepani immediately turns normal and he looks at kanha and says my prabhu. Kanha smiles and says rishi sandeepani, we all should go inside. Rishi says I am honored to welcome you into my ashram.
They go in the ashram and sit. Kanha says rishi, my friend sudhama is a shudra and everyone has denied to teach him, will you teach him? sandeepani says kanha, I don’t believe in all this as no one should be stopped from getting education, I will be lucky to have sudhama as my student. Sudhama is so happy that he has tears and he says rishi I thank you from all my heart, I faced only rejection at all ashrams and now I will be able to fulfill my parents last wish. Sudhama is bathed and his head I turned bald with some hair left like a rishi. Sudhama then comes to kanha and says my govinda, you are everything to me now, I don’t know how to thank you as you have helped me so much, you are my truest friend and I shall always owe you everything.

Precap: Kunti is in a forest and calls her sons, the five pandavas, Yudhishthir, Arjun, bheem, nakul and sahadev.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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